January 14th , 2020

PHP MVC Frameworks Preview of (Phalcon 3, Symfony 4, Laravel 5.x and others)

Web Development

PHP is the most popular language in the present time, which initially designed for web development. In recent times there are various PHP frameworks that the developer can use.

Web development frameworks are beneficial, and they save the time of the developers and decrease the writing of repetitive codes.Here we are going to talk the some of them like Phalcon 3, Symfony 4, Laravel 5.x, and various others.

In this blog, we will give you the famous and top most frameworks which will help you to create a unique & innovative web development project and for that you want to hire PHP developers, then you can contact our consultant.

Phalcon 3

Like the other frameworks, Phalcon is a combination of PHP and C language developed by Andres Gutierrez with his whole team. It is an open-source framework that optimized for high performance. It increases execution, speed, translation caching, security, and many more.

Its architecture uniqueness is that it provides memory residents and offering its functionality whenever it’s needed, without expensive file stats, which traditionally required in all the PHP frameworks.Over the years, Phalcon has developed various versions to upgrade its system.They resealed Phalcon 3.0 on 29 July about which you must think no more.

In Phalcon 3, there are few up gradations such as related objects that we store doesn’t need to get refreshed, but in previous versions, relations updated on each access. In Phalcon 3, PHP 5.3 and 5.4 would deprecate. This developer will have to use PHP 5.6.

Symfony 4

Symfony 4 launched in 2004. It is the most reliable and mature platform. Developers usually choose it for large-scale enterprise projects. It is straightforward to install, learn, and configure. The main feature of PHP is its reusable PHP components. What it does is it boost database engine Independence.

It also allows us to compile the design patterns and various web practices.The version that we are going to discuss is Symfony 4.0.It is the first one that allows its developer to use Symfony Flex, by default, instead of the classic Symfony Full Stack Framework.

Symfony 4.0 is much lighter weight because we can reduce the amount of code that we write. The main help that it is going to provide the developers is the use of Symfony Flex by default. It will completely fit for the long scale enterprise projects.

Laravel 5.x

Laravel is the opensource PHP framework, which is trending on Google at present. The most significant advantage of the Laravel framework is the architecture pattern that it follows. It follows Model View Controller or MVC architecture, which is very easy for developers to follow.

It also provides a robust syntax that allows developers to use the object-oriented approach while doing web development. It has also made the tasks easy, like routing, sessions, caching, and authentication. It has functionality like Rapid Application Development (RAD).

The version that you must know more about is Laravel 5.x.Laravel 5 provides a redesigned directory structure that helps to encapsulate every class. In Laravel 5, the method injection hugely simplified as in Laravel 5 programmers are allowed to declare the type hint class. Developers can also include various parameters for the controller method’s signature. In it, we also have in-built authentication services.


It is mainly used by the developer to develop dynamic websites. Its size is only 2MB, including the documentation. In it, we have prebuilt modules that help in constructing robust and reusable components. It is free to hassle-free to install and is lightweight and straightforward.

Its error handling is top-notch, and it provides in-built security tools, and it follows MVC architecture.It allows developers to create scalable apps. Its execution speed is twice and able to compete with the other frameworks. It also provides you some of the in-built features & it’s components.

If you want an application to be lightweight and run a modest server, then this framework is the best choice as it offers reliable performance and is considerably faster than others.


It has integrated with the 100% object-oriented concepts. It provides the facility of drag and drops editor, cryptographic coding tools, and also the instant online debugging tools for the development. It also supports front-end technology like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. It is preferable to many of the large IT companies or the banking department.


It used to build dynamic & robust web applications. It has a web development toolkit that will give the high-performance URL routing & cache engine and also built-in code for multilingual applications. It has an organized directory structure & it supports both SQL & NoSQL databases.

It has come with the optional plug-ins, which will extend its capabilities like a unit testing toolkit, template engine, custom logger, image processor, and many more.


It has been introduced in 2012 and will implement the HMVC design pattern. It will create a high-performance framework for the read-only sites. It is suitable for social networking websites, customize the web app & web app development services.

It has the standard ORM, input validation, authorization capability, authentication & caching. But still, it is less popular, so it is having a smaller community of users than the other frameworks.


Each framework has its advantage, its qualities, and different things that it relies on; hence if you are selecting your business, you must choose it after various considerations. You must accept it according to the project that you are developing, the framework that we have discussed is not the only ones there are numerous others also, but these are the popular ones.

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