By: Vishal Godhani December 23rd , 2015

In the world of the cloud computing technologies, the MBaaS has created a buzz. Do you know why it is? It is quite different from others like PaaS, IaaS, etc. Let us introduce you that what MBaaS is all about first, so you get the whole idea and think over it to jump onto the […]

By: Haresh Donga December 19th , 2015

Bundle the Products For the main item, there are many other complimentary small items that shoppers may need now or in near future. Therefore, if you identify those bundles of products and offer various marketing incentives including free shipping, discounts, coupons, etc. shoppers would love to add that entire bundle in the cart. Smart e-commerce […]

By: Haresh Donga December 18th , 2015

What is AOV (Average Order Value) & Why It Is Important When an e-commerce shopper is accomplishing the purchase/buying with successful payment, the ultimate job of e-commerce owner/manager is to focus on the shipping the purchased product/s. When the cost of an order is low, the free shipping is not feasible for the store owners. […]

By: Bhavesh Donga December 16th , 2015

Birth of BYOD and Concerns for Mobility Solutions Today human resources are precious and becoming more important when productivity and performance in question. Therefore, modern businesses and enterprises want to keep their employee happy and comfortable when working environment is in concern. Moreover, today we have multiple computing devices to aid in our work directly […]

By: Jayesh Radadiya December 15th , 2015

Just like other industries, software development companies also facing stiff competitions when going to acquire a new customer or client. Generally, software development businesses do not need frequent face-to-face encounters with prospective clients. The nature of the business is online and the latest communication technologies like instant messengers, video chats, and VOIP channels have made […]

By: Vishal Godhani December 10th , 2015

Material Design Color Palettes Material design is getting momentum in designing community, as it is simple and represents the real world designing aspects. Therefore, according to the Google guidelines for material design prefer color styles in material design is inspired by bold hues juxtaposed with muted environment, deep shadows, and bright highlights. Having awesome and […]

By: Vishal Godhani December 9th , 2015

In the early days of smartphone app market, iOS app development was dominating the niche and Apple was a sole proprietary player, which was running the marketplace with its own terms and interests. Later on, the emergence of Android through Google has changed the scenario of the mobile app market. Today Android apps have surpassed […]

By: Haresh Donga December 8th , 2015

The web is evolving with the advent of the web development technologies, changing device forms, and its technologies, and with the maturity of the web users themselves. Today we are heading towards the unpredictable computing devices forms in terms of the smart wearable devices leaving the tiny smartphone forms behind in 2015. In 2016, we […]

By: Bhavesh Donga December 7th , 2015

Nearly 70% websites on the web have PHP and its open source in the website source code. This immense popularity and practical acceptability of PHP is thanks to its simplicity and flexibility. Moreover, PHP is easy to learn so plenty of web developers available in the PHP developer community. They all are sharing their experiences […]

By: Bhavesh Donga December 5th , 2015

WordPress is labeled as the blogging platform since its inception so its content like pages also referred as the Posts. With the advent of time and technologies, WordPress has gained big status as an awesome CMS on the planet and contributing in more than 40% websites made in PHP on the web today. This big […]