Cloud Application Development

Cloud Application Development

Build our own Mobile App or Web App with Cloud Computing We have developers team for your cloud based app development, Cloud computing, also known as on-demand computing.

Cloud Based Application Development

Get on the Cloud with Us!

Every tech-based conversation revolves around SMAC (Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud) nowadays. Since the cloud has been responsible in empowering enterprises to accelerate digital innovation, enable agile platforms and reduce time-to-market, it has become the corner stone of a future-ready enterprise.

Nearly everything is on the cloud and now businesses are operating through it. With Addon Solutions and its cloud application development offerings, you can empower the management and the employees to perform better.

  • Optimize resources, scale up infrastructure, and manage IT systems effectively
  • Enable employees to work collaboratively on diverse platforms anytime and anywhere
  • Reduce investment costs and utilize existing systems efficiently
  • Transform into an agile business center and an expanding business hub

Our competent industry and technology expertise helps our clients to experience a seamless cloud journey with improved IT responsiveness, better resource utilization and immense scalability for new business horizons. Our cloud app development services boost economic flexibility and eliminate all sorts of complexity thus driving maximum business value.

Cloud on-demand

We manage a smooth Cloud journey, wherein

We advise the best course -> We design the journey -> We build the systems -> We manage your data efficiently!

We are known to manage demand changes easily and leverage onsite infrastructure and scale up resources on-demand. Making use of quick and efficient business platforms is our way to stand the test of time.

Cloud Integration and Security Measures

  • The cloud platforms have a high degree of uncertainty on how it can deliver benefits and even security of information and resources. With Addon Solutions as your own Cloud software partner, we help you to develop cloud applications and move data to cloud securely. We assure that there would be no duplication of any sort in that regard.
  • Early adoption of cloud applications includes critical challenges and security is a huge hurdle for many. With our comprehensive security and compliance solutions, we make sure that your business can safely operate on the cloud without any hassles.
  • With our mature Cloud Integration Services, we help your enterprise to chart a smart and effective cloud integration strategy overcoming interface limitations, performance issues, cost issues and the like.

FAQ: Cloud App Development

What is cloud application development?

The term Cloud invented based on the symbol introduce for the Internet. In other words, the cloud is a cluster of the web servers or computing systems connected to the Internet with some distinct characteristics and services.

Therefore, web applications could be misunderstood for the cloud applications, but a thin line exists between the cloud applications and web applications.

For instance, all cloud applications are essentially web applications, but vice verse is not true. If we think of scalability, computing processes, and tenancy, the cloud applications are obviously differing from the web applications and offer exceptional advantages to the business and its end-users.

Cloud application offers significant control over the resources including hardware infrastructure (IaaS), software infrastructure (PaaS), and software development (SaaS) itself.

Software developers, who accustomed to the in-house development using the local server or private Internet server, may feel uncomfortable in the cloud application development unless had used the latest development tools with modern architecture.

Cloud application development process involves the development tools with advanced features and functionality that organize the process in awesome ways and speed up it with high precisions to deliver the quality cloud application at the end.

The elasticity of resources and cost attract many developers to traverse the tide of cloud challenges to keep pace with the time and trends.

Why is application development better in the cloud?

In-house development experiences:

If you ever had experiences with the creation of in-house software development center and maintaining it, you might know how costly affair it is. Pooling the hardware, software, and developer resources are daunting and require a good deal of investment of time and resources.

With the advent of technologies, tools, and skills, you need to update the resources as a continuous process for the in-house development. Moreover, you have to spend on the establishments of the latest communication channels and create collaborative development environment to leverage the creativity of the developers.

Cloud development experiences:

With IaaS and pass, you have everything ready as the latest and custom infrastructure for hardware and software needs. What you do is to allocate the software developers with adequate cloud app development experiences and Addon Solutions like Cloud App Development Service providing companies offer it at premium rates.

You can scale the development resources as per the needs and save cost with accurate planning. The latest software development tools are available on the cloud, and it enables developers to streamline the development process to slice the timeline.

Secure authentication and multi-tenant nature of the cloud services offer the best development environment with sensitive data and processes. Collaboration is easy due to the presence of the Internet and availability of the cloud-based project management systems.

Know more about Cloud App vs. Web App

Cloud Application

Web Application

A. All cloud applications are the web applications at first instance A. Not all web applications are cloud applications
B. The majorities of the computing processes take place in the data centers located somewhere but accessible to only authenticated users B. Computing processes take place in the server located elsewhere but universally accessible
C. Highly scalable C. With limited scalability
D. With very high uptime guarantees D. Uptime is not guaranteed
E. Data and processes stored in multiple data centers with required replications E. User info and business data have saved in a single database or data center so security and instant recovery/availability in question
F. Run on the client devices as well as on the cloud servers, as data can cache on the devices locally to offer offline mode to some extent F. Runs only online and on the web hosting servers and offer dynamic as well as interactive user interface on the client devices
G. Presentation of the application is standardized for all users/consumers G. Each user has unique instance of the application
H. Capable of providing multi tenant solutions H. Offers only isolated/single tenant solutions
I. Capable of using the native hardware and OS features & functionality by modular approaches and presentations I. Use only capacities of the browsers and have limited access to the native hardware and OS unless packed in the native wrappers
J. It supported by a sophisticated backend to ensure high uptime, security, and integration with other systems as well as supports inventive access methods J. Since source is located on the server only limited features and functionality available in the backend in the browsers
K. You can develop software on the cloud using IaaS and PaaS services to create SaaS services K. Any software development on the web server is not possible and developers only can upload the ready to deploy applications on the server
L. Some examples are Evernote, Dropbox, Sugar Sync, Salesforce, NetSuite, and L. Some examples are WebEx, electronic banking, online shopping applications, and eBay

Best Cloud Computing

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Professional Cloud Developer for Hire. Cloud Specialists at Your Service

We know migration from traditional in-house or web server based system to the Cloud is not easy tasks at all. The smart approaches are involving the cloud consultants to provide a migration map and strategies for smooth sailing during the entire process.

  • If you intended to leverage the cloud benefits the most, you must consult a reputed cloud app development company and hire cloud app developers to work on your cloud needs.
  • Since the integration of cloud services needs expertise on various cloud APIs and leveraging cloud services like IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, MBaaS, DBaaS, and others are demanding a constant supports of cloud specialist.
  • Therefore, it is better you opt for a contract with a cloud consulting company like Addon Solutions ongoing basis. Thus, you may become capable of beating your competitions in the long run.

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