Why Addon Solutions

Why We Are Better Choice?

We have innate abilities to provide advanced yet contemporary software solutions.

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  • Today competition in outsourcing development niche is tough and clients are choosy to select the right Software Development partner. Clients have definite selection criteria, and they run thorough research before placing a stamp of choice on the most suitable software development company.
  • Addon Solutions have proven records of success in web development niche and now in mobile application development community due to certain traits that hard to find in a recent era where emergence and fading cycles are short for many players.

Certain Traits of Addon Solutions for that
Our Clienteles Love Us

Qualified & Certified Human Resources

Today technical complexities and challenges are increasing with the advent of technologies and higher expectations clients as well as their end-users. Therefore, everyone looks at the highly qualified and specifically certified software developers to judge the project.

Fortunately, Addon Solutions have accumulated and retained the talents with the pace of time and investing a lot on it as well as on their training as a schedule.

Therefore, our hire dedicated developer packages for various services are in high demand and adding more feathers in our success sagas.

Ultramodern Infrastructure

Fostering creativity demands conductive and collaborative environment in software designing and programming niches. Therefore, we have invested enough to create such environment by developing the physical spaces as well as virtual spaces.

You can access the latest IT hardware as well as software infrastructure to run agile and other the most recent development processes to bring high performing and result-driving solutions on the table at cost-effective ways for all outsourcing models.

Quality Centric Approaches

We believe in delivering quality only and just hate the mediocre work. Therefore, we have qualified and certified QA professionals, advanced testing infrastructure, and enough desires to meet the quality goals defined by the clients as well as prevailing as industry standards in the market.

We keep user experiences, usability, ease of use, and futuristic programming at the heart of the development process to assure the success in the market.

Cost-effective Solutions

For any client pricing is the most sensitive and detrimental factor to honor the project to a matching company. Moreover, keeping quality credential intact is another facet of the coin.
Therefore, we focus on the development strategies, methodologies, designing and development practices, and testing process to reduce the overall cost without affecting the quality of product at the end.

Respect Time-to-Market Demands

In this fiercely competitive market, publishing or deploying the software product earlier has certain benefits and gives an edge over the competition. Therefore, exhibiting the best project management, allocation of enough resources, and focusing on the quality aspects of the software development projects, be it for the web or the mobile app, we deliver the outcome earlier than promised deadlines.

Client Satisfaction at the Center

We know the cost of acquiring a new client against the keeping the existing one. Therefore, we make die hard efforts to keeping our clienteles satisfied, not only at first instance but also for always.

It is the reason, we have an extensive list of loyal patrons, and they make us viral, so we are thriving and prospering more.

Smart Support System

Quick responses with no waiting period

No bar on issuing tickets for supports on an issue

Technical and maintenance and marketing teams are ready to address the issue promptly

Direct communication to the relevant department or developer/designer

The latest communication technologies and channels available to use

Maintenance and upgrade services at nominal and affordable rates/packages

Safety & Security a Prime Concern

Today the data confidentiality, network security, seamless operations, and many other security concerns determine the selection of software development partner.
Therefore, we take adequate measure to mitigate such issues prior to happening. You can get detailed information regarding Confidentiality and Securities…

If you think we are the best bet for your software development project, don’t waste time further and contact us to discuss your dream project with our team.

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