By: Archana Sharma January 29th , 2016

Taxi Market Today Taxi wars are on the peak as mobile technologies fueling more sparks by wider adaptations of mobile devices as sole means to order or book a taxi from Uber-like Cab App for short to the long drive across the globe. Taxi aggregators have changed the taxi market scenario by introducing a freelancer […]

By: Haresh Donga January 15th , 2016

Email Marketing for E-commerce Developers Email Marketing for Ecommerce developers is an essential tool to connect with the loyal as well as prospective customers and spread the words. The success rate of email marketing in conversion is great and surpass the rests of marketing tactics prevailing in the present era. Today email marketing is becoming […]

By: Jayesh Radadiya January 11th , 2016

Apple products are highly popular in the most affluent user base around the world including the first world and the second world nations. Apple has achieved this status by the implementation of extremely user-centric policies. Therefore, today nearly 2,000 iOS apps are submitting to the iTunes App Store per day. Naturally, such heavy submission rate […]

By: Suraj Gupta January 8th , 2016

We have seen that when a client is approaching a mobile application development company for the mobile app development costing after placing the requirements and requested info, the client and developers only think of the app development lifecycle from app idea research to app deployment in the respective app marketplaces. We all stop measuring the […]

By: Bhavesh Donga January 7th , 2016

When an end-user buy or download an app from the App Store or a marketplace, she never thinks of potential security threats come with an app. General perception is that when a marketplace is official and, mobile app developers are reputed, no need to worry at all. Unreliable Marketplaces Unfortunately, the first one is not […]

By: Haresh Donga January 6th , 2016

The increasing numbers of mobile devices users like smartphone and tablet users had risen the hopes last year that the year 2015 would be for enterprise mobility growth. Unfortunately, the growth and adaptability were not up to the mark and touching the expectations of the market set in a previous year. Behind the retrospective behavior […]

By: Archana Sharma January 4th , 2016

After four years of lapse, Drupal 8 was released in last November 2015. Now, Drupal 8 is modern and contemporary, as it is meeting all needs that a mobile friendly website development platform needs. It is true that Drupal 8 is capable of meeting the requirements of small to enterprise level businesses and professionals, but […]

By: Jayesh Radadiya January 2nd , 2016

We are spending uncountable hours of our life in coding Drupal projects with the mix of the sweet feelings of nice codes, hence awesome results, and frustrations, due to errors. Scrappy To Share and Learn Sometimes, we achieve something great and lure to share it, with other likeminded. Many times, we want to look for […]

By: Vishal Godhani January 2nd , 2016

In older days of website development, Flash has dominated the landscape with splashing animated web pages. Later on, PHP and HTML has shifted the platforms in dynamic directions. Today modern website developers have tons of web development technologies, languages, and scripts to bring diversity and scaling. Modern Web Technologies for Website Developers However, the introduction of […]

By: Haresh Donga January 1st , 2016

Understanding Mobile App Ecosystem The mobile app ecosystem is rapidly evolving and predicting what is right or wrong and what will work for your app project is difficult at this moment. Emerging trends and needs are shaping the entire mobile app ecosystem so keeping eyes on it all is mandatory for the success in the […]