Amazon Clone App and Website Solutions

Amazon Clone App and Website Solutions

With Addon Solutions Amazon Clone App and Website Development Services, You can completely transform your offline business to online e-Commerce marketplace business just like Amazon.

Why you need Clone Marketplace like an Amazon?

  • The introduction of eCommerce app has made the life of many people easy. They don’t need to go to the market for shopping they can get their product delivered at their home by just a simple click. It is one of the biggest reason that apps like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, Rakuten have become so popular and are earning in billions. People can get the product delivered to them by just a simple click. According to Wikipedia, the total revenue of Amazon was US$232.887 billion in 2018.

Top Industries App We Provide with Marketplace Features

Online Dispensaries

Dispensaries can put the medicines that they have and also deliver it online to patients and doctors too. In the case of an immediate, it will be quite useful.

Online Jewelry stores

A jewelry store owner who wants to be in touch with his customer online tell them the price of gold, silver, and diamond according to the market can easily do it with the help of eCommerce app.

Online Grocery stores

The person who has a grocery store and wants to supply fresh vegetables to his customer’s door to door with the help of e-commerce app as the nearby client orders then he will be able to deliver it.

Online Food Store

The person who make snacks and food with the help of e-commerce app he will be able to supply a fresh and hot meal to his customers on the door and tell his customers how much time it will take for him to reach their delivery point

Online Furniture Stores

Now no need for your customers to come to your shop to choose the design of furniture.

Online Clothing store

The owner of a clothing store who wants to grow with time by connecting with his customers online and deliver them products at their home and inform his customer about the offers and discounts. He will be interested in eCommerce app.

Online Electronic Shops

Online electronic shops it’s not only the products that you can deliver but also the repairing services.

Features of Amazon clone App Development

  • Registration: The first thing that you do while using any eCommerce app is to do register. It is the first step all of the users need to start online shopping The user should able to register via different social media like Facebook, Instagram. And for it, the user will get a verification code on his registered number.
  • Login: Once Registration is done then the user should be able to login into their account from anywhere, and it must be easy for everybody. If a user forgets his password, then he will receive a message on his given phone number.
  • Dashboard: It will be the front page after the registrations and log in. The most searched products deal and offers will be there. There will also be the search option from where customers will be able to explore their desirable products. Moreover, we will be providing it a good UI/UX design to attract more customers.
  • Products and its surfing: This app will have all the information about the product from its cost weight, brand, price and also the seller name and its contact address. The person selling the products can also put its manufacturing date and expiry date. If you have a lot of items in your shop, it will not be a headache now to open every one of their packings and again to close it everyone can easily surf it on the app and choose from it.
  • Discount or prize on buying in bulk: You can also provide something free or give a refund if the shopping bill passes a limit.
  • Tracking of the products: Once the person has ordered the anything, he will be able to know what is happening with his delivery where it is at all the time.
  • Multiple payment options: Customer will be able to pay online just by a few clicks they can attach their debit card, credit card, bank account number, and the payment made.
  • Push notification: Notify your customers about the discount, offers and the last order that they have made. You will be able to stay connected with them.
  • Social media integration: Connect your app with social media so that people can order their product for friends and family via social media apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.
  • List of products: Allow the customers to make a list of the items that they will want to buy in the future and allow them to rectify it according to their wishes. And then notify them about it when the deals or offers are coming.
  • Customer Account Management: Once registered, you can efficiently manage the customers account you can see what his wish list is and which kind of products he chooses you can send him notifications accordingly.
  • Vendor account management: You can also manage some vendors with the help of the eCommerce app and even pay them online directly into their account.
  • Ratings and reviews: The user should be able to do reviews and ratings so that business owner can read it and can be able to improve their services.
  • Item purchased returned: The person buying the product should be easily able to return it quickly. But there be a time limit in which they have to replace it.
  • Unlimited photo storage: The user should have unlimited photo storage so that shopkeeper can put as many photos as they want.
  • Live chat support: It is just like email or messaging the only extra support is that customer will be able to talk face to face.
  • Advertisements: You can put ads to increase your business just by paying a little more money.
  • Roles: You can also define the positions of the staff in your business and manage them with the help of our app.
  • Multiple languages: In the app, there will be various languages to make the user feel more comfortable while doing online shopping.

How we do Marketplace Solutions like Amazon clone app development process

Our Development Process


After that will show the prototype of that particular app to the person, who wants to buy it.


After that our development team comes in the picture coding the app giving it a good UI/UX design. After that, we also ask for the client’s feedback.

Requirement analysis

First of all, we are gathering all the information that our client expects from us then we will see the existing competition and then the kind of publicity he will want to target.


You are sure you are going to expand your business don’t worry addon will make scalable products for you.

Admin Dashboard

We will provide you with a powerful and separate admin dashboard so that you can handle your business efficiently.


After that product is tested for bugs and error and seen that whether the product is 100% alright then if I gave to the customers.


After the testing, the app deployed at once.


All the platforms provide updates in their software especially mobile software Apple and Android so to remain competitive your app should also need upgrades. We will give it to you every six months.

Agile model

While making the app we are not going to give you app just in six months directly we are going to be doing a continuous evaluation with our client so that the final product is exactly like the product he sometimes wants the client is not able to tell the product that he likes is not going to change.

Team Required & Technology Stack

  • iOS:For iOS, we may use Swift Programming.
  • Android: For Android, we may use Java and Kotlin.
  • Back-end: For back-end, we may use MYSQL, SQL, etc.
  • Front-end: For front-end user should almost know HTML,CSS,PHP, .NET, JAVA and JavaScript.
  • Sketch, PhotoShop: For designing website and mobile app design.

Why Addon Solutions?

Cash memory

We will be providing the customers with the cash memory so that they can see what they have seen last or what they surf most.

Search option

You will be easily able to search for products with the help of search options. You need to write the proper name of the product.


Addon will provide turnkey solutions for the quick deployment of the products So that you are not behind in your business in any way.

Amazon clone for Android and iOS

We will be providing you with multiple platform services, so our clone app easily used for Android and iOS.

Amazon clone app source code

We addon will provide the source code of the app to our customers. You will have to give us payment only one time any change in the source code we will do during payment will be there.

Support from addon you will get if you create an eCommerce amazon clone app

Strong Data-Base

We will provide you with a reliable and open source database.


We will also provide you support of the app we will be providing you.


We have fully customized our app according to the needs of our customers.


We will provide you with updates every six months at a reasonable cost.

Server setup and backup

We will also provide your server setup and backup at a reasonable cost.

How to make an Amazon clone app for mobile app development companies?

Multiple Platforms

Your app must be working on various platforms, e.g., android and apple.

Identify customers need

The first thing an app development company should know before building an app is, what is their basic need to develop their application and which market they want to hit we addon will do it for you and will also tell you your opponents.

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Implement developers

Then you should hire a team in which there should be front-end developers, back-end developers, middle-ware and testing teams. If you hire addon, then you don’t have to go in any a headache. Just order us and pay the bill.

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Take care of product growth and support

We addon will provide you with the needed help, and as we will give you a scalable product, then growth will not become such a hindrance. As we will provide you an update now and then we will also be growing with your business.

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Choose features according to their needs

In it what company need to know is the specific features that they will need according to their requirements, and they may need while interacting with the clients. We have already mentioned you the number of functions above, and if you need more, we will add it for you.

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The business model for online shopping app

All the eCommerce app have broken the market like no one would have expected these companies without producing a thing by only providing the services are earning in billions. Their primary source of income is advertisements, but they can also gain from the shops that are selling products by them they can take a commission and be in contact with these companies and make a lot of money. In this fast-track word when no one has time to go shopping for them it is an excellent app and if you are willing to opt for this app, then shopkeepers by going online they are also earning money customers without going to shop will be able to know the offers and discounts offered to them.