By: Haresh Donga October 2nd , 2016

No relationships are forever and stable. Therefore, the chances are high that you, as a client have to break a long-term relationship with a software development team due to some valid reasons, and this post is pointing out it all in a nutshell.

By: Haresh Donga August 5th , 2016

Among the several modern web programming languages, Ruby on Rails has carved a distinct path by offering Ruby like the simplest programming language and Rails-like powerful web development framework.

By: Vishal Godhani August 3rd , 2016

Of course, there are plenty of similarities between Dot Net and Java, but some distinct differences still existing so we can say where and when Dot Net is a superior choice for your software development project for the desktop, the web, and mobile. When we talk about Java, it is a programming language while Dot […]

By: Jayesh Radadiya December 15th , 2015

Just like other industries, software development companies also facing stiff competitions when going to acquire a new customer or client. Generally, software development businesses do not need frequent face-to-face encounters with prospective clients. The nature of the business is online and the latest communication technologies like instant messengers, video chats, and VOIP channels have made […]

By: Archana Sharma December 1st , 2015

Generally, businesses have the least ideas that how a software project is executed and attain the success. They are simply aware of the existence of designers and programmers as the real players of the software project process. If we think the software development in a straight way, we can see that when a business is […]

By: Archana Sharma November 28th , 2015

Today outsourcing industry is facing stiff competition due to increased numbers of outsourcing service providers and the depleting amount of work across the globe. With the advent of technologies and tools, the creation of software for desktops and web and the handheld devices is becoming cheaper and quicker. Against these, the investment on day-to-day expenditure, […]