By: Vishal Godhani August 23rd , 2016

The real progress of a developer depends on how she is learning from mistakes made by her or others. Therefore, if as iOS developer, you must be aware of some common pitfalls taking place during the programming so you can avoid repetition of it all in your favor.

By: Archana Sharma August 22nd , 2016

The right selection of Android app developer can make a big difference in deliverables, quality, and cost. Therefore, instead of indulging with mediocre developers, searching true contender is a wise step and we need to pass through a thorough hiring process by asking some vital questions upfront to the developers.

By: Suraj Gupta August 21st , 2016

Mobile app performance optimization requires in-depth knowledge of metrics of app performance, practical app performance issues, knowledge of in-app analytics tools, and the best practices of app performance optimization. This post discusses things in comprehensive ways.

By: Haresh Donga August 20th , 2016

When a project is success, much of the kudos goes to the herculean efforts of developers. Business Analyst, Project Manager, and Quality Assurance professionals who in turns are always underappreciated.
If you remove them from the team, you may have immediately realized their roles and significance to keep success rate of your app development project intact.

By: Jayesh Radadiya August 19th , 2016

When you run a mobile app as a business, you need to focus on app performance and its metrics to measure with factual data so you can give good UX and achieve decent retention rate for the sake of good ROI.

By: Jayesh Radadiya August 18th , 2016

Microinteractions bring an excellent UX in the software application for the web or mobile. If you design them with some care, it can assure your success in delivering best user experiences.

By: Haresh Donga August 17th , 2016

Without a smart mobile app development strategy, app success is not sure in the majority of cases. Therefore, each client must ask its development team of the company to have an effective mobile app strategy in place upfront, and should take part in its development actively.

By: Suraj Gupta August 16th , 2016

Animated microinteractions are not new designing techniques, but recent use of it in smart ways have brought attentions of UX designers to create magic for your mobile application UX design. Here are some guidelines to achieve it all.

By: Bhavesh Donga August 15th , 2016

Social media is a highly effective marketing channel to obtain the most with little investment. Therefore, using social media for your mobile app marketing is a highly beneficial marketing effort. If you want grab benefits of social media, you need to take care of a few significant things, and this post is depicting it beautifully.

By: Archana Sharma August 13th , 2016

Android platform is gaining momentum in the mobile app development market, and many new app entrepreneurs are entering the market. If they have proper guidance and support of experienced developers, they can see sure success for their dream apps.