December 6th , 2018

Top 10 Website Design Inspirations for Web Designers in 2017

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Why Should We Opt for Website Design Inspirations?

Today websites in the world of the Internet are varying highly in graphics design, layouts, and content. Standing out from the crowd becomes a significant challenge for the modern website designer community. Myriads of website templates are available in the market, but with it all, innovations and uniqueness are nightmares. When a web designer opts for web design from scratch and looking for appropriate inspirations, many ways to access it to address client’s needs and targets of business with an amalgamation. A creative website designer is always looking for places to check innovations in various website elements such as header, footer, sidebars, navigation schemes, animations, individual UI elements, and so forth. In due course, we have initiated this post to acknowledge web designer community regarding Website Design Inspirations and where to explore it.  

Top 10 Website Design Inspirations

Instead of giving example sites for web design inspirations, we have preferred to segregate those into a logical and comprehensive manner based on the components of the website design.  

1 – Website Backgrounds in Website Design Inspirations

Fundamentally, there are four types of backgrounds used in website design:
  1. Solid color – Bond Cars
  2. Gradients – Stripe
  3. Patterns or texture – Cafe Frida
  4. Images – Ratatattoo
For more details, please refer our Blog: Top Background Design Inspirations for Websites.  

2 – Header Designs in Web Design Inspirations

The header is the first website UI portion that is capable of grabbing the first attention of website visitors. Therefore, it has immense potential to keep and engage visitors through call-to-action techniques and creativity to some extents. Modern websites enjoy multimedia supports and plugins to make dynamic, as well as interactive headers, using:
  • Still images: Adriana theme by Silo Creativo
  • Graphics design/illustrations: Happy New Year them by Silo Creativo
  • Video or animations: Feed Music
For further details, please go to our recent blog: Header Design Inspirations for Websites.  

3 – Footer Designs in Website Design Inspirations

Web designers consider footer part of the internet site as a dumping ground for copyright info, legal disclaimers, and various navigational links. Unfortunately, it is not so true when you think of user behavior point of views. Users reach at footer once it scans or read everything on the web pages/homepage and with readiness to take some actions like signup, inquiry, reading further, or just seeking contact details of the business. If website designers follow the conventions and focus on the priorities by subtracting noise in designing footer, conversion rate and UX would be at the top level for the site. With the showcase below, we can get inspirations regarding different ways to design footer.
  • Cantilever Fish & Chips
  • net
  • Carol Rivello

4 – Navigation Schemes in Website Design Ideas

The main menu of the website at first instance grabs the attention of the visitors and capable of pushing visitors ahead in their journey. Apart from the main menu, there are other navigation schemes, which are trendy and innovative so let’s check those schemes on our Blog: Top Navigation Scheme Design Inspirations for Websites. Some best examples are: – Olcese, Mcdonalds, Tinderflint, and Quincy Requin & Associes  

5 – Web Forms in Web Design Inspirations

Web forms are essential UI elements of various web pages, and each website has contact form inevitably at the end. Apart from contact forms, login forms, signup forms, newsletter/email subscription forms, order/checkout forms, and survey/feedback forms are common types of forms that any website designing team has to deal with it. You can find divine web form design inspirations in an organized way in our recent blog: Top Web Form Design Inspirations for 2017. Please check following:
  • For contact forms: This Also, Legwork Studio
  • For lead generation forms: com
  • For signup forms: Treehouse
  • For order/checkout forms: Nixon

6 – Responsive Banners in Website Design Inspirations

Banner ads are an integral component of web pages and essential element for web marketing. Thus, web designers should accustom to the latest trends for responsive banner ads design. In our recent blog Top 10 Responsive Banner Design Inspirations for 2017, we have different banner design styles and layouts, which are trendy and giving enough ideas to follow for your custom needs.  

7 – Website Buttons in Web Design Examples

Buttons in a website design are hard to ignore designing aspect. Awesome buttons prove intuitive to bring high conversion rate. Therefore, web designers have to look at the innovations in the button design and Blog: Top 10 Website Button Design Inspirations for 2017 is giving basic knowledge with inspirational images to help them. There are various types of buttons are in use such as: Raised, Flat, Toggle, Ghost, Floating Action, Subtle Gradient, images, icons, and plain texts as a button. Button designers bring variations and innovation using the latest HTML and CSS technologies. Moreover, making a button in mobile-friendly UI design is challenging and only experienced as well as an expert team of web designers can accomplish on behalf of you.  

8 – Web UI Elements Effects in Website Design Inspirations

Various website UI elements, together are capable of exerting vibrant and dynamic impacts on the entire UI design if designed with desired effects. For instance,

#1: Ribbons are one of the go-to tools use for various announcements and using with some design effects like drop shadows make great impacts in certain types of UI designing.

#2: with the onset of flat design concept, superb bright, vibrant, and saturated color palettes are trends in UI element designing.

#3: Today vintage typography is at the center of minimalist design strategy.

#4: 3D effects on key UI elements by using shadows, lifted corners, textures, and other effects can make UI live and interactive.

#5: Icons are now popular design elements on the web, and mobile UI and flat icons are giving outstanding impacts on different UI design projects.

9 – Text Effects in Web Design Inspirations

If you apply right design effects on the text, it may prove a focal point of design and can carry the right message in compelling ways. Therefore, web designers are going to experiment with typography and text effects to bring innovation in the web design.

1 – By employing metallic effects on text with 3D rendering design using gold, silver, bronze, aluminum, and other metal simulations.

2 – By implementing chocolate effects on text elements with glazy light & soft shadows designers can get nice feelings in UI design.

3 – By applying 3D hand paint effects on the texts

4 – By using cartoon cloud effects on texts.

5 – Wooden Effects.

10 – Web Animations in Web Design Inspirations

Animations create emotions via motions and enhance usability as well as user experiences if designed carefully. Some websites are fully animated and interactive while many have animations in particular parts or UI elements.
  • NeoMan Studio is an excellent example of header, another UI element, and parallax animation effects
  • Babel The King has header beautifully on the top, and Bable like cartoon character animated through a big part of the website when scrolling takes place
  • Readme is depicting textual animations on the top and iconic animations in between the website layouts
  • Zurb Manifesto web page has non-interactive animations on each section of the page and runs upon scrolling
  • Funnabee has beautiful animation effects on the texts in the header and round shape elements to make it alluring


Now, we know how each component of the website is significant and need enough attention to design details while making innovative and unique websites that rank and convert high. With our design inspiration blogs, website designers may have in-depth ideas to attend each design components with care. However, simply copycat approaches are not guaranteed of successful web design. Web designers and web programmers have to take iterative approaches while creating each UI component individually and only highly experienced, creative, and talented web design team can pay such attention. If you are after such teams of web designers and web developers, think of Addon Solutions and its teams first to get expected outcomes that are respecting your budgetary constraints.