Embedded Software Development

Embedded Software Development

Addon Solutions is an ISO 9001 certified Embedded Software Development Company offering Software design & development, integration, testing, and migration of Embedded Software Solutions at the affordable cost.

Embedded Software Solutions

To beat your competition and bring innovations get done embedded software development in your product.

  • At Addon Solutions, our embedded software developers have strong domain knowledge of device drivers, tools, and automation methodologies. Therefore, we have used it all in the integration, migration, and testing of embedded microprocessor systems and software.
  • Thus, we have added real values in various industry-based systems or equipment including industrial automation, medical equipment, telecommunication, consumer electronics, automotive equipment, and so forth in the businesses of our patrons coming from different corners of the globe.
  • If you are running after the same, you can hire our impeccable team of embedded software developers, designers, and programmers at highly competitive rates in the market for the quality we deliver.

Why Embedded Software Development?

Why Do You Need Embedded Software Development?

  • Today IoT and M2M technologies are buzzwords in the software and electronic market. These genera are not following the Application Software Programming paradigms, but essentially demanding embedded software technologies sustain.
  • When software embedded in non-computing devices, such as in the microprocessors for the automotive, transportation, industrial automation, medical equipment, energy fields, and communication industry systems. It forms a bridging link between computing world and machines as well as among machine-to-machine (M2M) and establishes a communication channel.
  • The communication becomes possible via sensors, actors, custom human interfaces, and general-purpose communication links. Thus, embedded software enables us to communicate with the environment including embedded devices, enterprise systems, mechanical systems, and biological systems in several ways. Technically,
  • The embedded software have essential device drivers included during the manufacturing process of the hardware components
  • Thus, embedded software is highly CPU & specific hardware chips dependent with real-time operating system
  • The most noteworthy thing is the programming languages for embedded software development, and they are either C or Embedded C++ or sometimes Ada (in military and aviation industries)

In short, if you look at the bright future of embedded software in your business or life, you must go to embedded software development by finding the right embedded software engineer or a team to leverage the incoming technologies in your favor.

Our Services

What Are Embedded Software Development Services at Addon Solutions?

Our talented embedded software designers and embedded software programmers can help you with following embedded software development services.

  • Embedded Systems & Application Software Development Services Embedded Hardware Development Services
  • Embedded Product & Industrial Design Services
  • Cross platform or Platform Specific Embedded Software Development Services
  • Embedded File Systems Development Services
  • Embedded Linux Development Services
  • Real-Time Embedded Applications Development Services
  • Embedded Mobile Devices Software Development Services
  • Embedded System User Interface Development Services
  • Embedded System Testing and QA Development Services

Why Addon Solutions?

Why Addon Solutions Superb Choice for Embedded Software Development?

We are differentiating from the rests service providers in the market for the following valid reasons.

  • The latest and modern software development environment
  • The latest and modern software development environment
  • The latest and modern software development environment
  • The latest and modern software development environment
  • The latest and modern software development environment
  • Rich wealth of expertise and experiences
  • Accelerated product development to attain time-to-market
  • Lower development costs
  • Short yet effective testing time
  • Extreme reliability & security

We do these all using…

  • Our extensive knowledge of the hardware components
  • We write a few lines of codes but make things working
  • We manage the hardware in better fashions
  • We move software from PC to PCB by specific connectivity options successfully
  • We are experts in debugging using Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers, and multi-meters like embedded software testing and debugging tools to deliver high-quality throughputs

Technical Expertise

Smart Technical Expertise of Embedded Software Developers at Addon Solutions


  • Processors – Intel, Motorola, MIPS, SPARC, ARM, Network Processor, DSP, IDT, and so on
  • OS – Windows CE, OSE, Nucleus, QNX, Symbian, PalmOS, pSOS, VxWorks LynxOS, VxWorks, BeRTOS, ThreadX, OpenWrt, PikeOS, eCos, Fusion RTOS, Nucleus RTOS, RTEMS, INTEGRITY, uC/OS, QNX, FreeBSD and the latest ones


  • Wireless – Bluetooth, Wireless LANs, ZigBee
  • IP – PPP, DHCP, Mobile IP, SMTP, FTP

    Programming Languages

  • Assembler, C, C++, VC++, C#, .NET, PHP, Perl, Java EE, and so on


  • Processor expertise – Intel x86, ARM7 DMI, Freescale, Renesas, Intel network processors, Xscale architecture devices, Intel microcontrollers
  • Network processor expertise – Intel IXP series, Vitesse, Mindspeed, Motorola C-Port C5, Agere Payload, Clearwater, ARM9/11/Cortex, Hitachi, MIPS, TI OMAP


  • BSP, device drivers, firmware, diagnostics, boot loaders
  • Multimedia including audio, video, imaging and speech components, USB, FireWire, UART
  • Automotive networks, Telematics
  • DTMF decoders, DPLL, equalizers, VAD, comfort noise

We strive hard to make our embedded software development services more efficient and effective to help you get high quality & enhanced products. Do you want to know more in this regard? Contact us

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