We are living in a highly competitive era and providing more features or functionality may not enough to woo our mobile app users, their retention, and their engagements.

If you want to hit your app goals, you must rely on the excellent user experiences in your app to cover your battleground in order to beat your competition.

It is true that designing the most appropriate user experiences for an app is depending on several app contexts such as app category, app users, use contexts, app purposes, etc.

Therefore, we cannot go ahead with usual ways for UX designing for any app. However, some common UX design practices work better in almost any app, and today we are going to discuss it in the post.


1. Keep UI Designs User-friendly for Excellent Mobile UX

Designing UI for mobile devices by addressing fragmentation issues is indeed a daunting task. Tablets have different form factors, use cases, and hardware capabilities to give tablet-specific user experiences from the smartphone user experiences. Therefore,

  • Design UI with uncluttered display of content
  • Deliver clear message in a concise manner
  • Use strong and inspiring visual cues using smart UI elements in smarter ways
  • Design and interactions should be engaging
  • Design must be intuitive to retain users
  • Create navigation and app search functionality user-friendly and with advanced technologies that can please users instantly
  • Screen flows must be smooth and easy for any level of user
  • Design and interactions should be minimal yet functional

Keep UI Designs User-friendly in Mobile UX Designing


2. Deliver Distractions Free UX in Mobile Contexts

We know mobile computing devices are differing from their large counterparts like desktops and laptops in many ways. Among those, multi-tasking with different use cases is significant in delivering better UX.

For instance, smartphones can be used as a phone while someone calls you while you are operating an app. You must stop your operations and immediately receive a call.

Similarly, you have to pay attentions in your surrounding while working with an app or a game such as a look after your kids who are playing and your friends asking something while doing shopping with you.

In such situations, your app users should make disengagement with app functions, and once things are finished, they have to establish reengagement again with it.

Therefore, you should design app tasks in smaller fractions and with pausing as well as resume functionality. The app must be clean and dead-simple to ease engagement and reengagement easy. Get in touch for all your UI/UX solutions with Addon Solutions. Which is a web design agency providing best UI/UX design and known one of the best Mobile App UI/UX designing Company India. We are helping B2B Web Agency, Tech startup companies from last 10 years.


3. Keep Conventions over Configuration in Mobile UX Designing

If your app has features and functions, which are easily recognizable in your app niche, users may follow such conventions quickly due to familiarity with it and happily use your app without any frustration in usage.

If you want to use customized features and functions in your app in innovative ways, use onboarding techniques to guide your users for best UX and take care of each minute detail involved in app UX.


4. Keep Consistency Everywhere

The best user experiences come with consistency. Therefore, keep app content, layouts, and interactions consistent across the UIs and screens. It ultimately eliminates confusions and frustrations.

Simple layouts are easy to load and flexible to fit in various screen sizes. Of course, your navigation scheme should have contextual changes in different app use contexts so users can find their goals with the least efforts.

 Keep Consistency Everywhere in Mobile UX Designing


5. Offer Personalization

Content should be tailored according to usage patterns of your users so incorporating personalized user experiences using the latest personalization technologies and tools during your mobile app development.

Reading cache and keeping user history can help you a lot in personalization. Therefore, your app can understand the situations of a user and deliver content or interactions only applicable to the user in those conditions.

In the modern world, personalization is a key to winning users in a highly competitive era where everyone offers the best, but hardly anyone delivers it tailored to you only.


If you think of mobile user experiences, it is quite a vast subject to follow and varying from one app category to another. Therefore, simple online info or academic guidance hardly enable you to deliver functionally excellent user experiences tailored to your app, and you need to consult experts with profound expertise.

Fortunately, Addon Solutions has a team of Hire a Web Designers and developers who have a knack in mobile UX practices and can deliver the excellent UX in your mobile app project with the least investment of time, money, and resources.

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