Today we are selling more than 1.5 billion units of mobile devices, and by 2020, it may double in counting the numbers. At that time, handheld and wearable devices may be smarter than today and may have the situational and contextual awareness to serve you better the ways.

Accessing medical info on handheld devices is going to establish as a new norm in the modern world. Therefore, healthcare world is expecting new and exciting ways to serve the people using mobile applications for various healthcare and medical niches.

Let’s assume how mobile app can change the face of healthcare and medical industry in general and specific ways.

#1 – It May Discharge Healthcare from Hospitals and Clinics

Today 90% of world population is enjoying sweet fruits of mobile networks. If we combine smart mobility, cloud services, big data analytics, and social networking capabilities in healthcare mobile applications and services apps deliver, we can expand the access of healthcare services beyond traditional models including hospitals and clinics.

Healthcare can reach on Third Places at homes, offices, and wherever it occurs with the help of mobile apps. Thus, mobile apps can ease the access of healthcare services in remote or rural areas where possibilities of high-end healthcare are small to nil.

Hospitals and Clinics

People hardly look at the nearby hospital without doctors, experts, or equipment needed to treat some chronic diseases, emergency treatments, and elderly treatments. The instant communication technologies, Mobile Sensors, Wearable and Implanted sensors can change the entire scenario diagnostics, tests, reporting, treatments, and prescriptions from traditional to modern mobility.


#2 – It May Improve Patients’ Engagements with Healthcare

With smart mobility, patients have detailed information regarding their medical problems, tests, reports, treatments, and precautions. Now, they need not wait for hours in various queues to access the same.

They have vital health info at their fingertips with low cost and high quality. Everything is transparent in mHealth. If they have to take face-to-face visits of their physicians, they can book an appointment, can know the availability of doctors, get a personal notification to maintain health and treatments.

E-prescriptions ease the life of patients as well as doctors and pharmacy stores, as payment, delivery of drugs, and drug alters can take place automatically and via mobile devices of mHealth services.

In short, patients are never refraining from contacting doctors using mHealth services against time-consuming and annoying F2F clinic or hospital visits. Now, they are looking for mHealth services more even for minute health issues with the lowest mortality rate and improved overall health.


#3 – Can Give Birth to New Healthcare Service Providers

With wearable device sensors, implanted sensors, mobile device sensors, and other audio-visual techniques, we can measure health status and their parameters with greater accuracies in the patients at remote places available in the virtual world.

It eliminates direct contact with physicians, nurses, and healthcare staff. With big data analysis and remote diagnostic techniques some highly equipped and human resourceful call centers on offshore places can do the job of real world hospitals and clinics.

Call centers can hire healthcare professionals and pharmacists trained to do virtual treatment. They can watch, manage, and respond to the inbound data influx from the remote health sensors loaded or integrated with mobile devices with customized mobile apps.

New Healthcare Service Providers

They can make available niche healthcare experts to the locally available general practitioners to deal with complicated medical situations by providing immediate assistance in diagnostic and treatments of emergency patients.

Thus, simple to complex healthcare can take place in call centers like places instead of traditions healthcare centers.


#4 – It Can Garner Speed & Cost Efficiencies

Mobile healthcare services enable immediate access to medical records, test results, and real-time audio-visual signs with a few taps of healthcare professionals’ fingertips.

Therefore, they can deliver instant treatment outputs, e-prescriptions, and drug availability in nearby locality of the remote patients. In comparison to personal visits to clinics and staying in queues, mHealth services are quick and reliable.

We know mHealth service providers need not spend on costly premises, equipment, and to hire on required staffs. They need to make an investment only on the creation of virtual environment and equipment to diagnose the remote patients. Therefore, they can cut the cost of billing drastically and win the battle of competitions on locations, patients’ quality, and frequencies of patients in the virtual world.

Thus, mHealth is cheaper for patients and equally profitable for healthcare professional without cutting their margins; even they can increase revenue by providing services to more patients and in odd hours too.


#5 – It Can Improve Safety & Security of Patients

Online and mobile healthcare have abilities to track people and transactions with location, time, and other required data to validate services for health insurance, government purposes, and so on. Thus, it reduces chances for frauds and manipulations of social services of the nation.

The most significant of mHealth is its ability to keep patients records accessible through healthcare applications so patients need not keep anything in memory or carry a heap of paper documents to the home.

Moreover, the mobile app can deliver notifications or alerts on medicines intake times and remind patients to do or not to do things to minimize side effects and improve efficiencies of medications.

Hence, it can improve the overall safety of patients and bring radical changes in the way medicine takes place.


In future, your health would take care of by mobile applications attached with wearable devices, implanted sensors, and external digital sensors. Your mobile app may take care of your healthcare records, tests, diagnosis, prescriptions, and drugs with utmost safety and security.

Mobile apps can change the face of healthcare services though healthcare mobile apps and website development in highly positive ways and expected ways that everybody loves to use it. If you are belong to healthcare industry or business and love to go ahead with advanced mobile technologies to sustain and grow in future markets, you need to have a high-tech mobile app developed customized ways by seasoned mobile app developers.

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