May 31st , 2018

Why you should choose PHP 7 for your next web development?

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PHP is an extremely popular programming language among web community and nowadays three are many frameworks boost more love for PHP. Our team fined the reason behind to use PHP 7 for all next Php based projects as PHP 7 makes powering the web a whole lot better. This is the most important change for PHP language since the release of PHP 5 in 2004, it bringing explosive performance improvements, Quality Assurance Practices, New Programming practices, Better Error/Exception Handling, 64 bit Support really which is good, drastically reduced memory consumption which is very helpful for smart devices based web-based app development or API development for IoT, Machine to Machine based applications. Why PHP 7 for your next projects? Are you planning to develop a new website or mobile app? Are you a website owner? Or are you running your mobile app using PHP back-end? Do your websites run on PHP-enabled CMS such as No 1. WordPress Platform, Very Secured Drupal CMS, Nowadays less used Joomla CMS or Any e-Commerce portal using  Prestashop, OpenCar, Magento, WooCommerce? Then you should consider this new features within PHP 7 and discuss with your team how it will impact?

  • Improved Performance
HP 7 uses new Zend Engine 3.0 to improve application performance. Developers are faster than ever before for deploying code into production plus with new developing, debugging, monitoring and deploying tools gives you an efficient path to PHP 7 which leads both sides faster than before for development and website performance. PHP 7 is the significant improvement in performance. Roughly twice as fast as previous major version PHP 5.6
  • 64-Bit Windows Systems Support
As we know PHP 5.X version don’t yet provide 64-bit integer or large file support. Now with coming to this new version PHP 7 is supporting for 64-Bit Windows Systems which is very good to both native 64-bit integers and large files will be supported for your projects.
  • Better Exceptional / Error Handling Facility
It is very important for a developer error handling methods to use properly for any projects The traditional method for reporting Exceptional / Error has been changed totally now we have better error handling facility come with new PHP 7 which save a lot of time and speed up in programming at developer end. The exception may be caught or uncaught and your error is your uncached exception. In PHP 5.X it was not possible a to throw the exception by implementing ‘Throwable’ the to that relevant ‘Error’ class. But in PHP 7 now you can do this.
  • Spaceship Operator Introduction and Syntax Change
The beauty of PHP 7 is new family member introduction with Spaceship Operator and this operator can be used by developers to quickly and conveniently compare two expressions in their good code practice For Example: a <=> b If a is less than b, this expression outputs -1 If a is equal to b, this expression outputs 0 If a is greater than b, this expression outputs 1 Few syntax changes compare to PHP 5.x in new PHP 7 so if you are running a website with an older version of PHP and if you want to work under new PHP 7 you may need to change in your existing code such as error handling has been replaced with object-oriented exceptions, comments within page,  for each statement changed, The list() operator no longer supports strings.
  • Type Declaration
PHP is considered to be a weakly typed language. Before this, it was nothing like to declare variable types in PHP. Developers can just declare variables without its type and use it to store any values. Now, this new PHP 7 allows Php developers to declare four type of variables such as scalar types: float, int, bool, and string
  • The secure random number generator
Addition of new secure random number generator API. PHP 7 includes two new functions which are included to generate cryptographically secure pseudo-random integers and strings in a cross-platform method. As of PHP 7.1.0, RAND() uses the same random number generator as mt_rand(). To preserve backward compatibility RAND() allows max to be smaller than min as opposed to returning FALSE as mt_rand(). ** (PHP.NET)
  • Anonymous Classes Added
In PHP 7 anonymous classes added. Anonymous classes are useful when simple, one-off objects need to be created. They can pass arguments through to their constructors, extend other classes, implement interfaces, and use traits just like a normal class can. Most of developer welcome PHP 7 which is a major upgrade compared to the last stable version of the language, and why not they welcome as it is major upgrades with many features which are in demand of modern web app developers. PHP 7 performs much faster than PHP 5.6, which is very important in a modern era of web development such as Block Chain, IoT, VR, AR and more.  Addon Solutions is leading PHP Web Development Company in India, USA, UK, Australia and offers to Hire PHP Developers remotely from India. Get in touch with our team to implement your Idea into reality using this new PHP 7 features.