By: Suraj Gupta September 21st , 2017

The simple question to ask yourself is why exactly do you want to attend this GITEX Technology Week Exhibition (Oct, 2017) Dubai, UAE trade fair? The answer is “GITEX”, It has everything about Technology / Hardware / Software which includes Augmented Reality App Development And Virtual Reality Software Development, Global Smart Cities Technology, IoT (Internet […]

By: Vishal Godhani November 12th , 2016

With the advent of mobile technologies, law firms are increasingly adopting the new trends and are likely going to change their classic paper-based working styles into tech-savvy digital footprints on touch screens of mobile apps.

By: Suraj Gupta November 6th , 2016

Just like other businesses, mobile applications can change the entire healthcare industry and its deliverables. Recent technological advancements have capabilities to give amazing mHealth experiences at little investment.

By: Jayesh Radadiya August 6th , 2016

With right implementation of advanced technologies in the business of transportation and logistics, we can reap off unprecedented advantages to beat the competitions in the present market and mobile applications can do it with cost efficiencies and productivity.

By: Suraj Gupta February 18th , 2016

Recently, Apple has unveiled smartwatch SDK and invited app developers to create amazing yet useful wearable apps and flood the app store, just like they did in the past for iPhone and iPad. Thus, it has busted wearable app development market further. If we look at the history of the Apple and its modus operand, […]

By: Haresh Donga January 6th , 2016

The increasing numbers of mobile devices users like smartphone and tablet users had risen the hopes last year that the year 2015 would be for enterprise mobility growth. Unfortunately, the growth and adaptability were not up to the mark and touching the expectations of the market set in a previous year. Behind the retrospective behavior […]

By: Archana Sharma December 31st , 2015

Internet of Things in Enterprise Mobility By definition, enterprise mobility is nothing but mobilizing the enterprise workforce to use mobile/handheld devices to execute their routine work anywhere anytime. The ways business processes are carrying out today had changed significantly from the old classic days when paperwork had occupied the entire process to do daily tasks. […]