By: Suraj Gupta August 16th , 2016

Animated microinteractions are not new designing techniques, but recent use of it in smart ways have brought attentions of UX designers to create magic for your mobile application UX design. Here are some guidelines to achieve it all.

By: Bhavesh Donga August 15th , 2016

Social media is a highly effective marketing channel to obtain the most with little investment. Therefore, using social media for your mobile app marketing is a highly beneficial marketing effort. If you want grab benefits of social media, you need to take care of a few significant things, and this post is depicting it beautifully.

By: Archana Sharma August 13th , 2016

Android platform is gaining momentum in the mobile app development market, and many new app entrepreneurs are entering the market. If they have proper guidance and support of experienced developers, they can see sure success for their dream apps.

By: Vishal Godhani August 11th , 2016

Today Android is enjoying the highest market share and the biggest user base for Android OS and Android applications developed. Therefore, success is sure with Android app development rather than going to other mobile OS platforms.

By: Suraj Gupta August 9th , 2016

Android developers have to mitigate several issues before releasing the final version of your Android app and learning such techniques, which are practically used in the market can assure app success, app performance, and app revenue at real extents.

By: Jayesh Radadiya August 7th , 2016

Android platform is versatile for app developers and requires hands-on skills for the current trends in the inclusion or the latest features and functionality. Some features are common and essential to include in almost all kinds of Android app, and we have listed it briefly.

By: Jayesh Radadiya August 6th , 2016

With right implementation of advanced technologies in the business of transportation and logistics, we can reap off unprecedented advantages to beat the competitions in the present market and mobile applications can do it with cost efficiencies and productivity.

By: Haresh Donga August 5th , 2016

Among the several modern web programming languages, Ruby on Rails has carved a distinct path by offering Ruby like the simplest programming language and Rails-like powerful web development framework.

By: Vishal Godhani August 3rd , 2016

Of course, there are plenty of similarities between Dot Net and Java, but some distinct differences still existing so we can say where and when Dot Net is a superior choice for your software development project for the desktop, the web, and mobile. When we talk about Java, it is a programming language while Dot […]

By: Suraj Gupta August 1st , 2016

Today we have a plenty of web development languages and scripts to accomplishing highly complicated projects with numerous features, functionality, and interactions to synchronize. Among them, the leading technologies such as .NET, PHP, Python, Ruby and Java are popular as well as used the most so comparing them can give useful insights for web programmers.