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  • Hire PHP coder with excellent skills set at Addon Solutions, Many of you might come up with a question that why should you opt for Hiring PHP Coders, especially when you are familiar with PHP.
  • Knowing only core technology is not sufficient in the neck-to-neck competitive development field, and it requires one to have a vast knowledge of other scripting and programming languages, as well as knowledge of CMS as well.
  • Only professional PHP coders can deliver quality work with excellence. We are well versed with all tools and technologies, as well as have strong knowledge of CMS (Magento, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress) and other scripting languages, which, in turn, makes them different from ordinary Specialist.

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  • Offshore outsourcing has become essential for small or mid-size companies, as it helps to save a good amount of money and time as well. Hiring PHP Coder for various PHP development needs has become very common in recent years, as it can empower organizations to complete their desired needs and business requirements easily and in a cost-effective manner with the help of PHP Specialist located at some remote locations like Addon Solutions.
  • The success of offshore outsourcing flooded the IT industry with numerous offshore web development & software development companies. Many companies have started outsourcing their PHP web development services, and people are taking leverages of it. However, how many of them are actually providing the quality solutions for your business? There are very rare companies who can offer offshore PHP Coder having stunning experiences and expertise in PHP.

Supported Frameworks

Stunning ability of our experts to Design Websites Using Different Frameworks

  • CodeIgniter Specialist
  • Coder for CakePHP framework
  • Symfony Specialist
  • Yii Specialist
  • Zend Framework Developer
  • PHP on TRAX Programmer
  • Hire DIY Framework Coder
  • ash.MVC architecture specialist
  • Prado framework developers
  • Specialist for WACT framework

Addon Solutions offers to Hire Dedicated PHP Specialist India at attractive packages. Our hired developers are highly professional and skilled who can offer most comprehensive solutions for your specific business or personal requirements.

Our team of dedicated developers may work hard to give you quality results which suit your requirements and help you gain higher ROI and business revenue through it.

Why Addon Solutions?

Reasons to Hire PHP Specialist Team from Addon Solutions

  • Gets a chance to work with team of experts having vast experience in website development
  • Every day or Weekly project status reporting as per your convenience.
  • Get in touch with team of developers through emails, chats, Skype etc.
  • Variable size of teams available to cater your project needs.
  • Systematic and sophisticated approach to developing your project.
  • High Quality assurance.
  • 24×7 technical support
  • Dedicated developers are working in different shifts according to your convenience.

How to Hire?

Glimpse of Our Different Hiring Models

Now, you can Hire PHP Specialist Team at your convenience. Our Hiring Models are designed specifically to suits your diverse needs and deeds.


Transparent Communication through Chat, mail, calls, IM, and so

Effective time and project management through experts

Daily status reports of the project

Easy and Sophisticated Project Development & Management

Sharpen skills in PHP coding

Working Method

    Part Time:

  • 4 Hours/Day, Total- 22 Days/Month
  • Payment/ Billing: Monthly
  • Minimum Hiring Duration: 2 Months

  • Monthly Basis:

  • 8 Hours/Day, Total- 22 Days/Month
  • Payment/ Billing: Monthly
  • Minimum Hiring Duration: 2 Months

    Hourly Basis:

  • Any of your suitable time.
  • Payment/ Billing: Weekly
  • Minimum Hiring Duration: Not Applicable

  • Project Basis:

  • 8 Hours/Day, Total- 22 Days/Month
  • Payment/ Billing: Monthly (May vary according to the project complexity and tools & technologies, men power involved)
  • Minimum Hiring Duration: Vary According to the Project

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