WordPress CMS Development

WordPress CMS Development

WordPress CMS Development Powerful Strategic EngagementWant more than one built-in functionality? – Get our WordPress Development Services

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  • Welcome to Addon Solutions! We have been known as WordPress CMS Development Company due to our expertise in WordPress CMS Development. We have developed stunning WP sites or WP portals using the latest WordPress technologies.
  • We understand our client’s business requirements and think to step ahead to fulfill the diverse needs & deeds it is our forte. Therefore, we have a big list of WordPress projects in our portfolio.

Specifically Catering WP CMS Services

To the Needs of your Business

  • Apart from the leading blogging platform, WP has emerged as a powerful Web development platform in last few years. WP has easy to use interface and easy to manage as well as customize themes to fulfill diverse business needs.
  • It makes WP a favorite open source Content management system for the modern web Developers.

Why WordPress CMS for Website?

Developing a custom WordPress CMS Development services from scratch at Addon Solutions

  • Very straightforward and user-friendly interface of WP allows backend users you to smoothly manage content
  • Themes and templates of WP are highly compatible with SEO to boost up your WP site visibility in SERPs
  • WP is very economical
  • Tons of plug-ins, which are easy to integrate due to flexible architecture to enhance the functionality of the WP site
  • Highly secure and empower users to manage the whole WP site easily with ease

WordPress CMS Extension

We think and add which fit for your WordPress Website

Planning to make your dream site with it from professional WordPress CMS Development firm? Need CMS customization to enhance your existing site’s performance? We can help you!

Our Services

Addon Solutions offers top-notch WordPress CMS Development Services at the affordable rate

  • WordPress Extension Development
  • WP Creative Web Design
  • WP Customization
  • Unique Theme / Template Design
  • WP Blog Customization
  • WP Plugins Development
  • PSD to WordPress Conversion
  • WP API Integration
  • WP content management system support & maintenance

Why Addon Solutions?

Why should your supreme choice for WordPress CMS Development services at Addon Solutions?

  • Our team of CMS Developers has requisite technical acumen and ability to think out of box in order to get maximum benefit from rich features of it is and to deliver solutions beyond your imagination to boost up your business growth
  • We are creating effective conversations with remote clients from the different culture and business requirements
  • We use the latest development strategies and methodologies to make project cost-effective and rapid to meet the deadlines
  • We have advanced WordPress development infrastructure to foster the creativity and facilitate the big scale development with ease for the offshore clients
  • We use the latest communication technologies and various channels to offer rapid and responsive support
  • We do WordPress CMS development with SEO friendly coding and designing to yield the maximum ROI


1. What is WordPress CMS? Why should we select it for CMS needs?

In simple words, WordPress is a web software to build a blog or website with content management system. WordPress is easy to use for non-tech users with some MS Word experiences. Its backend is intuitive and with powerful CMS that any user can desire for it. It is the simplicity, affordability, and SEO friendliness that make WP a favorite choice among other PHP open source CMS like Joomla and Drupal.

2. Is there any other CMS better than WordPress?

Of course, WP is ranking on the top when the number of websites on the web is in the count, but it has some limitations, which beautifully overcome by Joomla as well as Drupal for some unique and big scale needs.

3. Can you update content on your own on the WordPress CMS website?

Fundamentally, WordPress is CMS, so naturally, it allows users to update content easily by offering intuitive and easy user interface. If you are not authorized properly by the admin of the WP site, you cannot refresh the content directly in backend or through other ways.

Ready to take your website to the next level?

  • Why should your supreme choice for WordPress CMS Development services at Addon Solutions?
  • Our clients are our assets, and we do help our global clientele to accomplish their projects through our cost effective outsourcing services, which help them hire our developers based on project requirements and budget.

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