Odds of Brick Store Shopping

Traditional shopping in physical store is triggering many bad memories in the minds of modern shoppers. Who is always want to avoid the disruptive chaos of in-store shoppers, long checkout lines, the absence of or busy sales persons, inadequate inventory, terrible return policies, lack of price transparency, and so many hurdles based on location and culture of the physical stores?

Robustness of Ecommerce

Against these all odds, ecommerce store working online have vibrant windows to welcome shoppers virtually. Quick and effortless access to desired products using the natural navigation or advanced search features.

Multiple 2D and 3D images of products give real life touch simulations and experiences of virtual products. Robust transparency in shopping by comparative shopping options. Enough consumer generated reviews and rating relax shoppers from being cheated feelings. Quick access to social media provides shopping with family or friends experiences without spending much time on it.

Robustness of Ecommerce

Quick checkout, safe and secure payment, personalization, and myriads of marketing incentives with personal flavors can win hearts of any shoppers irrespective of demography, geographies, culture differences, lingual differences, and many such aspects with a global audience.

Drawbacks of Ecommerce

Despite such cheaper and lucrative ecommerce shopping experiences, the growth of ecommerce is not much enthusiastic. Pure small to medium ecommerce vendors hardly can beat giants like Amazon, eBay, and others who are established and equipped with the latest e-Commerce technologies and development to implement in modern contexts.

Mobile Technologies—Rays of Hopes for Omni-channel Retailers

In such dismal scenario, mobile application technologies with the latest technologies such as GPS, LBS, Beacon, cloud technologies, and various APIs’ integrations for 3rd party services can change the scenario of retailers who have Omni-channel presence in the form of brick stores and ecommerce mobile apps with mobile friendly ecommerce websites.

If you have a question that how mobile app technologies can help retailers, to uplift their business, and grow them steadily with new opportunities, as well as revenue streams.

Let’s find the right answer by evaluating the top possibilities that can uplift the retails with Omni-channel presence.

First: Provide Both Kinds of Shopping Experiences—Online & Offline for Omni-channel Retailers

With Omni-channel presence, the brick store gives warm, engaging, and exciting offline experiences while you are visiting the store to pick up your online ordered products. It can give you axillary/matching/related items with hefty discounts.

You can go there with your friends or family member after or before outing or dining. Grant their opinions in your purchase decisions. Touch product with real body sensors or try it for fitting or look & feel.

With a mobile app for the same brick store retailer, you can quickly surf the catalog. Compare product with competitors’. Do bargaining on product sale/buy. Pay online or with M-commerce options suitable to you. Keep order delivery either on doorsteps or pending to pick up from the store.

Shopping Experiences to uplifet Omni-channel Retailers

The mobile app offers online and offline, both experiences with the shop open for 24X7/365 support. Easy and quick shipping, delivery, and returns are some distinct characteristics of modern M-commerce, which are available with the least investment in mobile app development.

Second: Bring Changes in Shopping Behavior for Omni-channel Retailers

Increased usage of mobile devices for nearly all day-to-day needs can influence shopping pattern significantly. It is evident clearly in the growing rate of mobile app shopping or online shopping with mobile devices.

Since the mobile device has limited storage space and screen real estate, consumers can keep only highly useful apps on their home screens. Therefore, when a customer is downloading your app and may have a good engagement rate plus a retention rate, which is increasing over the time, believe it that you would have won the battle.

Mobile apps give constant reminders of retailers whose apps reside on the home screen of users. It offers unprecedented opportunities for marketing and improvement in your performance.

Now, shoppers with a mobile app, surf the products or arrange a video conference with brick store and select the product to buy. They make a comparison for prices and qualities with other similar products in the market online.

They can order the products with pick up options and pay through a mobile app in secure ways. Thus, the mobile app has vanished the tendencies of shoppers to touch the product physically before purchase and establish personal rapports with retailers.

Third: Makes Sales Speedy & Voluminous for Omni-channel Retailers

With mobile apps, real-time sales can take place from anywhere and at any time, irrespective of the store open or close timing or holidays. It increases overall sales and volumes of products selling by retailers.

With the mobile app, catalog selection of goods becomes quick and easy. With social media integration, product rating and reviews speed up the social sales for some categories of products. With online or mobile payments, transactions are quick and reliable thus fast checkout.

Mobile apps let users track orders and shipping status with a few taps. Decent marketing with personalization on your mobile app can increase average order value (AOV) by increasing revenues of the Omni channels retail stores.

Fourth: Establish More Trust Among Omni-channel Retailers

When retailers are using traditional marketing techniques for their brick stores, they might have limited reach and traffic, but when they publish their mobile apps, their rapports in the market ultimately increasing and they can reach the vast audience available on mobile devices quickly.

Location-aware mobile devices make shopping reliable and shopper with a trust. When buyers recognize the store keeping their favorite items and located in their proximity, they give first preference to it and would like more to pick up order from the physical store though they have paid the price online.

Regular or periodic notifications through a mobile app for retailers can enhance engagements with shoppers and make the store viral through social media integration.

Establish More Trust Among Omni-channel Retailers

Thus, chances are high for conversion of customers who are living in the proximities of Omni-channel stores compared to shoppers residing at a distance.


Fifth: Allow Businesses of Omni-channel Retailers with Innovative Ways

If you have a big retail store with a number of product categories and volumes of products, many ways the mobile app can help you sell and manage the retail business using the latest technologies and techniques.

For instance, you can use Beacon or iBeacon technologies to help your shoppers in your physical store to take an informed decision by delivering contextual product info or marketing incentives.

You can draw Geo-fencing the area in your proximity and lure passerby mobile app users with personalized offerings to bring them into your brick store. Similarly, you can take help of social media integration in your app and run personalized or customized marketing campaign based on the social profiles of your app users.

You can create daily deals like a campaign for your store and attract more traffic from your city or town by propagating your mobile app using online and other channels.


Omni-channel retailing with brick store using the mobile app and online presence can change the way brick-and-mortar stores doing tradition business. It can offer modern touch and ecommerce experiences with a mobile app, as well as invite shoppers in brick store for traditional brick store shopping experiences.

Mobile apps for retailers with brick stores can increase opportunities to make sales with innovative ways and enhance the overall performance of the business. If you have a brick store and wish to exploit mobile app advantages by creating Omni-channels presence, it is better you search a suitable e-Commerce App Development Company with experiences and expertise to explore the market.

You can consider Addon Solutions, as your dependable development partner to obtain high quality e-Commerce mobile app with affordable rates. You can check our claims by giving us an opportunity to give a free quote of your dream mobile app for your Omni-channel retail business.

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