It has noted that the most of online how-to guides and tips have written by either online marketers (their Content writers) or e-commerce website development companies trying to lure more customers.

Generally, online marketers are aggregating online stuff and morphing it according to their tastes or needs to make it unique in the eyes of search engines and some newbies.

If you thoroughly study on SERP for a given how to… The term, you may reveal this fact and tweaking patterns too. Therefore, content consuming users steer clear such merely modified stuff and look ahead for expected unique content.

For E-commerce Development Company, the scenario is not much different if they have hired a content writer or digital marketers as in-house/freelance providers.

Of course, it becomes the game changer when magento e-commerce developer or a project manager (with designing & UX experience) herself takes charge of content writing or mentoring a capable content writer righteously to produce high-end materials.

With this background, Addon Solutions, which is a reputed e-commerce software development company, is allocating its tech resources and profound experiences in magento e-commerce store development, maintenance, and upgrades to produce valuable stuff for your online venture and its success.

Steer Clear Dead Ends on Your Online Store

In real life, dead ends in streets or roads tend the commuters to come back or stop the journey at all. Similarly, on the e-commerce store dead ends bounce back the users or limit your scope to more sales.

Removing such dead ends from your online storefront is simple. Yes, you can do it more than one-way.

  • By including, ‘Continue Shopping’ button on all ‘Thank You’ pages even you have closed a deal.
  • Include additional products or links/snippets through the sidebar on order confirmation page or payment confirmation page during the checkout process.
  • You can include special offers along with the main offer to divert the interests of the visitors if they lost interest in the main offer and thinking of abandoning the site.

Build Your Reputation

We know reputation is everything for online like a faceless business channel. You can do it in multiple ways including:

  • By incorporating reviews and rating taken from reputed review sites
  • By offering solid product warranties
  • By providing individual help guide for delicate nature of products/services
  • By displaying independent customer feedback and some of them in real-time
  • By presenting awards, badges, and certificates with relevance
  • Through displaying real world video on the business and its ethics

Build Product Reputation

If you think one-step ahead and incorporate the reviews & ratings, made on the different products and let shoppers compare it all just before making a purchase decision, your sale will touch new high and bounce rate new lows.

This happens because humans were always afraid of unknown and fewer purchase items flagging red signals in this context. The same results you can achieve through incorporating the most viewed product statistics or displaying the best sellers in a separate block.

Offer Personalization

Today personalization technologies are marching ahead and providing new ways to collect the user data in real-time too. If you have a capable e-commerce development team at your side, you can leverage personalization designing and programming skills in your favor.

Just display only relevant and personally favored items on the homepage as well as on the other landing pages including on the checkout pages for extra sale.

Be Detail Oriented

Well-informed customers always tend to be your friends and loyal customers forever. Therefore, try to infuse as much as important product details in right contexts with each dialog box generating in your purchase/sale funnel.

For instance,

  • Displaying available stock encourages more purchase
  • Price, delivery, and offers tempt shoppers to close the deal early
  • Alluring product image/s lure customers for quick buy
  • Numerous but tabulated product info attract more sale than the minor details

These are mere tips of the iceberg in a deep sea; the real treasure is hidden in the minds of seasoned e-commerce designers, UX professionals, and experienced programmers.

If you wish to have such strong team of e-commerce website development company like Addon Solution at your side, don’t refrain from establishing a live conversation channel with us.

If you think some more important thing is missing in this post to mention, please feel free to add it in the comment box below and serve the community as well as other readers.

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