iPhone Application Development

iPhone Application Development Services

The 21st century is full of inventions of every type of gadgets like mobile, the computer or television. A laptop is giving brilliant services to work on it on any topic in today’s era and plays a vital role nowadays.

The services offered by the Apple Company in the different applications will support Apple to stay in the market as a leader of the mobile industry. Day by day, the demand for the iPhone is increasing as it provides the services which will satisfy the customers.

Applications are submitted the most of the services to the customers paid or free, which is suitable for them. If the customer buys the paid service, then it will get the best quality and will renew if anyone gets that again. The outstanding service doesn’t give a satisfying service, which you don’t need.

There are the many development companies in India which are providing the best to the client. The hired and experienced developers of iPhone will give the best and satisfy the client.

Our Services for iPhone App Development

Apps Using Swift

Addon solution is the result-driven company in India, giving iPhone apps using swift services to all level of business across the world. Our team will use swift language and helps to achieve the goal of your business in mobility.

Hiring Process for the iPhone App Solutions

An Addon solution is offering flexible and comfortable hiring models of the business hourly or fixed. Our experts will deliver high-end products and customize the requirements of the clients business. Over the 10+ years of experience, we have provided the 100+ business solutions for both small, medium business and the large enterprise.

Take an appointment for a consultant

We are providing free consultation services where you can discuss the requirement of the project and ideas with our expert team.

Discussion of project details with business analyst

Our analyst will set the time for understanding your project requirement over Skype, Email, calling whichever is convenient for you.

Finalize the terms of the project and its deadlines

After the discussion of the requirement, our analysts will get back to you with the final proposal, which includes the timelines and cost of your project. After the finalization of the team, we are ready to start your work.

Agile based delivery and execution

We have explored our team where all employees play a role at the different stages of project execution. Our team follows the process of agile and gives regular updates to the client project management tools like Jira, Trello, Basecamp, and Asana.

Deployment of Project & Maintenance

It helps you to set up a robust application in compliance with the guidelines of the app store. We will also support the clients to make the fast services launch.

Tools & Technology Stack We use

We can create an iPhone application which the people will love. We can utilize the latest and advanced framework with the modern generation technology which is best in the class, best in quality and the cost-effective

Database & ORMS

  • Realm Mobile Database
  • SQLite
  • Core Data

Operating System

  • iOS 7 to 11
  • iOS 12
  • iOS 13


  • Dedicated (Linux, Windows)
  • Cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • VPS / Shared Server


  • Java
  • PHP
  • .NET
  • Node.JS

Payment Gateway

  • In-App Purchase
  • PayPal
  • CCAvenue
  • Authorize.NET

Web Services

  • Rest API
  • Soap API
  • Firebase API
  • Third Party API


  • Xcode


  • Swift & Objective-C


  • HealthKit
  • AFNetworking
  • In-App Purchases
  • SiriKit
  • Cocoa Touch
  • CallKit
  • Push Notifications
  • CocoaPods
  • 3D Touch

Benefits of the iPhone App Development

Reliable & Secure

In terms of mobile app development, Apple is the most secure platform. It has the strong protection of the security against some of viruses and malware, and it is the right choice for your dream projects. .

Better User-experience

It offers excellent user experience to all mobile users, which use the iPhone. It has a different way which will push the developers for developing high-quality applications.

Security in Transactions

Companies are developing high-security measures, and guidelines for the online payment but Apple SDK make the transactions online more secure by giving advanced protection to users. It will encrypt the online data and remove the threats.

Tech-savvy Audience

Apple is the first choice for the small to the large business or entrepreneurs and tech-savvy audience. The market will get a better ROI; the iPhone users are willing to pay more than other smartphone users.

How to optimize your App?

Name of Application

In the app, the keywords have a lot of weight in the app store algorithms. By adding the powerful keywords in the title, you can increase the visibility of the app. You can use up to the 30 characters. The algorithm is having a significant influence on the app. The words which you have written in the main title are taken on to the next page for the reference of the app. The word should be selected correctly so that the chances of success will increase. Implement the most popular and relevant keyword in the title, which will help you to improve the ranking in-app store. Use the maximum words and keep in mind that your app is crop into some screen. The first character will make sense on their own.

Subtitle of App

Apple has introduced the keyword indexing field to the app’s metadata. We allow you to use all 30 characters, which will explain the app by the relevant keywords. A developer can easily update the subtitle via the iTunes Connect account. Keywords in subtitle weight the search algorithm and having a great chance to expand your app’s discoverability and will increase the impressions. The subtitle will help the app user to get a clear idea about the app and increase the conversions.

Detail of App

Application detail is not in the Algorithm. Add the relevant keywords in the description will improve the iTunes app page and optimize the SEO. To write an attractive and useful description is very hard and is time-consuming. It is necessary to find the best method and has a convenient app store for downloading the app. It uses the line break; small paragraphs, symbols, etc. are the points to be read! Your app description is needed to be optimized for the SEO and use the relevant keywords.

App Icon

You should design the app to improve the CTR and has increased the conversion. You will have to add a border and avoid the text, which is referred by us. There are different tools which will boost the app store visibility and app icon. Your app icon is the first impression, along with your screenshots. Make the design unique and eye-catching that it must attract the humans in the first eye visit. Keep your symbol of icon small without text and too many details.

Take Screenshots from latest iPhone

People will like to view the screenshot rather than reading a description. It is compulsory to optimize it. A developer can add up to the ten screenshots. The screenshot is convenient for the user to download the app. The audience will completely understand the app.

Our App Marketing Services

Your app deploys at correct places at the right time and in front of the targeted audience

Auditing of App

It will analyze the app and will know accurately what the requirement of the market is. Our team of developers will stay on the correct path and will build the most demanding solutions or has created in the game.

Pre-launch campaigns

It is one of the essential tools for an app promotion service. The marketing team will have pre-launch campaigns that will create a buzz and make your idea to get success in the world.

Post-launch campaigns

The user acquisition makes the mistakes which are committed by the inexperienced mobile developers. Do a partnership with experts which will be working a long time after you have launched the solutions.

Professional & Dedicated Apple App marketing

iOS & iPhone mobile app marketing is a different game than Android. Get in touch with the top-rated iPhone App Development Agency of marketing will help you in marketing.

Acquisition of iPhone App

Nowadays, the challenge faced by Apple is that the new users are moving forward to the iPhone, and they are trying every possibility to monetize the effort

App Store Monetization

Addon solution will keep the app or game at that position on the internet that people will like to pay for the paid applications or upgrade to the latest and advanced version

Optimization of the App store

90% of the app is being downloaded from the app store and is in the top 10 apps in different categories. Addon solution team of experts will support you to improve rankings of your listing in Apple’s App Store

Why Select Us, As Partner Company?

Our experienced team is specializing in producing the custom & secure solutions according to the requirement of the market and measure to meet the demand of the user. It helps you at every stage for your dreams come true
  • UI/UX Experts and Developers
  • Professional and Skilled Team
  • Certified methodologies
  • End-to-End Solutions
  • User-friendly app
  • Consult the strategy technology
  • App code is according to guidelines
  • Affordable rates
  • Flexibility & Predictability

Our development will help your business to stand out in the market, which is getting more crowded day by day. You can concentrate on improving the company so that customers will get different levels of service and beat your business competitors

Why Remote Agency?

We have the great team of expert that will help you to create a unique mobile application which can stand out in the market. Our technical experts are delivering a superior result, which will expand your business

A talent pool of experience

An app is compatible with robust performance and essential features.

On-Time Delivery of project

We will complete the project on time, and sometimes it is delivered before the timeline

Optimize App Performance

It is same as like an Optimize iPhone apps

Sales support

We are giving the sales support 100% to our clients

IP Protection & Security

We will understand the importance of your intellectual property and support the IP Protection

Concept of completion

Our expert team will execute each step carefully


Contact us now to start your project. We are as excited as you are! We believe in providing fast, scalable an efficient solution fulfilling the client’s needs.

What is Cost of iPhone App Development?

The approximate value of application development in Eastern Europe is about $7500. We are giving the remote developers/freelancers and the dedicated outsourcing IT companies which will charge the different price per hour for the programming. The researchers of the market will select the best according to the price, and the quality. In Russia, Moldova, Armenia, and Belarus will cost around $31-49 per hour. The Baltic countries like Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania will range between the $41-50 per hour. The Eastern Europe countries like the Czech Republic, Romania, and Poland will have the approximate range of the $40 per hour. The Balkan Peninsula has the price range of $31-40 per hour in countries like Albania, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and in Slovenia, Croatia, Greece having the $41-50 per hour. In Scandinavia will have the average cost of about $39-55 per hour. Central & Western Europe will cost about $51-100 per hour. In Portugal, Spain, and Italy, the IT services will cost around $50 per hour

Different Cost Factors

Development cost depends on the complexity of the app The size of the project is dependent on some of the factors like: Animation design Prototyping Unique custom solutions which have demanded to engineer Size and number of changes includes in the development process For creating an app, a developer needs to spend a specific amount of time and has a fast implementation. We will multiply the hourly pay of the IT-engineer as the time you consumed. The application divided into the medium, necessary, and complex ones. The approximate cost will range is: It will approximate value of 2 months to build a simple application for the iPhone app, having the basic functionality and will cost around 5-10 thousand in US dollars. To develop a complex app, it takes more time than the basic app and will cost of 12-24 thousand US dollars. The high complexity app of iPhone and iPad is with a secure database and unique design which will have the 30-50 thousand US dollars

The Development Stage of the Applications

The development process is going through the various steps which are typical for all the projects. It doesn’t depend on the complexity and the intensity of labor

    1. Free cost estimate (1-3 days)
    2. Description of the problem, analysis of the market and its competitors (1-5 days)
    3. Technical assignment (5-15 days)
    4. Designing (5-15 days)
    5. Programming (18-60+ days)
    6. Testing (5-10 days)
    Get in touch with us to know more details, Visit our office or contact us here

Steps for Creating An App

  • Draw your app idea on paper
  • Analyze the market
  • Build the mockup of your app
  • Create the UX/UI design
  • Implement the app with coding
  • Create a landing page of the app
  • Deploy the app in Apple App’s store
  • Make your app reach to the correct people
  • Improve the app with user reviews and feedbacks

Development Team Structure

It is a team which will carry out the different task via their hard efforts. A group for the development must have the essential skill set which will help you to create high-quality app solutions. Every employee of the company is linked with the process of development to give their best to the client

Requirement Analyst

There is an RA department in that the skilled person understands the requirements of the client and helps the project manager to get practical answers and solution for the app owner

Project Manager

This person has a leading role from the starting till the end. It has to manage the project and keep the different departments connected. She/he is also connected with the clients directly and can discuss all the issues regarding the app and also give a solution related to that


Designers also require creating wireframes when they are analyzing and going through the documentation process. The designer has not only created a user interface & user experience of the app but also has to work with the appropriate documentation as they have to go through the step by step. Designers have not only design but have to put their creativity in designing to make it attractive with all of the latest technologies and frameworks

App Developers

Whenever we are integrating the user interface and user experience before developing an app, you have to create an app structure and to implement its functionality. Experts have to invest their skills in the app. We give the responsibility of the developers. They will try their best to provide the client and make it satisfied and happy

Quality Analyst

It is essential to test the app and see how it is working. The QA has to make sure that every app tested must be completely running. The developer has to go through different stages by the QA engineers and will see how the app is functioning in different conditions. If there is any bug in the product, the QA will send it back to the developers to make it bug-free. After the approval of the QA, the app is ready to launch in the market

Industries where we serve

Food & Drink

eCommerce & Shopping

Tourism & Travel

Real Estate

Education & Learning

Photos & Videos

Transportation & Logistics

Social networking

On-demand solutions


Health & Fitness

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

In the development process of my project, who will take care of it?

A project leader gave to you, who will keep you updated about your project and will save the communication and pass the requirements and approval to the team of engineers

Did you help us to upload the app after development?

Yes, we will do it free of cost, but you have to pay some minimum amount to the Apple AppStore which take charges yearly

Is it possible for Apple AppStore rejects the app?

Most probably it doesn’t happen. As our expert follow all of the guidelines, standard functionality which is defined by the Apple and the tests the app at a high level and will remove all bugs

Do you use iPhone testing devices?

We test our apps on the latest Apple devices like iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 10 with the tablets of Apple-like iPad Pro, and other of all the size of the screen

In the iPhone app, how many experiences do you have?

We have 50+ developers team having the experience of 8+years in the iPhone and iOS application development

Will, your team, will work with the onshore developers?

Yes. We will give the flexible models for hiring the dedicated developers who will co-ordinate with the onshore developers for some unique requirement of the project. Addon solution professional developers will also visit if needed

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