By: Bhavesh Donga August 19th , 2017

Online dating is growing exponentially across the world and mobiles have eased it further by offering mobile applications with the excellent user experiences. If you are going to jumping on dating business to secure some fortune out of it, you might have considered some essential features to include in it as a sure success formula.

By: Bhavesh Donga July 15th , 2017

ThemeForest is tempting almost all web designers and developers to visit once in life to know what treasure it has grabbed on the Internet. The top 10 ThemeForest design list is extending helping hands to the designers and developers to collect real gems before start a web designing project.

By: Bhavesh Donga May 4th , 2017

We know several other outsourcing hubs are existing across the globe other than India. However, no other nation can withstand against giant outsourcing software development industry in India in several aspects. This post is illustrating facts behind outsourcing software development success beautifully.

By: Bhavesh Donga December 10th , 2016

Mobile app vs. mobile web is an old debate on the web and elsewhere, but hardly anyone had looked into some real facts and behavior of users towards both options. Therefore, this post is vital to have good insights to make a wise decision.

By: Bhavesh Donga October 15th , 2016

Delivering the excellent user experiences is a key to mobile app success in this fiercely competitive market. Therefore, app owners should have knowledge of significant key points in delivering mobile UX, and this post is depicting it beautifully.

By: Bhavesh Donga August 15th , 2016

Social media is a highly effective marketing channel to obtain the most with little investment. Therefore, using social media for your mobile app marketing is a highly beneficial marketing effort. If you want grab benefits of social media, you need to take care of a few significant things, and this post is depicting it beautifully.

By: Bhavesh Donga July 22nd , 2016

Today Android is enjoying the highest market share and the biggest user base for Android OS and Android applications developed. Therefore, success is sure with Android app development rather than going to other mobile OS platforms.

By: Bhavesh Donga June 1st , 2016

Questions for Enterprise Application Development 1. What is an Enterprise Application Software? 2. What is Difference between Enterprise Software and Software-as-a-Service? 3. How to Build Value Adding Enterprise Application Software? 4. What is the best framework for web app development? 5. Which is better to build web applications and why: PHP, NET, Java, Python or […]

By: Bhavesh Donga February 15th , 2016

  In our previous blog, “Where We Can Obtain Valuable Mobile App Feedback” we come to know the places from where we can gather useful mobile app feedback. Among all previously described places, App Store is more authenticated and significant place to obtain the positive reviews, as it indirectly converts into the App Store ranking, […]

By: Bhavesh Donga January 7th , 2016

When an end-user buy or download an app from the App Store or a marketplace, she never thinks of potential security threats come with an app. General perception is that when a marketplace is official and, mobile app developers are reputed, no need to worry at all. Unreliable Marketplaces Unfortunately, the first one is not […]