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Addon Solutions offers WordPress Consulting with Strong Technical Competency. We are renowned Consultancy for its futuristic and cost effective development services.

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Hire WordPress Consultant for building sites that are easy to navigate and quick to deliver your message

  • We are market leaders for robust, scalable & interactive WordPress development and offer WP Consulting Services prior to any WordPress development to guide our patrons righteously.
  • Are you looking for high-quality WordPress Solutions? Get in touch with a professional Consultant from ADSL today,
  • Our experts offer a broad range of WP Consult Services starting from implementing a simple blog to the multi-functional website at the highly competitive rates.

Our Services

A marvellous WordPress Consulting Services offered by Addon Solutions at best price includes

  • Installation
  • Configuring
  • Blog Design & Development
  • Website Development
  • Custom WP Development
  • Custom Plugin Development
  • Hosting Services
  • Theme Design & Development
  • Integrating Themes
  • PSD to WordPress Conversion
  • Upgrade & Maintenance
  • Migration to CMS
  • Hire Developers and more…

WordPress for Complex Website

WordPress is NOT only for blogs is it TRUE? – Yes

WordPress is not just for the Blogs nowadays. There are thousands of plugins available to customize your WP sites. We can lead you to get the best fit for your business needs within WordPress.

  • Are you struggling to get your WP Blog or Website up & running?
  • Do you often think about how you are going to code your blog or website rather than enhancing its performance?

Well, now get rid of all your worries and queries related to WP Development. We at Addon Solutions are specializing in WordPress Consulting, and helping global clients to get high quality and profitable solutions through our WordPress Consultant Services.

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Discovery > Design > Development >Deployment

Whether you need a little assistance to set up and run your blog or require professional, experienced WordPress Consultant to maintain and upgrade your website, we offer you the most competitive and professional Solutions through our WordPress Consulting Services.

Technical Expertise

Our WordPress Consultant’s Smart Technical Skills

  • HTML, HTML 5, CSS and SASS, PHP5, MySQL, MSSQL, JavaScript, jQuery, API and Web Services
  • Multiple post types and taxonomies
  • A Learning/Growth Mindset
  • Focus and Self-Motivation
  • Knowing When to Move On
  • Fault diagnosis and repair
  • Formal methods and static analysis


1. What is the typical hourly rate of a WordPress consultant in the US?

Today charges for the WordPress consultancy and services varying from $30 to $200 an hour in the US, and it depends on the project in question as well as a consultant in question. For instance, for basic theme modification, it ranges from $30 to $60 per hour. For plugin customization, it is $80 to $150 an hour. For high-end consulting involving performance, security, scaling, deployment, and so on complex jobs, it is touching $200 an hour. While the same quality work, you can obtain by outsourcing your job to India like dependable IT hub with the right partner, at comparatively cheaper rates. It begins $10 an hour and hardly reaches beyond $100 an hour.

2. Where can I find a good WordPress consultant in India?

Many claim to be a right choice but need some trial and error like endeavors to find out the perfect WordPress consultant for you. In fact, if you do not want to waste your time and resources on search consider Addon Solutions as your right WordPress consultant and leverage our WordPress expertise as well as experiences in favor of your WordPress project.

3. If I hire WordPress Consultant, do I need to hire SEO consultant separately?

Fundamentally, SEO begins with the WordPress website planning and keep continue even after the deployment of the site on the Internet. Simply adding SEO plugins, widgets, and doing SEO friendly coding are not enough to achieve good ranking in ever-changing search engine algorithms with the pace of time. What you need is WordPress consultant with SEO awareness and SEO team that is working with your WordPress consultant, not separate SEO consultant. Fortunately, Addon Solutions have both, right WordPress consultants and SEO team working under the hood of WordPress consultant and other WordPress development teams.

30 Days Technical support after the completion of the project, and that is also free of cost, it is something that makes us more trusted technology partner for your WordPress development venture.

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