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Globally Recognized a Pro-UI/UX Designer. Addon Solutions offers best User Experience and User Interface Design services for web & mobile

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We Think Strategically At Every Step of the Design Process

We focus on delivering the lasting impressions on the users, and personalized User Experience design is our way to do it.

Do you know what our design is based on? It is based on your identity, and we attach an idea to the same.

We factor in human emotions, usability, the desirability of the idea and its adaptability to reach out to a varied set of users while creating the layouts.

User Experience Design

User Interface Design Services

Incorporating User Experience in all Stages

Incorporating user experience (UX) Design and Development

We make sure that organizations realize that end-user experience, customer experience, the brand experience is pivotal to business. Our attractive and uncluttered design enhances human-computer interaction, creating an immersive experience thus driving adoption and advocacy in the long run.

Addon Solutions believes in incorporating user experience (UX) design and development at every stage of the software, the web, and mobile app development lifecycle, which means that for us, the user is central all things that we do.

We advise, design and offer special concept-driven services to create a powerful user experience (UX) design across all IT applications including web and mobile apps to make sense of IT investments and to meet business objectives.

Our Services

Our UX Design Modus Operandi and Our X Factors

Here is what we design and how we design things:
  • End-to-end user experience design and User Interface Design
  • User experience consulting and advisory services
  • Attractive and fresh branding-based layouts for clients and end-clients
  • Adherence to international standards without losing sight of sensible user interaction
  • Flexible design layouts for use on various devices
  • Designs could be imbued with corporate simplicity and technicalities
Our UX Design Funda and our X Factor!


Know more about User Experience Design

In a broad sense user, the user experience is that how a user (human) feels when interacts with a system. In the digital world, the system could be a software, a website/web application, or a mobile app.

Users’ experiences with the system depend on the design of human-computer interactions (HCI), and it involves numerous things such as

  • Ease of use
  • Perception of the value of the system (Usability)
  • Utility
  • Efficiencies to accomplish intended tasks
  • Accessibility
  • System performance
  • User engagement
  • User retention

In the UX designing process, users are at the center, neither the designers nor the clients. Thus, technologies and investments are serving the users by giving the best experiences with the software product. UX focuses on the solutions the problems of the users, rather than fascinate them with awesome technologies.

In short, a product with good UX designing would be easy, intuitive, unique, inviting, and funny to use for its end-users.

Before designing anything on UX front, UX designers take pains to know the actual users or targeted users of the software product. In due course, they run a deeper search on the “User Persona” or a common personality of the actual users.

Defining User Persona

Defining the user persona involves the user surveys, interviews with actual or similar/potential users, collecting the information regarding their geographies, demography, biography, use cases, user preferences, likes, and dislikes.

Wireframe & Prototyping

Based on the user persona, UX designers prepare the wireframes of the software products where rough sketch to high-end wireframe development tools can help UX designers or developers to prepare a rough guide of the layout of the software products. Be it the websites or mobile apps they place a sketch of interactions and roles of the UI components in it.

When a wireframe design has given the touch of the some of the actual designs with some refined images, UI components, and coded interactions/animations, it becomes the prototypes for the UX designers, and it helps them greatly in user testing.

User Flow Designing

With prototype designs, UX designers prepare the user to flow designs that depict how users should/would move in the system/product. Today we have high-tech wireframe/prototyping tools to amalgamate our user flow designs with wireframes or prototypes designs to achieve final product like experiences. Balsamiq Mockups, Axure RP, etc. are high-end tools to accomplish such tasks in the real world like products.

User Testing

In fact, user testing for a UX designer begins right from the beginning when user research starts, but apparent user testing found with the prototype stage where you have a user interface of product ready to taste the interactions.

Final testing is accomplishing once the product is ready for the deployment and under the QA team testing efforts. UX designers test the product in a unique setup where close observations of the users, their interactions recording, and dialogue with the users while testing is few requirements for effective user testing.

Initial stage user testing may of guerilla type, but later on it demands special setups with desired equipment and ambiance.

Storyboards of Scenario

UX designers prepare the storyboard that depicts the sequences of events of a user’s interactions with the product in a day of everyday life, not in edge cases. Today we have advanced storyboards tools to narrate the sequences/capturing of use cases that describe how, when, where, and why a user uses the product.

Without effective storyboards, developers might not justify the use case of the software products and achieve higher success rate may prove a nightmare at the end.

However, there are many other miscellaneous tasks for the UX designers, but above given tasks are common and significant for them.

With the advent of technologies, we have hardware and software products with awesome features and functionality that depict the superiority of technology adoption and skills of the developers or manufacturers.

Unfortunately, modern generation is not fascinating with new technological innovations, but they want software products that can solve their problems or fulfill their intentions.

They love to sail smoothly with the products and quickly achieve their targets with it. They do not like frustrations during the product usages and want product attractive enough to engage them for longer as well as invite again frequently.

It all possible with the excellent UI designing and involvement of UX design principles. Therefore, if you hire UX designing team from a reputed software development company to augment your web or mobile software product, you may win ultimate rewards in following ways.

With better UX,

  • You can grab more visitors/users to your website or app
  • You can engage your users for longer
  • You can invite them or compel them to use your product again-and-again
  • You can dilute their price sensitivity and push them to spend more
  • You can make your product viral by word-of-mouth
  • You may reduce the support cost by lowering the complaints
  • You can get good ranking in the SERP or accumulate decent ratings and reviews from the actual users
  • You can enhance the performance of the product
  • You can increase the conversion rate hence the ROI
  • You can sustain the fiercely competitive market with an edge and stay for longer
  • You can grow in terms of money as well as volume in the market
  • You can augment your brand further to assure high growth rate
We help you design what you need. Call us or drop in a mail to know more!
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