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About Addon Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

“Technologies are known to all. We manage to leverage them as solutions!”

  • Addon Solutions is a global information technology outsourcing company with multiple services in its arsenal, that define information systems of many of its clients.
  • We help our customers do business better by making use of our expertise and experience, comprehensive portfolio of services and a flexible engagement business model. Our dedicated team of professionals includes developers, testers, domain specialists and technologists who have carved their importance in the organization.
  • Our consistent training schedule also keeps our team updated on the latest happenings in the IT world, to devise and deliver the best solutions for driving optimum business capability to our clients.
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To become an addon to our client’s vision by fostering innovation and providing world class mobile and web app solutions to transform business.

” Technologies are known to all. We manage to leverage them as solutions! “

— Addon Solutions

Values that drive us

Customer Satisfaction

Streamlined services and solutions aligned to customer needs

Efficient and easy approach for working with clients.

Provide top notch customer service.


Delivering best products and services on budget and on time

Attachment to perfection in every nook and corner


We realize an idea to fruition and tie loose ends

We innovate with real-life concepts and solutions to real problems

We develop trends based on needs rather than vice-versa


Delivering world-class solutions for over a decade

Persistent in offering technology products with business-specific usage

Efficiency and Accuracy

Smart ROI and long-standing client satisfaction with efficient solutions

Accurate solutions for deep-rooted problems in the enterprise

Adequate exposure and freedom to the team to think creatively and be motivated

Care and Growth

We care for people work with us. We offer them a space to think creatively.

We reward and recognize good performers and keep them motivated.

Our Commitment and Approach

What defines us is in our name. Addon Solutions takes the “add-on” approach to add the missing pieces of the technology puzzle in the client’s organization. Our innovative approach is geared towards delivering business value and optimum utilization of existing resources, capital and talent. Being a partner of choice for diverse businesses worldwide, our prompt offerings always strive to ‘differentiate’ through technology interventions.

What’s more, we strive to re-engineer and respond to the volatile customer needs. We are well positioned to add value to businesses leading them through the transformation journey, identify new growth opportunities and facilitate their foray into new sectors and markets.

Why Addon Solutions?

  • Flexible Engagement Models
  • Efficient, effective and cost-efficient Solutions
  • Reliable, flexible and scalable development services
  • Expert and Experienced professionals along with domain experts
  • Comprehensive development, maintenance and support packages
  • Quick development process and approach with swift turnaround time
  • 100% Quality Assurance with best practices
  • 24×7 communication availability and customer support

Success Stories

“We are very happy with the service we have received from the Addon Solutions. We will surely do business with the Addon Solutions in the near future, and we encourage others to get their work done by the professional & skilled IT experts. Thanks once again for the great job!”

— Mark Vokes

Success Stories

“The work of the team from Addon Solutions is very professional and decent. Great attitude, professionalism and healthy interaction, that was what I have been looking for, and they did it all the time. I recommend it to anyone looking for unique and affordable IT solutions.”

— Kiara Scott


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