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At Addon Solutions, we define our client organization’s capacity to innovate quickly and help them adapt to changing markets, technologies, and consumer preferences. We direct innovation to creating new products, following well-structured plans applying creativity to enhance ideas, including features, user interface design, and platform selection.

Ideas Realized with a Vision!

Comprehensive ideation and implementation services

Addon Solutions delivers comprehensive ideation and implementation services to rapidly turn ideas into complete products in a fraction of the time. The company’s ideation services are designed to solve client challenges including:

  • Development of innovative and trendy products with market adaptability
  • Consistent adherence to regulatory requirements and standards
  • Optimum product performance developed at reasonable costs

We believe in being partners of your progress as we play Man Friday to your Crusoe, being there in every step of the way. Our core competencies will help you focus on your own core activities and thus relieve you of additional burden.

"The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas." — Dr. Linus Pauling

Our Ideation Methodology for Refining Ideas

  • Each ideation phase involves a discovery phase and an interpretation phase. What we mean here, is that ample research and sensible interpretation is key to realize ideas.
  • After an idea is refined and zeroed upon, a point of concept and a prototype needs to be in place for generating feedback.
  • Tracking the learnings and feedback received, the product is ready for the implementation and development phase after incorporating the said changes.

Working through Stages

Working through app stages
We believe that ideation and implementation can go through different stages and some of them are:
  • Visualization through Inspiration
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Rapid Concept development
  • Optimum product performance developed at reasonable costs
  • Assumptions through Market Assessment
  • Prototyping and Proof of Concept
  • Customer co-creation and Team Collaboration on Plan
  • Implementation

We explore and exploit multiple possible solutions with thinking different every time; sometimes using unique or variant ideas connected to one theme, or opt for convergent thinking wherein we zero upon the exact solution to the given problem. After encouraging multiple scenarios and solutions, we utilize convergent thinking to come with a solution.

By embracing the future-oriented view and a diverse mindset with keen observation, imagination and valuation of an idea, we seek out patterns and keep reframing our thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions for your Idea to App Development

Today app market is flooding with various apps for different purposes and categories with a diverse range of features and functionality. Therefore, to have a solid, feasible, and viable mobile app idea is the first step towards the success.


The next step involves the research prior to the planning, designing, and programming the app. Thorough research on the target audience, accumulation of required data and resources are main concerns in it.


Based on the research and analysis, you can run brainstorming sessions with your friends, well-wishers, designers, and developers to plan the designing and development process to solidify your app idea by converting in concert reality. Of course, you need to select the suitable development partner like Addon Solutions to convert your dreams/app ideas into the app market reality with affordability. Careful planning involves resources planning and monetization strategies so you can see the best ROI of your app adventure at the end.


Wireframe and prototype designing process gives you and your app development team an opportunity to refine the product at an early stage so you can envision the app features and functionality with some degree of user experiences prior to doing anything on it. Modern interactive and dynamic prototyping tools give easy to use and comprehensive interface to iterate your app idea further practically.

Designing and Programming

With successful prototyping, the designing and programming processes are easy and quick. However, user experience designing and testing need to start with prototyping phase and UI designs should be tested for the better UX. For the high quality code source of your app, you must adapt the best programming practices and should make it futuristic, so upgrades and maintenance become easy as well as without any vendor lock like situations.


QA process involves tons of time and resources based on the app OS platform/s. For instance, testing for iOS app is comparatively easy and rapid against the time consuming Android app testing due to high fragmentation issues for hardware and OS on Android landscape.

Deployment & Marketing

The different app market has different policies for app approvals. Therefore, you must obey the rules of the respective marketplaces right from the app designing and development stages. After app approvals, keeping the app market ranking, rating, and reviewing on the top is a daunting task and you need to be experienced as well as an expert team of app marketers/Internet marketers at your side so you can see constant and grow flow of revenue by managing various monetizing factors.

There are plenty of ways to check the app idea feasibility, but the best way is to reach the real target audience and carry surveys, take reviews, and run some guerrilla UX research on your app idea prototypes are the most practical suggestions to carry the testing of app idea feasibility.

During the testing/checking phase, you need to consider following parameters.

  • Existence of real audience and its volume to give best returns in revenues
  • Value proposition of the app
  • Breakeven point
  • Net present value
  • Discounted cash flow
  • Technical feasibility
  • App engagement capability
  • App retention capacity

Whatever your app idea at scale, but you can find programmer by more than one way.

By hiring in-house developer: If you have long-term work and adequate budget that can afford in-house hiring of a mobile developer or a team of developers with different skill sets, it is a great idea to go with it.

By online marketplaces: You can set the project requirements or project prototypes with adequate preparation to receive quality bids from the great app developers or development companies working with reputations.

By developer community: Today many online communities of developers existing and servicing as the best platforms to find the best match for you. Moreover, LinkedIn like professional social media sites offers an exhaustive list to select the best skill sets for you

By references: If you have friends or fans who had prior experiences with high quality developers or development companies, you can collect their valuable suggestions and crosscheck it with others online or offline to weed out the most suitable team for your project.

If you are not capable or lucky enough to get a good reference, consider Addon Solutions, as your dependable development partner. Check our testimonials and ask the details of our satisfied patrons to crosscheck them your ways.

We offer to hire mobile app developer packages with flexibility and affordability so you can hire a team for you and take work as you go with the in-house team without indulging much in the mess of investment and local hiring processes.

We can leverage your ideas to deliver apps of impeccable quality. To know how, drop in a line today!
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