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Best Photo Editing App Development Services

We know how to create a photo editing mobile applications for iPhone and Android as well as dynamic photo editing website with compressing images and providing more filters on-line and off-line for your users.

Why create a Photo sharing App

All the apps that come into the market don’t get popular to build an app that can attract a lot of people at once we need to have a good plan to reach more people. We need to have new and useful featured that attracts more users. Few photo maker apps have made its way into the market because of its exceptional features such as editing and finger-painting producing slick and classy images.

Services for you

Develop your version of Photo Editor mobile application and earn through ads and premium features. In the present scenario when everyone is getting a smartphone and Internet is reaching to more and more people so how are you contributing to the app world by only using one or creating one.

You can develop a mobile photo editor app similar to Pixlr, Repix, Snapseed, Facetune, Instasize, Fotorus, Picsart, and Vsco filters. Any picture editor is an art photography app for editing photos. These applications allow users to mix paint with picture editing. Instead of merely adding filters, Top photo editing software includes a bunch of effects that you can paint and mix and match onto specific regions of your photos.

There are many other editors similar to above applications such as Aviary, Photo Editor by Aviary, Snapseed, Prixlr-o-Matic. Now it’s not that difficult to build an app. We at Addon Solutions will help you to make an app at every step of the way we will tell you the features that you must include in your app Technologies, and the business model, and we will deploy the app for you and provide you maintenance and support for it

Top Features of Photo Editors

  • Registration:Self sign-up using own Email id, or using OTP only, or using social media API such as facebook, which will do check-in into our app.
  • Login:It is a straightforward process; it just takes a few seconds. Users will be able to Login in our app via social media, mobile number, or using user name and password. In case if user forgets his password while logging in, a verification code will be sent to his phone, and from there he can change his password.
  • Creating and editing User profile: For creating and changing, the user should ask all of the details that he wants to add /update within his profile area.
  • Hand-Crafted Effects: The user will be able to give a hand-crafted effect by which user will be able to edit photos with the help of fingertips. The user can Pinch to zoom to adjust brush size; the user can Erase, Undo or start again. The user can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, vibrancy, temperature, and vignetting. The user can put these effects in both landscapes and portrait both.
  • Filters: The app has thoroughly designed unique filters, including spotlight filters and more.
  • Frames: The app allows users to have an exquisite selection of frames in different sizes and styles.
  • Cropping: It will enable users to have flawless cropping of the image
  • Tools: It provides users with faster and robust adjustment tools.
  • Sharing & Integration: The user will be able to share newly created content over other social media apps and chat applications.
  • Photos: It provides Direct access to photo albums and Facebook photos, Gallery, and more.
  • Design: It offers Zero-friction design for switching between tools easily
  • Cash memory: We will be providing the customers with the cash memory so that they can see what they have seen last or what they have surfed the most.
  • Sharing Photos in Group: The user doesn’t need to send the photo’s again and again to different people he can make a group of family members then send his shot all of the people will receive that picture, and they will be able to comment it accordingly.
  • Push notifications: The user will also get push notifications for every message he receives.
  • Suggesting groups: The user recommended friends or groups he may want to join according to the profile filed by him.
  • Geo-position: The user will be able to share his current location with his friends.
  • Web and desktop:The user will be able to synchronize all his chats and edited photos or images to PC or any smart device.
  • Choose language:Multiple languages will help to reach a wider audience.
  • Refresh: There will be a button on top of the page for refreshing the app to get news feeds and real-time other user activities or updates from super admin.
  • Advertisement: People on photo applications can put free photos/banners with creating ads like photo banners for there businesses that will help them grow fast, and globally they will quickly become a global brand from just a local one. People can also be 24/7 active for there business. They may put current affairs new policies set by the government affecting their industry.
  • Ratings and Reviews: The user will be able to give reviews and scores to the app so that the app owner can read them and then improve on those factors.

Must Have Features

The editing tool provided in the app is straightforward it has high resembles the ones found on Google Play store with unique feature.


The app will provide the privacy to the user if the user wants to share his photos or information only with his friends and family members, not with any stranger he will be able to do it with the help of our app

AI and ML Powered

The app must include unique features using the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning We have solutions for this using AI-powered service from cloud which will make totally unique and provide more options for editing.

Platform-Independent Software

The main reason to create cross-platform solutions is to make sure that it can work on multiple platforms and target as much as image lovers. We are open to listening from you for your native or cross-platform requirements, and our team has both skills.

Make Best Utility

Nowadays every user has installed some utility apps on their phones either for personal use or for business, and We try to make this application keep in mind with user favorites utility app in their app list

Technology We Use

  • Front-end: We can use bootstrap framework for Front-end. The most famous language that we use is HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  • AWS: AWS is a cloud service that is responsible for Load Balancing and Computes Cloud is responsible for stable flow and balancing of traffic between servers.
  • REST and Real-time API: These used for communication between UI and server.
  • SIP: SIP is used for making calls over voice IP using a digital telephone network and even more-to connect a user with analog telephones.
  • Android:For Android we will use Java and Kotlin.
  • iOS: For iOS we will use Swift Programming.
  • Back-end: For back-end we will use MYSQL, SQL, etc.

The Team Required for Creating Application

  • Project Manager: He is going to lead our project
  • Business Analyst: He is going to analyses the business aspects of our app
  • Developers: iOS, Android and Web Developers, A Developer will do the coding of our app the number may differ according to the requirements
  • Testing team: Once the app developed after that testing of the app done before deployment
  • Designers: To make a good app doesn’t finish the job we will have to provide good user experience to the users.

Why Choose Us


We will provide you with a scalable product so that you don’t have a problem while expanding your business.

Admin Dashboard

We will provide you with a powerful and separate admin dashboard so that you can handle your business quickly.


We will provide turnkey solutions for the quick deployment of the products. So that you are not behind in your business in any way.

Source Code Ownership

We will provide the source code of the app to our customers


All the platforms provide updates in their software, especially mobile software like Apple and Android. So to remain competitive, your product should also need upgrades. We will upgrades solutions as required.

Free and Paid Support

Initially, 60 days of complimentary support and then paid support whenever required our services we are always ready to help our client. While making the app, we are not going to give you app just in six months directly we are going to be doing a continuous evaluation in different stages with paid support

Any Photo App Clone for Android and iOS

We will be providing you with multiple platform services, so our clone app easily used for Android and iOS.

Strong Data-Base

We will provide you with a reliable, scalable DB structure and open source database.

Long Run Maintenance

We will also provide you support for the long term on-site or remote for server manage, updates, version, and in-enhancement with new feature.

Server setup and backup

We will also provide your cloud server, VPS, Dedicated server setup and backup at a reasonable cost.


We have fully customized services available for different regions according to the needs of our customers.

How We Make a Phone & Video Sharing

Navigate Business Buying Decisions With Confidence

Clients Requirement

Our team validate your idea with analyzing requirements we will see what kind of audience you are targeting and what is his requirements to make that this product.


We will try to provide the user best and comfortable to use the experience of our application or website so that it attracts more and more people.


We do MVP with essential features, and we will show the client the prototype of his project and get feedback.


Now we will develop the app for the customers in this we will use an agile model so that we remain in direct touch with the customers.


After the app developed, We will check thoroughly from Alpha to Beta testing and make sure no bugs or errors in the product.


Get. Set. Ready. Go. Once all phase tested app with different use case we are ready to deploy app in real environments.

How much it cost to make an Photo and Video Sharing App?

The cost to make any app depends on number factors; for example, where are you making the app in India Or America or Europ?. If regions select like Asia it will take less money to build an app as compared to other countries, and it may also depend from company to company. To calculate how much cost for making above app decided by No. of hours it took to build. The ballpark figure for above app is nearby USD 10k to USD 50k.

Earning Business Model

With the help of a photo-sharing app like above, there are various ways to earn money. First, by advertisements, people can advertise a vast amount of items, and there must be no restrictions. Then take commission from the companies that are selling their products online with the help of your app. Then you can also make money from the company who wants to put their services on to your app like cloud applications and for online hotel bookings etc. And even if a company wants to set videos as a source of promotion of there business you can even charger them. You can also provide a premium model for the app in which there will be more features.