January 13th , 2020

PHP Framework or CMS: Which Technology Is Better For Business ?

Web Development

CMS or Custom management Software helps the business owners to maintain the content on their site. After the website developed, you can log in and access any function. We can also change the content of any page and inform the customers about the new products, change in prices, and various discounts and offers on an e-commerce website.

Famous examples of CMS are WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. CMS also helps to regulate, edit, and manage the website content effortlessly. A framework is for developers. They use it to write code and develop an application for their customers. They provide users with core library functions, which will help them to build their apps or websites.

PHP frameworks are dependent on the user-written, customize the code in the outline set of the rules. Famous examples of Frameworks are Laravel, CodeIgniter, and Zend Framework.

Four different features


It is a big concern for all the websites and apps. In the present time, all the apps and websites face this problem because hackers try to attack every time. CMS and framework fight them in their way. Most of the CMS codebase is open to everyone, as most of them are open source.

Modules, plug-ins, and widgets for the CMS developed by communities. As the developers feel that their app or website might come under attack, they immediately launch a new version. We must always install reliable plug-ins on a CMS site. There are many security plugins, extensions, or widgets that will boost the security of the website.

Because in the PHP framework, we use custom code, which makes the PHP framework more secure as compared to CMS. It makes it tough for hackers to attack. PHP framework also provides various built-in encryption functions that protect the developer’s applications or websites.
It protected from,
SQL Injection
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)


The requirement of a website may increase or decrease depending on the situation. These requirements include a connection to a third party. You may require that some of the operations performed on the website are independent of each other. For sending the contact registration data, our website must integrate with CRM like Salesforce.

If you want your customer’s orders to need to preprocess independently of our website, then your website must be connected to the order-processing system. The functions that CMS sites have are not very flexible. Creativity in those applications may be premeditative.

Frameworks for PHP provides flexibility. It has various library functions that can make our app flexible based on the requirements of the business. Plug-ins and extensions of sites may require custom development sometimes.PHP Framework is more flexible as compared to CMS.


It’s necessary to get updates for your application to remain in the competition with ever-changing technologies. An upgrade is also required to improve security features.

CMS receives upgrade every month. Websites must improve immediately as an update come. It is not that without upgrade your website will not work, but upgraded versions of the site will be more secure. Standard upgrades for CMS are as follows
Support for SEO
Support for new plug-ins
Security patch
New features

There are some frameworks which not updated for a long time, but still, it is secure and not lose the functionality. The framework gets fewer updates as compared to CMS. Without updating, Frameworks can work without updates and will remain functional and secure.

User Experience (UX)

We built CMS while keeping in mind the website manager. Business owners can easily make changes on the website with the help of CMS because most of them are very easy to handle.PHP framework not provided with any built-in interface, but it can make it with the help of library functions.

Developers of PHP can use frameworks like Bootstrap or SASS to better user experience to their users. Most of the CMS will give responsive themes so the site can perform on all kinds of smart devices. As compared to a framework, CMS provides a better user experience.


After reading the blog, you must have an idea. And now you can easily decide for your business, which is going to be more useful. You can also determine whether you have to outsource the PHP or not or need an in-house development.

But according to the advice from the blog, if you are looking for framework app development, then and only then, you must go for Framework; otherwise, if you want to make some changes to your existing app, then CMS is enough for you.

We have years of experience in the development services of PHP like CakePHP, Symfony, and many more. We can develop the app precisely according to the need of the customers. We are also offering the PHP development outsourcing services for our valuable remote clients.