By: Haresh Donga February 25th , 2016

Today numerous digital computing devices are communicating through various communication protocols chiefly falling into wired and wireless categories and major concerns for a mobile app development team. However, end-users hardly like connections and leaning towards the most on wireless communications among the devices for the sake of attaining the maximum mobility. Therefore, wireless communication protocols […]

By: Jayesh Radadiya February 22nd , 2016

Today our generations are more tech-savvy and living the fast-paced life. Therefore, our modern ecommerce shoppers are in search of shortcuts, to do anything on the web, and in real life as well. Therefore, nobody prefers to browse the number of products and categories through the navigation system of a large ecommerce website, as it […]

By: Shoaib Marfatiya February 20th , 2016

Extreme Ends of Mobile Experiences Today we have two extreme ends for mobile application experiences. The one end is, the native mobile application itself with all native hardware, features, and functionality. Another end is the mobile friendly website displayed in the browser or a mobile web app functioning the same way as the websites do. […]

By: Suraj Gupta February 18th , 2016

Recently, Apple has unveiled smartwatch SDK and invited app developers to create amazing yet useful wearable apps and flood the app store, just like they did in the past for iPhone and iPad. Thus, it has busted wearable app development market further. If we look at the history of the Apple and its modus operand, […]

By: Archana Sharma February 16th , 2016

Mobile App Installs & Mobile App Uninstalls Every day thousands of mobile apps are entering into the various mobile app marketplaces after approvals or permissions to publish. Similarly, a million apps have downloaded by billions of users. Innumerable mobile app categories are flourishing in the app marketplaces with common to unique mobile applications. If we […]

By: Bhavesh Donga February 15th , 2016

  In our previous blog, “Where We Can Obtain Valuable Mobile App Feedback” we come to know the places from where we can gather useful mobile app feedback. Among all previously described places, App Store is more authenticated and significant place to obtain the positive reviews, as it indirectly converts into the App Store ranking, […]

By: Archana Sharma February 12th , 2016

Why Customers/End-Users’ Feedback Matters More for Your Mobile App We are spending a big fortune, resources, and time behind a mobile app development and its marketing afterward. Therefore, it is natural that we want to make it useful indeed. We also would like to see some good ROI for a longer period of the mobile […]

By: Haresh Donga February 8th , 2016

Mobile App Strategy of an Organization Mobiles are the need of time and small to large businesses have recognized its importance for the coming days. In due course, businesses are rapidly adopting the mobile devices in their processes and marketing, internally as well as externally for consumers or public. #1: SMBs to large enterprises are […]

By: Vishal Godhani February 1st , 2016

Some Pain Points of Ecommerce Users with Ecommerce Platforms Last year, one of the college classmates had approached me for technical help in his ecommerce website running for traditionally designed clothes famous for a particular region. After the thorough examination of his online storefront, I realized that it was a custom build estore, but with […]