Machine Learning App And AI Software Development

Machine Learning Solutions

Addon Solutions offers machine learning development services for Deep Learning, Neural Network, Model Development, and AI Software using Python, TensorFlow, Automl, Azure, Google, AWS, IBM, and Kaggle. Get in touch with one of the top development company and will provide you complete solutions for all your AI & ML requirements with affordable rates.

Outsource AI/ML and Deep Learning Development

Addon solution is one of the top-most leading IT Company in India, which provides all types of IT services to clients. We are providing services in technologies like AR, VR, AI, IoT, ML, and many more. Advanced algorithms have the capability with the significant increment in the power and the availability of data, which has opened the door to the innovative and unique real-time world applications of machine learning.

Machine learning is one type of the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which has focused on creating the system which is capable of learning and improving it from experience. As we are working in this industry since10+years so, you can hire the dedicated and the professional Machine developer from Addon with complete trust.

Machine learning (ML) Services

Machine learning is a part of Artificial Intelligence, which has structured algorithms to solve the complex and critical problems without the interruption of human. The level of ML solutions will begin with prediction and analytical model construction to decide the future. It will give benefits to the industry and will also create eye-catching services which will attract the users who use the type of service.

Machine Learning for Enterprises

We are developing the machine learning solutions and the models from scratch or on your existing software. The answers given by them are robust and scalable. It is easy to maintain and has integration with the third-party system.

Deep Learning

Cluster data, unsupervised algorithms of machine learning for the highly adaptive enterprise solutions and tools.

Computer Vision

The addon is offering the solutions of software and media applications for the digital, real-world processing image, face recognition, detection of vehicle, and intelligence surveillance.

Security of Enterprise

We are analyzing the enterprises big and significant data to find inconsistency calculate risks and prevent it from the security breaches.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We are giving the latest language for processing and recognition. Also, provide advanced language interpretation and generation software solutions.

Hire Machine Learning Developers

ML has built a new era for business growth with the automated process of learning. The Automated neural network and the self-teach software system help you to gain the extra profit to your business.

Hire Machine learning developer now to make a successful application for the company that is learned and adapted with the time.

Development process

  • Starting with a requirement gathering
  • Define the scope and evaluation of project feasibility
  • Quickly deliver the proof of concept
  • Advanced and Latest algorithms in the development
  • Finally, provide the product
  • Live deployment

Facilities We Offers

  • AI algorithms & applications
  • Automated customer interaction
  • Neural networks and deep learning
  • Breakthrough Business insights
  • Nature language processing tools
  • Real-time data science
  • Self-taught analytical tools
  • Intelligent cybersecurity
  • Fraud detection

The requirement for creating Machine learning algorithms


Iteration process

Models ensemble

Capable of data preparation

Knowledge of algorithms from low to high

Why is machine learning required?

The advanced concept comes into existence by machine learning, which was not possible since years ago. It is possible to do with the new task using the developed algorithms. The current job will work efficiently with your efforts. The algorithms which are added to products and applications, and will give you the smarter and the fantastic products.

Working of Machine Learning

It works on the two categories of an algorithm like supervised or unsupervised. The supervised algorithm requires a data analyst with machine learning skills to provide desired input and output. It requires complete accuracy in algorithm during training. After the completion of training, the algorithm implemented what we learn. The unsupervised algorithm does not require training and come with the approximate output. It includes the deep learning for reviewing a data and arrive at conclusions. It also called neural networks. It consists of a task like natural language processing, image recognition, and speech-to-text. The trained algorithm can be used in bank associations to interpret new data.

Challenges associated with the ML

Design in Algorithm

Addon experts have the logical, practical, and integral effort which will solve the problems and will make the use of existing algorithms.

Data Model

We are giving the data model solutions which are from the practical observation until the deployment of the model data by using the appropriate tools for the growth of the business.

Why you go for Addon Solutions?

Addon solution will give the perfect solution for the process and runs the bulk of data using the complex and advanced algorithms for the system to learn on its own. The applications which are delivering will give a quick response to your decision making, automatically makes your business process, and improves the productivity and faster abnormality decision. We authorized some of the software for Artificial Intelligence, and they are:

Automation of Astute

It will promote the rapid enforcement for instant validation with intelligent automation.

The priority of Notification

It will analyze the present and the previous records to keep the survey on your crucial metrics.

Prediction in Human behavior

It will know the requirement of human interest in the products or services.

How is the machine learning process work?

We are happy with our development process, which fulfills your requirements and has a well-defined process that you follow. In ML solutions, you have to understand your goals and objectives, and we have to clear the concept of your answers. In the starting stage of the project, we have to give the proof of concept a very simple prototype having the limited functionality of demonstrating how the algorithm works.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is capable of great and better things to be delivered; you have to provide the rich user experience and the excellent user interface design.

Which industries are using ML technology?

Many recognized industries are working with the substantial amount of data which uses the ML technology. Organizations will be able to work efficiently and acquire an advantage over competitors.

These industries have a significant amount of data in a real-time, which will work efficiently in machine learning technology to gain an advantage over competitors.

Oil & Gas

Automotive Industry




Marketing and sales

Government sector

Government agencies like public safety and the utilities have the specific need for machine learning since they have different sources of data that are mine. Identify the ways to increase efficiency and will save money. It also supports to find and detect fraud and minimize identity theft.

Health care

Thanks to the invention of the wearable devices and sensors that uses the data to assess a patient’s health in real time. The ML technology also supports the medical experts to analyze data to identify the trends and the flag that may lead to improve diagnoses and treatment.


Website will give the recommended item, which is based on the previous purchase using the ML to analyze your purchase industry. It will capture data, analyze it, and use it to personalize a shopping experience, implement the marketing campaign, and price optimization.

Banking and Financial Services

The financial industry is using machine learning technology for the primary two concepts: identify the essential insights in data and prevent fraud. It will identify the investment opportunity and help the investors to know the trade. Data mining is also recognizing clients with high-potential risk profiles and uses cyber surveillance, which warns the signs of fraud.


Analyze the data for identifying patterns and trends is key to the transportation industry, which will realize on creating the routes more efficient and will predict the problems to increase the profit of your business. The data analyzing and modeling aspects of machine learning is the essential tools to deliver the companies, public transportation, and many more transportation organizations.