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CakePHP is an open source web application framework that is written in PHP. The framework is a software program, which is an abstract of common code and gives general function.

CakePHP has well-defined application programming interface (API) code. It contains some distinguishing features that separate CakePHP from normal library or user applications. Program code is not dictated by the caller in the framework, but it is dictated by the framework, which is calling inversion of control.

CakePHP has default behavior, extensibility, and non-modified code. CakePHP is modeled after the concept of Ruby on Rails and comes under MIT license. CakePHP is highly useful in web application development with Model-View-Controller (MVC), active record, associated data mapping, front controller, and convention over configuration.

We Focus on Designing Applications with Great User Experiences Using CakePHP

CakePHP Application Development is an effective method to build a wonderful website and it is conveniently used by developers. CakePHP gives user-friendly web application and website, which easily gets SEO optimized. It is so much flexible, robust and has ORM & MVC designing patterns.

CakePHP provides dynamic website and online catalogs development with ease. Developers choose firstly to build up web applications on CakePHP due to its feature rich functionality. We @ Addon Solutions have the effective and talented workforce to Develop Web Applications on CakePHP.

Key Features of CakePHP

  • It builds rapid development framework and applications with the time-saving method
  • Web applications get develop through conventional guide
  • Also other security found like XSS prevention, SQL injection prevention, form tampering
  • Its built-in tools cater input validation with security
  • Protection and CSRF protection
  • We @ Addon Solutions offer CakePHP Application Development with advanced and a range of benefits for a business website. We possess lots of experiences to develop website applications. CakePHP developers require the knowledge of AJAX.


CakePHP offers a plethora of modules and plugins, which get released globally by developers. We have expertise in giving paramount solutions to our clients and provide end to end results on time. We serve CakePHP compatibility with flexible caching, security, and CURD scaffolding.

Our Services for CakePHP Include:

  • Template Design
  • Extension Development
  • Custom Module Development
  • Ecommerce Development
  • CakePHP Web Development
  • CakePHP Integration and Consulting
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Component Development
  • Create Shopping Cart using CakePHP
  • CMS and Server-Side Configuration

To get tailored open source solutions and to put your business next level using CakePHP Web Application, Let's Have Chats Online!

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