September 6th , 2019

Protecting users using TLS by default in Android P

Android App Development

Addon Solutions is a top IT Company situated in Ahmadabad(India) that develops mobile apps and websites and handle any new software and technology. We have skilled developers that will quickly make suitable apps for Android pie. Google has introduced a new version of the software in the market known as Android P or Android Pie …

September 6th , 2019

Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends

Mobile App Development

Addon Solutions is a top mobile app company in Ahmedabad (India). We can work on any new technology in the market as we have skilled and experienced developers. We can also handle any new trend in the market. We will also provide a business model and marketing strategies for our customers. There are many apps …

September 5th , 2019

Top-Notch Internet of Things-IoT Solutions Smart Homes

IoT Solutions

The Internet of Things (IoT) technologies is making way into our homes and making home automation, remote control, and machine learning opportunities easy. Technically, IoT is relying on M2M technologies where machines are communicating with other machines. The advent of the Internet, Wi-Fi, and mobile application technologies have made sailing for IoT smooth to progress …

September 5th , 2019

5 Questions Must Ask Before Starting Your Outsourcing Website Development Project


Outsourcing website development projects are inevitable for several reasons and benefits. However, getting a right team or a company is not easy. We need to make some efforts by asking some critical questions to assure our project success, and this post is about it all.

September 5th , 2019

IoT Applications for Smart Cities – New App Development Trends

IoT Solutions

The concept of smart cities is elevating faster with recent tech advancement in IoT applications. Various IoT app development trends are strengthening smart city concept further, and current post is depicting how it could be.

December 6th , 2018

Top 10 Website Design Inspirations for Web Designers in 2017

Web Design

Why Should We Opt for Website Design Inspirations? Today websites in the world of the Internet are varying highly in graphics design, layouts, and content. Standing out from the crowd becomes a significant challenge for the modern website designer community. Myriads of website templates are available in the market, but with it all, innovations and …

September 7th , 2018

40 amazing tools for developing Android Applications quickly

Android App Development | Mobile App Development

Are you an Android developer? Did you know which are the best amazing plugins for Android App Development that you must know? Tools and plugins are the main important factor in every developing framework. Now with continuous variation in technology, we can make our own Android application efficiently and instantly using with the help of …

August 30th , 2018

20+ Essential Front End Web Development Tools that developers must know

Web Development

Nowadays web technologies are pushing so fast and new tools rise up every year making the old ones go sidelong. So frontend developers are always ready to take new challenges and learn something about new in latest tools and technologies. The developer always looking forward to knowing how their website can build quickly and efficiently. …

August 21st , 2018

Top 35 Incredible Magento Extensions for Your eCommerce Store

Ecommerce | Magento Development

As an e-commerce store retailer, you always looking onward to knowing how your consumer can pay quickly for their shopping from your online store or services. It’s very important things that you need to improve your site to grow traffic and optimize your consumer occurrence. In that stage, Magento will help out. Magento has gained …

August 18th , 2018

Top list of WordPress Plugins

WordPress Development

Are you still looking for the list of top WordPress Plugins for your WordPress website? Well, then you are landing in the right place. Taking the best plugins for your website will help you to improve Your Website Performance and give a better experience for the client. WordPress plugins are an excellent idea to improve …