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Addon Solutions is a leading Zend Framework development company provides customization, maintenance, and other solutions in Zend PHP framework.

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We offer affordable Zend development services for high quality outputs.

Welcome to Addon Solutions we offer Zend Development services with feature rich environment. We cater high class & well-qualified professionals for web development. We are familiar with developing website and help in growth for smart business clients. Zend framework is used for several reasons such as it is secure, extensible, high performing, enterprise ready, community and modular.

Zend framework gives strong web presence as per market requirement to your website. Addon Solutions contains 10+ years of experience in Zend Framework Development provide professionally developed a website to business owners.

What is Zend Framework?

Zend is an open source object oriented framework used for web application development. It is based on PHP under new BSD license.

It has a wide range of features and components of Zend, which are with object-oriented properties. Zend Framework Development has extensible MVC support and implementation.

It has PHP based layouts and templates that support multiple databases & vendors. It has many types of backend supports like the file system or memory and flexible cache subsystem. Email delivery and composition are also at its advantages.

Our Services

Marvellous Zend Development Services by Addon Solutions

  • user-defined classes
  • implementations for resources & roles
  • Multiple storage frontends (cache function helper, whole page cache, method calls…) & backend (SQLite, File, Memcached…)
  • Simple and flexible generic use
  • Resource tree supports rule inheritance
  • multiple inheritance access control for roles
  • conditional rule applicability via an assertion interface
  • customized authentication mechanisms adapter interface
  • identity storage is abstracted for simple customization
  • extensible & simple API
  • Supports inheritance of data configuration through one section to other
  • property-based interface to read configuration data
  • Supports variety of hierarchical data storage formats
  • conditional rule applicability via an assertion interface
  • customized authentication mechanisms adapter interface

We at Addon Solutions understand the technology to solve a business needs and give enhanced solutions for a website based on PHP using Zend framework.

We give you the innovative and strong framework experiences with Zend, which is created to maintain and develop any scale of websites.

Zend Web Development for your business is a very smart method to build complex, maintainable, advanced, and scalable applications to give smart and flexible websites and web applications.

If you are eager to know our Zend Framework based web development services in-depth, please Contact us.

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