Today most of articles and blogs on the web producing fascinating data over mobile usages. However, statically it is true that the desktop usage is stagnant in the figure, which was in 2010.

Now, more than 60% population of the world is accessing the Internet using mobile browsers. Moreover, half of the mobile searches end to conversion. These tempting presentations are luring several businesses to have a mobile website or web application to reap off ultimate benefits of mobile web presence of brands and to beat competitions early.

Mobile Apps Engaging Users Most-Mobile App vs. Mobile Site Debate

Against these, mobile apps are eating time of users up to 80% and surge statistics that depict higher engagement rates on mobile apps, rather than mobile web where surfing is for a short while and can say for a few minutes.

Unfortunately, the so-called high engagement rate of the mobile app is for social media, video, and game app categories, which are liable to crush the productive time of mobile app users.

Mobile Apps Engaging Users Most-Mobile App vs. Mobile Site Debate


Value Adding Mobile Web-Mobile App vs. Mobile Site Debate

Therefore, mobile web users who are spending few minutes on the mobile friendly sites of businesses, considering bringing more value adding traffic against time killer mobile apps in Mobile App vs. Mobile Site debate. Therefore, mobile searches are ending with 50% conversion rate.

Reasons behind It

Now, we compare Mobile App vs. Mobile Site with facts and profound insights.

Mobile Apps Mobile Web
In a month, app users hardly use more than 25 apps In a month, mobile web users surf hundreds of sites, which are ten times more of apps used
Apps never send or receives a big number of referrals because App users have to go directly to the home screens of launchers that leave no chance to add any traffic Solid link building and enhanced SEO practices can bring tons of traffic to mobile websites and improve ranking as well as business performance
App users check only top 25 or 50 apps in app stores, so only top ranking apps are the clear winner. Thus, you have to rank on top of app store or use viral techniques to grab big audience, and that is costly affair You have good chances to reach maximally to targeted audience using different channels on the web apart from the search engines like social media, paid search ads, social ads, and so on
App has several benefits such as
· It works offline, as some data resides on, and mobile devices
· Apps can deliver pure mobile experiences using touch gestures
· It lets you have full access to hardware and software features
· Apps run web services in the background without affecting app functions at frontend
With responsive web design, and mobile-friendly websites have access to a range of computing devices with cross-platform and cross-devices experiences.
Since Internet connections are fast almost everywhere, we can easily access web services or cloud services to accomplish several complex tasks on the mobile web.
Bandwidth, latency, and connectivity are vital issues, which can affect mobile web performance

Value Adding Mobile Web-Mobile App vs. Mobile Site Debate

When to Use Mobile Apps and When Mobile Web-Mobile App vs. Mobile Site Debate

Mobile sites are browser based only so have limited access to mobile hardware, software, and several native functions. Thus, it is impossible to simulate all mobile app experiences with a mobile site at the present moment.

Many features and functionality, which are native to mobile apps only. For instance, some location-based services, Bluetooth services including Beacon, healthcare sensors, wearable app support/integration, IoT-based services, M2M communicating app, and so on



Fundamentally, native mobile applications like iOS app or Android app and mobile friendly website are two different things in usage, operation, and usefulness. Therefore, the direct comparison in Mobile App vs. Mobile Site debate makes not much sense for a business wish to rob off a vast audience resides on mobile devices.

In fact, a business with significant prospects needs both simultaneously with altogether different purposes and audience. You can bear mobile app only when your business needs features and functionality that hardly can achieve through the mobile website development and have good ROI in the long run. Otherwise, spending on the mobile friendly website is a wise decision you have made ever.

If you are optimistic regarding having a mobile application for your business, and several successful apps are hitting big in the market, which is belong to your niche, Addon Solutions can provide you righteous guidance/consultancy and exceptional Best Native Mobile App Development Services at premium rates.

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