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Addon Solutions is leading Top AI Application Development Company from India and USA, We are offering AI Development Services for iPhone, Android and Web, Hire AI Developer for your custom AI software design and development.

Artificial Intelligence Software Development

AI Development Service: After the invention of computers or machines, the world is growing very fast. The task completed very rapidly. It has increased the speed of the work and also saves time. In this intelligence of humans is given to machines. This process includes reasoning, learning, and self-correct. It has become most useful in the industries of technology. The activities of computers can be done with AI includes

  • Speech Recognition
  • Planning
  • Learning
  • Problem-solving

The robot is the best example of AI. It takes action as humans and inside that there is a machine which works on it.

Services For You

Robotic way of Automation

Intelligent Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation – RPA Software: The tool of automating has brought high efficiency and accuracy via the Robotic process automation. Our expert will support the client to reduce the requirement of the workforce and earn high profits.

Technologies to grow up your business

Use New and Developing Technologies for your business to achieve rapid growing into market and take advantage modern tools

Chat Bot App

Design a bot for your business and provide error free information to your customers. We Developed AI based Chatbots and voice based apps by complete understanding the capability of human.

Machine Learning Apps

Get done ML app from Experts of machine learning which will allow your organization with the advantages for your day-to-day working.

Natural Language Processing App

We have experts of NLP techniques that grant the systems to understand what users think and speak, decode their actions, and take according to its understanding power.

Virtual Knowledge

We can create a robust understanding of AI and power to enhance your business growth.

Decision Management

Operational decisions with AI business management work faster and smarter. Conducting accurate business solutions reliable to preferred algorithms.

Real-Time Analyzing data

Take care of market conditions and product sales. Understand people needs and make it efficient to utilize the resources.

Security Intelligence

We offer a high range of AI based security to products and services for your business with different layers in your organization.

Deep Network Neural Learning

Providing a service platform can be accessed by users. It has a unique neural network model. Get done custom model based on your requirements.

A.I Prediction

Our team will create different AI prediction models using huge raw data and provide predictable result for your business which will help for certain decision.

Development Tools of AI

As we are the top Artificial Intelligence development company in India and gives you committed result of your project. We love to take the challenges and do not leave until the solution works like a clock. To achieve this goal and objectives, we will use the latest tools & frameworks which help your product to get hit in the market.



Azure Cognitive

Google Cloud AutoML

IBM Watson



Apache SystemML

The Pioneer in top software development solutions cultivates your business higher with our comprehensive modern technologies software development services. You are landed on one of the best software product development companies in India and the USA

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We help start-ups, SME, and Enterprise companies for building machine learning software using latest ai technology to achieve the final goal.

Hire AI Developers

With the latest and advanced technology, the world is overgrowing. The world of digitization has brought a world to grab the set of new opportunities. These set of possibilities is a concept of artificial intelligence. We will help you to in solution of AI and hire an expert AI developer. These machine learning technology will help you in business solutions of enterprise, whether the small or big. It will increase the growth of the business in every industry like retail, e-commerce, etc. It will make the use of tools and programs to build the AI application. Our top full-stack developer is working with tools and technology provided by Google, Microsoft, Apple, Openai, IBM, Facebook in Artificial Intelligence to offer the right answers to the problems faced by the business.

Easy Hiring Process

We are offering the high level of client service by deploying the innovative and collaborative project management systems which will build the most professional, robust and highly scalable web & mobile solutions which is having the high-quality standards.


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We work closely with a wide range of clients from different countries and sectors. We are proud to be a part of our client’s journey and their achieve.

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Whether you’re planning a large web or mobile app project or a small one. Addon Solutions will help you with the right foot to start with right tools and technologies.

Our Key AI Projects

Look at our key projects implementation whereas our team dedication and hard work reflect. Successful of any projects highly depends on the way you drive and strengthen your team. We are so proud of our team who helped our clients to achieve their goal.

Education app for hiring an educational consultant who assists students with real-time updates.

Custom Music App Development with Music Streaming for iOS and Android platform.

Petrol Card Application where the user can fill fuel through fleet cards app and get rewards.

What Our Clients Says

Our client loves us more than one time, 72% repeat business from the same clients. To meet a project deadline our team knows what the project requires.

Amazing Company. I am really happy to meet Addon Solution. The team is very sharp and nice people. They are dedicated and committed to the client and Software delivery. They are good partners and even they have advice on product enhancements and flow changes for better customer experience. Excellent team and project management. Thanks a lot!!
Richard Melia

I was very pleased with the work done by Addon Solutions, even though it was not possible to finally release a product due to Apple removing access to a vital feature needed by the application. Addon Solutions were good at understanding the project objectives and were very professional in their approach. I pleased with my app development services by Addon Solutions team. Thank you
Dennis Harsono

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