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Fitness Application Development

Best health apps and fitness mobile app development solutions by Addon Solutions. All you need to know about fitness training app solutions from experts team

Health & Fitness Clone App Development

Are you looking for Health and fitness clone application for any branded? Addon Solution is a ten-year-old company that builds online mobile apps and websites for its users. We at Addon Solutions have an experienced and skilled team of developers that will develop your app according to the idea that the customer has presented. We will be able to create a multi-platform best workout, exercise and nutritious app for both Android and iOS. We will provide you with a good UX/UI design and add all the basic features that a Heath and fitness app will require. We will also add advanced features into your app to give more choices to the users. We will also provide you with maintenance and support after the deployment of the app.

Features of top health and fitness app

These are the features of that we will be including

  • Map and Gps: This feature is helpful especially for the long distance runner so that they can know at every time where they are.
  • Timer and count down clock: You can set a target to complete a task in a given interval of time, e.g., running for a certain amount of distance, push-ups or sit-ups then the user may try to increase their efficiency.
  • Routines: People can set their daily routine, and our app will give you notifications for every activity. The user will be able to modify it at their wish.
  • Video call: The user will be able to attach to a professional trainer so that he can get advice from him while exercising. He will be able to remain in contact with the trainer with live streaming. It will be especially helpful for the people who are not able to hit the gym regularly.
  • Saving data for Physical activities: The user will be able to monitor the data of every action such as running, walking, Cycling. The user will be able to save data of everything for example gym workouts, stairs climbed, steps taken, liquid intake, calories burned The user will be able to stay motivated and will be able to put a check on himself.
  • Weight lifting: With the help of weight lifting feature, the user will be able to grow his muscles as a trainee will be able to do weight lifting.
  • Balanced diet: If you work out a lot and don’t eat healthy food, it will be useless. To remain healthy, you must eat a nutritious and a balanced diet. Our app will also suggest your amount of calories intake a person must take according to the weight of an average person.
  • Yoga: If you want to learn yoga, you must know the correct postures and benefits for each asana. Our app will recognize almost all the asana.
  • Social media: The user will be able to share his daily workout, a target that he has set, or he was able to achieve and compare it with his friends and stay motivated.


Our apps will have multiple panels

User Panel
  • Registration: The first step is to do filing and log in. The user will have to pay a little amount for registration. The user will be able to use our app after registration and login.
  • Dashboard: The dashboard is the front page of the app on this page various trainers and gyms portfolio will be there and the different balanced diets and yoga.
  • Tracking all physical activities: The user will be able to follow the miles he is walking every day. And he will also be able to filter workouts. The user will also be able to check calories intakes.
  • Scheduling: The user will be able to schedule his workouts and diets daily.
  • Diet: The user will be able to choose the meal chart according to his workout and his food preferences.
  • Measuring critical data: The user will be to compare his daily data, e.g., calories burnt and steps walked and calories burnt.
  • Live chat with trainers: The user will be able to make live conversations with trainers.
  • Alerts and reminders: The user will be able to receive alerts and reminder for his workouts:
  • Share and store data: The user will be able to save the data and share it with his friends on social media.
Trainer panel
  • Registration: The trainer will also register on our app before using it. Yes, there will be an amount that they will have to pay before they can use it.
  • Manage Trainees: The trainer will be able to manage trainee with the help of the app he will be able to manage Workout Plans, Meal Plans, Send notifications and reminders about workout goals. He will also be able to Track Pre-Workout Details. He will also be able to send remarks, for example, good work, keep it up, etc.
  • Manage Attendance: The trainer will also be able to manage attendance with the help of this app.
  • View and manage his earnings: The trainer will also be able to maintain his profits with the help of the app as we have connected the app with the excel sheet which helps him in the calculation.
  • Live streaming or fitness video: With the help of this app, the trainer will be able to connect with his trainees with live streaming. He will be able to upload different video’s of training to help his trainees.

Admin Panel

Secure Login

Admin will be able to secure login for all of its users. If the user forgets his password

View and manage users

Admin can view reports of trainers and trainees. They will also be managing subscriptions and membership.


In case a gym or a trainer wants to promote his gym on the app admin will provide advertisements for it.

Push notifications

Admin will also be able to send push notifications to both trainer and trainee.

Various Exercise and Gym Apps

Different apps help to maintain our health and fitness. Some of these are gym workout app, gym exercise app, gym trainer app, gym app, exercise app, etc. The name of these apps are.






Benefits of Exercise and Gym App

Everyone knows that health and fitness are essential and for that, we must take care of our body. We must do physical activities and eat a properly balanced diet. So apps for health and fitness helps us to get motivated. With the help of exercise and gym app user can set a particular goal, e.g., how many miles will he walk or the speed at which he will walk and can try to complete it? We will provide you map in your app and a GPS tracker so that if you get lost while walking, then it may guide you to find your way. It will also record all of your data such as time; distance covered, speed, height, and calories burned. The user will also be able to build his muscles with the help of weight lifting features. The user can try to increase his limits every day. The user will also be able to get connected to the trainer and take advice from him.

FAQ’s(Frequently asked questions)

How much will it cost to make a Health and Fitness app?

The cost to make an app differ on many reasons, for example, the feature you are including any database and technologies you are covering.

How can this app help a person to stay fit?

It will help a person to stay fit by keeping them motivated as they will be able to know calories they are burning. The app will also help them maintain their daily routine as it will send notifications to the time of their exercise. The trainee will also be to video chat with his trainer.

How to connect to a gym or trainer with the help of the app?

You will be able to see training videos that they put on the app, and you will also be able to video chat with your trainer with the help of the app.

How be health and fitness app for women helpful?

First of all the requirements of the body of the women and men are not the same the amount of calories they need to take to grow muscles is different. So our app will provide different balanced diet charts and exercise routine for women.

Will I be able to change my trainer or gym easily?

Yes, the trainee will be able to change the trainer or gym easily.