Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development

Addon Solutions is a trustworthy offshore development company offers a comprehensive of custom software development services for Enterprises, SMB’s and Startups.

Custom Software Development Company

For value addition in your business and ease in your life

Addon Solutions always remains frontier in the different types of software development to address the intricate needs of the high-tech era.

Our clients have leveraged our technological expertise in different niches including the web and the mobile software development along with traditional desktop applications.

We have served several small to big businesses across the globe by offering various technological aids in the form of business process automation, CRM, ERP, CMS, and ecommerce applications.

It was to speed up their processes, improving business relationships, and enhancing the business growth using myriads of custom software solutions from small to large-scale.

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Why Software Development Essential?

The software offers innumerable advantages to the businesses and human life as a whole. For instance,

  • It is cost efficient technology
    Software accelerates business processes and helps professionals to do things quickly and efficiently. Thus, it cut costs on labor and resources utilization.
  • It gives mobility advantages
    With the proliferation of mobiles and BYOD trends, businesses have high productivity and performance rate with the improvement of overall quality of work.Now, software is residing on the palm of mobile users and the wrist of wearable devices users. Thus, technological advancements have provided real-time communication opportunities for consumers as well as employees of the businesses.
  • It improves business performances
    In the fiercely competitive markets for all industries and business niches, some additional and advanced features, excellent user experiences, usability, and rapid business processes may give an edge over the competitions.Home appliances, business automation software, IoT, M2M technologies, order management software, CRM solutions, CMS software, ERP solutions, ecommerce application, cloud service integration software, and much more are evident examples of direct and indirect significance role of software in human lives.

Our Services

Software Development Services at Addon Solutions

  • Desktop Custom Software Development Services
    Addon Solutions have prolonged experiences with legacy and modern desktop software solutions for small to big businesses using proprietary as well as open-source technologies including

    C/C++ Software Development

    PHP Based Software Development

    ROR Software Development

    Java Software Development

    .NET, C#, and other Microsoft technologies based software development

  • Web Custom Software Development Services
    Fortunately, today almost all desktop-based software solutions have the web access. Now, those are turned into the web application with the seamless integration of the web services and cloud services.
    Therefore, our software developers provide a wide range of web solutions, websites, and web application development services using the latest open source technologies including PHP and its open source and Microsoft technologies including ASP.NET to create big scale web portals with myriads of features and functionality to ease the burdens of businesses with required efficiencies.
  • Mobile Custom Software Development Services
    Today everything possible with touch and body gesture or by voice using the latest mobile and wearable devices technologies. Therefore, we provide

    iOS application development services

    Android application development services

    Windows Mobile app development services

    Cross-platform mobile app development services using various frameworks

  • Cloud-based Custom Software Development Services
    We are experts in different cloud computing technologies and offer cloud-based software development services including

    SaaS-based software development

    IaaS-based software development

    PaaS-based software development

Why Addon Solutions?

Why Addon Solutions for Your Software Designing & Development?
In comparison to the other software development companies in India working on outsourcing projects for offshore clients, Addon Solutions offers some distinct advantages and stands apart.

  • Cost-effective software development services by implementing the latest software development strategies and methodologies we cut the cost drastically and significantly.
  • Opportunity to work with the best software development talents, as we have recruited talented, skilled, and expert software designers, software programmers, and software QA developers to assure the best product delivery.
  • Rapid time-to-market
    by creating a highly collaborative environment that saves from delays and repetitions in designing as well as programming to give fast development cycle.
  • Effective conversations by using our prolonged experiences in various industry domains, command over the languages of world and deep understanding of the cultures as well as the behaviors of the target audience of the businesses, we make effective conversation with our patrons coming from diverse time zones
  • Solid support services using the latest communication technologies and channels to give real-time and instant support for any scale of a query from the patrons.
  • Complete Security comes through our NDA signing and various measures taken to secure your personal as well as business data. We have taken adequate steps to address physical and virtual security and data safety during and after your software development projects.

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