Profestional HTML5 Mobile Game Development

HTML5 Mobile Game Development

Create HTML5 Mobile game apps to grab the lucrative gaming market using our HTML5 App Development team. Addon Solutions is one of the largest HTML5 Mobile Game Development companies in the world.

HTML5 Game Development Company

Profestional HTML5 Mobile Games Development

  • Today, the Internet giants such as Google, Microsoft, & Apple are making hard efforts to promote HTML5 technologies for Mobile Application Development due to its immense capability to help developers developing innovative and engaging mobile apps with ease.
  • HTML5 Mobile Application Development is rapidly changing the face of the conventional smartphone application market. It offers immense flexibility to phone app developers.
  • The number of people who are using the mobile devices to play games, surf the Internet or to find the info on the web, have increased exponentially for a few years. According to a survey, game players spend good deal of their valuable moments on mobile to play games.
  • Therefore, retailers who are advertising on the mobile game apps getting more traffic through mobile games advertisements. The same goes true for mobile game entrepreneurs who make big fortunes with mobile games in the marketplaces.
  • However, with the launch of HTML5, it has become very handy to develop a single web app or games for multiple phone devices or mobile OS platforms. Thus, HTML5 Mobile Website Development is rapidly becoming popular due to its cross platform compatibility allowing business owners or individuals to get a single web app or games, which can performs the excellence on all platforms.
  • If you are looking professional & experienced HTML5 Mobile Game Development Company, then no need to look around anywhere else. Try us!

Our Key Features

Glimpse of HTML5 Features with Addon Solutions

  • Offline Support
  • Canvas Drawing
  • Audio & Video Streaming Support
  • GeoLocation API
  • Advanced Forms
  • CSS 3 Selectors
  • 2D Animations and much more…

Our Services

Through our sincere and dedicated approaches to offer high quality HTML5 application have enabled us to provide following Services

  • HTML5 Mobile Application Development
  • Custom HTML5 Smartphone Application Development
  • HTML5 Mobile Application Theme Design
  • Integrating HTML5 Mobile Apps
  • Hire HTML5 Mobile App Developers and much more

Why Addon Solutions?

How can we help you?

  • At Addon Solutions, we are well-aware regarding the know-how associated with HTML5 Phone Games Development, HTML5 Mobile Website Development and go extra miles to help you get fully customized and feature rich HTML5 Phone Website Apps to cater your specific business needs & deeds.
  • We have innate ability to offer cutting edge HTML5 mobile games apps, which are not only run smoothly, but also display perfectly in all Smartphones & tablets as well as in all mobile browsers.
  • No matter what your requirements are, whether you looking for Gaming Apps, Entertainment Apps, GPS tracking apps, Multimedia Apps or any other custom HTML5 Application Development, Addon Solutions has the right team of technology analyst, experienced mobile app developers and innovative designers to help you get maximum benefits from your HTML5 smartphone application development.

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