Today the advent of technologies have changed the way we live and doing businesses or earn bread-and-butter. Today we have cheaper computers in different forms such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. With the help of the Internet and various web services including cloud computing, we have increased the possibilities to do everything digitally.

Therefore, ecommerce is flourishing, outsourcing of business work touching new marks, and teleworking or remote working is trendy. In this race, legal practices or firms are not spared at all.

They have adopted technological advancements to keep pace with time and now seem contemporary in every aspect. In the past, lawyers were carrying trolleys loaded with suitcases filled with voluminous documents when they are going to appear in court hearings.

Change Working Styles of Law Firms

Stenographers and typists were essential staff inclusions and fax machines as an inevitable tool to send documents within the same day to remote courts or clients’ destinations. Against these all odds, today we have email, instant messengers, and what’s app like mobile applications to deliver a document, message, or a notification within minutes or seconds, not in days or weeks.

In short, digitalization, communication, and virtualization capabilities of the modern technologies have started transforming legal services from toes to heads. Moreover, advancements in mobile technologies are going to make changes rapid and in new directions or dimensions.

Let’s imagine how a mobile app for a legal firm can influence the ways it works.


No.1: Mobile App May Vanish Law Libraries

Still today we are seeing how lawyers immersed in the heaps of books in physical libraries to search the cases, supporting arguments, various laws, articles, journals, and law provision documents to win their battles to sustain in the competitive market.

With digitalization of all such literature, a mobile app with integrated law libraries residing on clouds or web services can ease their work to accomplish such daunting tasks even while on the go.

Advanced search algorithms can deliver desired results within fractions of moments and lawyers can effectively utilize their precious resources even hearings are going with short breaks.

The virtual law libraries can ease the law document preparation, citations, references, and so many library dependent works.


No.2: App Can Enhance Possibilities of Remote Staff for Law Firms

Since the complete digitalization of law documents, books, libraries, and services encourages legal service staff to provide their services remotely, or by telework ways, without attending physical offices frequently.

Cloud services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud, and other apps can solve their issues of document storage and access from central points where real-time updates can take place.

With BYOD concept, lawyers, and their assistance can speed of their services and deliver results by cutting substantial time, resources, and labor on their cases. It enables law firms to beat their competitions and win satisfactions of their clients residing local or at remote places.


No.3: App Can Help Delivering Virtual Law Services for Law Firms

With digitalization, cloud storage, and online submissions of various forms, documents, and court proceedings, many niche legal services can be accomplished without any Face-to-Face meeting with clients or even appearing in the court or administrative offices of government.

Therefore, a new trend has started off providing online legal consultancy and services using various systems and methods. Billable hours can count with high-end software, flat fees for many insurances and other legal advice, and subscription services for entrepreneurs who are looking for legal consultancy and services for their startups.

Virtual Law Services for Law Firms

Thus, virtual law firms create their online presence integrated with a mobile app and deliver instant services using different communication and data exchange models.


No.4: Mobile App Can Assist in Services and Management of Law Firms

Mobile application, which is developed with care and details can help the lawyers and legal service providers to address various legal needs beautifully with mobility benefits.

For instance, e-conveyancing can assist solicitors in property dealing for the clients living in rural or remote areas where physical hurdles are exhaustive. Similarly, lawyers or legal firms can reap the obvious benefits of social media by creating social media pages for their businesses and manage them using a mobile app specifically developed for their profession.

Thus, mobile apps for you law firms can help you

  • To spread legal education and awareness among the clienteles and society by-and-large
  • Help in client acquisition
  • Assists in case investigation
  • Help in networking and human resources acquisition


No.5: App Can Ease Billing & In-house Documentation for Law Firms

The most important role of Website and Mobile Apps for Law Firms is to make transparent and secure billing for virtual as well as physical services.

Today small to large scale law firms are managing their invoices, payroll, ledgers, and trust accounts using various software available on mobile or can integrate with m-Commerce Solutions for Law firm and Custom Mobile Application for Law Firms.

For instance, Tymetrix 360 Mobile, Redwood Analytics, Aderant Experts, 3E Thomson Reuters, etc. can ease the life of law firms at greater extents.

With electronic documentations, the mobile app can help law companies in the in-house document management even with remote staff working in fields or courts. Areas it covers are:

  • Electronic discovery of document
  • Due diligence system
  • E-file record keeping
  • E-file sharing
  • E-file reviews and amending documents


The above-described ways or possibilities are a few, but high potential waiting ahead for a law firm to adopt and reap the mobility the best way. The mobile application can enable lawyers and legal services to beat their competitions by delivering quickly yet cost-effective services with the best customer/client experiences.

If you are looking to have such useful mobile app for your law firm, a seasoned team of mobile app developers with adequate skills in app development for law niches is mandatory to have at your side.

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