By: Archana Sharma August 17th , 2017

The website is a prime asset of any business seeking an online presence. Today modern websites with dynamic and interactive nature require solid solutions of the backup and website backup services. The current post is giving some useful info and understanding of the website backup and website backup methods in-depth.

By: Archana Sharma August 7th , 2017

Vehicle tracking solutions are need of the moment to ensure visibility of vehicles, staff, and goods they carry with it. Therefore, transportation and logistics businesses can reap benefits of remote management, monitoring, and controls with the least investments.

By: Archana Sharma December 18th , 2016

App success is greatly depending on app monetization success, so stable and viable mobile app monetization strategy has great significance. Therefore, making mistakes in strategy formation and implementation can cost dearly.

By: Archana Sharma October 2nd , 2016

For PHP web development, selection of right PHP framework makes more sense due to the highly flexible nature of PHP. This post may help you to make the informed and right choice for your PHP framework and save you from much possible loss and stress.

By: Archana Sharma August 25th , 2016

PHP is highly flexible and highly used web development language. Therefore, it is always prone to the vulnerability of several kinds and poses challenges to the developers to deliver a secure and functional PHP websites or web applications. If you follow given cheat sheets during PHP development and afterward, you can easily beat your competitors in the market.

By: Archana Sharma August 22nd , 2016

The right selection of Android app developer can make a big difference in deliverables, quality, and cost. Therefore, instead of indulging with mediocre developers, searching true contender is a wise step and we need to pass through a thorough hiring process by asking some vital questions upfront to the developers.

By: Archana Sharma August 13th , 2016

Android platform is gaining momentum in the mobile app development market, and many new app entrepreneurs are entering the market. If they have proper guidance and support of experienced developers, they can see sure success for their dream apps.

By: Archana Sharma July 24th , 2016

If your Android developers have enough experiences and expertise in any scale of Android development, it is likely to commit fewer mistakes and make your endeavor profitable. Therefore, some tips to avoid such common mistakes can help a lot.

By: Archana Sharma July 20th , 2016

The iOS is the operating system running on the iOS devices including iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and now on Apple Watch. iOS is a core operating system software that comes loaded on all iOS devices to allow the devices to run and support other apps. This article is a history of each version of the […]

By: Archana Sharma February 16th , 2016

Mobile App Installs & Mobile App Uninstalls Every day thousands of mobile apps are entering into the various mobile app marketplaces after approvals or permissions to publish. Similarly, a million apps have downloaded by billions of users. Innumerable mobile app categories are flourishing in the app marketplaces with common to unique mobile applications. If we […]