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Addon Solutions is leading top Kotlin App Development Company located in India, USA, Canada, Australia, and Germany, Hire full time, part time Kotlin Developers for your app development project.

Hire Kotlin Developer

Hire The Expert of Kotlin developer from India. We will provide you Kotlin developers, programmers, testers, coders, architects, engineers and freelancers which will work with you remotely. Our development team of Kotlin is ready to work with you at any time zone preference.

What is Kotlin?

It is Google’s official language for Android app development. JetBrains develop this language for the JVM. It’s robust design, and clean style has given the fierce competition to Java. Its main aim is to gather the all features of programming languages which will become beneficial to the large industries.

Why Kotlin?

Kotlin mainly uses for experienced Java developers for the development of applications. Almost 15% of the projects in the Android 3.0 are using Kotlin language. Totaling all the leading company’s developers have adopted Kotlin for Application development.

Advantages Of Kotlin

Kotlin has an almost same structure as Java as it is object-oriented. The Kotlin has advanced features, clear syntax and other benefits over Java.
  • Ease Of Migration: It will enable developers to use Kotlin code with Java and vice-versa. Migration will allow the most significant software project, which built in Java can convert into Kotlin with a few steps and permit the Java libraries to run in Kotlin smoothly.
  • Improves Developers Expertise: It will be effortless For Java developers to learn the Kotlin, without wasting time. It has the same code as Java code. After using this, the developers can understand why Kotlin is safe and concise, and it’s a right time to get involved in this future generation language.
  • fewer Errors in Code: The compiler can compile the code very fast. It finds the errors and tries to prevent them. Kotlin compiler performs checks, avoid runtime errors and reduce the cost of mistakes.
  • Faster Development: There are the numbers of features which will facilitate the programmers in their development task. It consists of functions, declarations, parameters and many more. With the help of these features, the speed of work increases, and the code maintained.

Hire Remote Developer

Want to develop an attractive application using a Kotlin? We will provide you with a dedicated team of Kotlin developers. You can hire a developer also from the Remote Location. You can utilize our expertise of Kotlin Developer anytime you want. We updated with the latest tools and frameworks, and bring an experienced team of developers. The syntax of Kotlin is not similar to Java. We will develop the next-gen app which will be reliable and have the advanced features. These applications are easy to maintain. Addon solutions have years of experience in creating Kotlin mobile app.

Why to prefer Addon Solutions for Kotlin App Development?

  • 1.Accurate & 100% result given.
  • 2.Powerful communication skills.
  • 3.Use of Android SDK and coding practices.
  • 4.Have worked with different development tools.
  • 5.Having an experience of 10+years in Mobile application development.
  • 6.Developed 100+ apps.
  • 7.Having 100+ Happy clients.
  • 8. Provide Remote app development.
  • 9.Provide free maintenance for a short period.
  • 10.Giving a continuous training to developers about new skills, latest tools.

For what purpose the Kotlin used?

Kotlin can also be used to create server-side applications. Wherever the Java web app supported the Kotlin app can be hosted there. In JavaScript, it is used to build client-side architecture. It can also create DOM elements, graphic elements and work with server-side technologies. Kotlin also allows the code to compile into native libraries. It has a platform which does not require a virtual machine. Kotlin also supports Objective-C.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which type of programming languages does Kotlin support?

Kotlin supports Procedural and Object-oriented programming languages. What is the entry point of Kotlin? Main() function is the entry point for Kotlin like other programming languages.

How many types of constructors are supported by Kotlin?

The constructors provided by Kotlin are Primary and Secondary constructor.

Is it possible to migrate the code from Java to Kotlin?

Yes, we can migrate the code from Java to Kotlin.

List the same basic types of Kotlin?

There are the same basic types of Kotlin. They are: Numbers Characters Strings Arrays Booleans

What modes of Payment do you accept?

We accept the payment through PayPal and Net Banking.

Will I need to test my app?

Along with the developers, we have a testing team which will test your app and gives the feedback.

In which technology you are working?

We are working on mobile and web technologies both. Web: PHP/Wordpress/Magento/Laravel/Angular JS/ Cake PHP/Node JS Mobile: iPhone/Android/iOS

Can you provide a developer on a weekly basis?

Yes. We provide developers on a monthly and weekly basis.

Who will have the right to access the source code?

After the payment, the client has access to source code.

How will I get updates of my Project?

You get daily report sheet via email and Project management tools.

Do you sign NDA agreements?

Yes. The NDA agreements and other legal documents are signed by the client to keep the information secure.

Do you have your development center?

Yes. We have an own development center in Ahmedabad.

Do developers have excellent communication skills in English?

Yes. Our Developers can fluently communicate in English.