DevOps solutions

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a software that helps organizations to deliver applications to its clients fastly as compared to traditional software. Because it provides a combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and various tools that allows developers in building the app for its client, with the help of it, organizations can deliver the product to their customers more efficiently and be more competitive in the market. As a result of it, it is being used more and more by experts to build, test, deploy and monitor applications. There are various tools provided by the DevOps to the developers that help them make the app efficiently and quickly we can refer to them as DevOps tools. When tools are integrated to develop, deploy and manage clients app that is known as toolchain. The DevOps engineer can create his toolchain on platform. Various organizations are providing services. But the most significant three are IBM, AMAZON, and GOOGLE and Azure there are providing these services on the cloud. IBM on the blue mix, Amazon on Amazon cloud, Google on Google cloud.

Hire DevOps Developers

A DevOps developer is someone who knows lifecycle for the development of software. He oversees the work done by engineers and the IT staff for the code release. DevOps specialist must understand the coding, scripting, and network operations. They must also know about testing and deployment of the app. We are offering DevOps Software Development Services where you can hire DevOps Developers for your software development with part-time, full-time or contract basis.

How DevOps Work?

DevOps made of two words development and operations. With the help of DevOps development team and operation team are not isolated from each other. The development team and the operation team can work as a single team. Due to these applications, the time wasted in the integration of the work done by the development team and the operation team saved.

Practice of DevOps

Increase collaboration

As the operation team and the DevOps team will work as a single team and can work across the entire application hence the partnership between the groups will increase and so does time and quality of the product delivered will increase.

Integrate continuously

Continuous integration did while developing software. The developer continually integrates their code to test, run and check bugs. In this what we do is instead of combining the program in the end and then rectify its error we keep them correcting as the program moves forward by following this process our app is delivered fastly and much more efficiently.

Infrastructure as Code

In this infrastructure is managed with the help of code and software development techniques.

Monitoring the product

Organizations will be able to control their product. They will also be able to control the changes in the updates to the user.


Whenever a complex and a big application comes then what we do is we make a set of small services to build that single application.

Continuous delivery

Continuous delivery means constant code changes are automatically applied, tested so that the organizations can have deployment-ready build app at every time.

Why Addon Solutions for DevOps Solution

Do you also want to help the developers to provide them with a platform so that they can quickly build their app? We at addon will give you with DevOps services according to the requirements of the client. As we have skilled and experienced developers that will not only offer you DevOps platform but also provide services with it. We will make the app highly secured and at a reasonable price. We will make your product highly scalable. Our app will also supplement toolchain. We will also integrate open source tools.

Features of DevOps Provided by Us

Security alerts

We have introduced the feature of automated Security Alerts.

Most advanced tools

We will give you the most advanced tools and used in your app.

Artificial intelligence

We will also provide you with AI for that we will construct and organize your Machine Learning.

Deployment with Cloud

The DevOps that we will provide will be able to run on different kinds of the platform such as Private, Public or Hybrid cloud.

Infrastructure security

One of the most significant issues of working on the cloud is infrastructure security we at addon will give you proper infrastructure security Untitled Folder.

Our Services

We will provide consultancy services to our clients as we have experience in the case of DevOps. We will do your apps planning, designing, developing, storing and managing software quality-testing processes all of them. The day-to-day processes, customer relationship management, the regression testing of the app, infrastructure automation of the app all of these services given to the client at a reasonable cost. Once the app delivered, we will also manage the product’s consistency functionality, and physical attributes with its needs, design, and operational information throughout its life.

Top Benefits

Optimum Customer Satisfaction

As DevOps follow Agile Methodology, hence Optimum customer satisfaction is provided.

Increase Productivity

As apps made faster, it will increase the productivity of the developers to build an app.

Reduces Time to build an app

As the operational team and the development team work hand in hand, the testing will also be done simultaneously instead of first making the full app and then testing. It will save time in developing the app.

Excellent Collaboration

Excellent collaboration between the whole team can work across the entire application lifecycle, from development and test to deployment to operations, and build a range of skills not limited to a single function of apps.

FAQ’s(Frequently asked questions)

Why DevOps becoming famous?

Because of its quality, that the whole team can work on the lifecycle of a single application at once. Instead of that, one will have to wait until another team finishes its part.

Can DevOps be helpful in IOT(Internet of Things)?

Yes, it can. Devops is best suited for IOT because it supports bulk operation on many devices simultaneously.

Can machine learning used on DevOps?

Yes, DevOps can easily support machine learning as DevOps can easily store data hence to apply the algorithm on to them will be easy.

Will, there be security concerns for our app on the cloud?

No, as we at addon will provide you with strong encryption for your code.