August 14th , 2018

Ideal Document Management System (DMS) features list

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This blog is for Enterprise, SEM’s Startups and Entrepreneurs who are using quite frequently documents in their daily workflow. We experienced and created ideal system features and flow to minimize human hours for in their daily work process.

What is a Document Management System?

DMS stands for (Document Management System). It is an electrical way of organizing, capturing, indexing, versioning and digitizing your business files. A system which is used to track, manage and store documents. These documents are usually organized with software, which provides the user the ability to modify, can access, and store the documents also which controls and organizes documents throughout an organization. It incorporates document and content capture, workflow, document repositories and output systems. It handles tedious tasks such as creation as well as the distribution of documents. It is one of the forerunner technologies to Content Management and not long ago was available on a stand-alone basis. Today DMS ranges from small and standalone systems to large-scale enterprise-wide configurations to serving a global audience. Still, it is recognized and utilized independently.


Why you need Document Management Systems?

Document Management is a way organization can store, manage & track all their document in one location using their digital asset management software. Document Management has many benefits that maximize an organization’s productivity, efficiency, time and cost savings etc.


What are the challenges that Organizations can have if not using DMS?

Technologies advances over the last two or three decades which impacted not only our personal life but the organizations (business) levels too. The most important challenge faced by organization across the globe is managing information effectively whether you are a large enterprise or a small business or an independent professional. Organizations that adopt DMS definitely can help the business increase their productivity & efficiency but Organizations that don’t adopt DMS then they’ll face several risks,

  • Loss of data
  • Time and cost overruns
  • Failing to obey with legal requirements
  • Loss of reputation
  • Communication gap
  • Poor decision making
  • Losing the competitive edge


What are the solutions that Organizations can have if using DMS

The main purpose of DMS is to add a digital platform for documentation of an organization in a well-structured way that allows greater efficiency & effectiveness of work from that. A Document Management System is associated with the implementation of workflows.

Now a day’s most of the organizations/businesses are up against more challenges than ever. One of the biggest effects that the latest technology has had on business operations revolves around the expiration of paper documents. Still, some of the businesses think like they don’t need to move away from the paper, they faced a lot of problems in this digital world. The transition from paper to digital documents can easily implement with this well designed Document Management System. It is a solution that organizes the business files and let you access the documents in electronic format.

Here are the following reasons why the organization needs a DMS,

  • Increase communication
  • Increase collaboration
  • Better document version control
  • Increase Time & Cost Saving
  • Increase Productivity and Efficiency
  • Easy access
  • Security

How Does It Work?

A Document Management System emerged as a way to convert paper documents to digital documents also it’s a way to automate the manual processes that make an important part of a digital transformation for any organization. Basically how this system does works like,

1. Document Capture

It is the ability to save documents so you can find them easily. Basically, it means Indexing, indexing is essentially a way to classify a document. You add terms to the document’s metadata and with the help of these indexes, it makes it easier to find documents later on. You can find any of the documents at any time.

2. Document Storage

Document Storage is crucial for managing, accessing and retaining documents in a way that facilitates convenient retrieval of a particular document when needed.

3. Document Retrieval and Distribution

Document Management System required both Document Distribution & Document Retrieval. It is important that you are able to share your documents.

Document Retrieval

Document retrieval needs to be quick and easy or it’s useless. A system gives you the search features to be able to retrieve the documents. It because of Indexing, with using the right index keys it ensures you that you’ll retrieve a document.

Document Distribution

With the help of Document Distribution, you are able to share (distribute) the documents to any customers, or employees etc. like email. It is also a key component of any document management system.

Process and Workflow Automation

A Document Management System gives you the ability to automate manual processes and workflows. Integrating your Document Management System with the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is another great way to automate workflows.


Idea Document Management System Features:

Documents whether electronic or paper-based both are a vital component for any organization or enterprise. Sometimes it can become challenging to manage such kind of business information but having good Document Management System we can captures, stores, and retrieves documents.

If you are looking to develop your own document management web application, iPhone Application Development and Android Application Development Following are the features of good document management system you may consider

Features Sub Features Web Application Android/IOS App
Storage Create Multi-level folders for storing and accessing documents based on organization departments.
Create users groups and Assign user group to the specific folder
Role-based access to the document storage, And allocate specific size criteria
Create Document Library
A document stored with automatic date and time entry and versioning
Bulk Import and Exports
Download Document on local disk based on authorization
File Transfer, Remove, Delete in trash
Document Workflow Create Unique Workflow ID
Assign Workflow Process
Attach a document into a workflow
Approve / Reject / Send back to the previous workflow
Version Control Keep a track of all the changes and auto back-up
Ensures every single change, made on a document by users, is captured minutely and create alerts respectively
Document Search Access Based Search, Auto Fill and Advanced Search
Easily find a document just by typing a few words
Access Control Create Different Roles in System, Create Permission for each role and assign role Based Access
Department Group / User Category and classified into Super-Admin, Admin, Users
Access Level Control from mobile apps and web panel
Document Audit Trial
User Inbox Receive and Send internal emails from internal users and system generated
User Quick Dashboard View group activities and quick view for recent updates on the dashboard
Create Documents Create documents with supported types in the system
Save as draft
Mark as favorite
Super Admin Control Create Document Folder and Sub Folder
Create User Group
Assign User to User Group
Create Organization Departments
Create Workflow Process
Configure General Settings


  1. As we know in large enterprises/organizations there are several departments so for that you may need to create Multi-level folders for storing and accessing documents.
  2. If there are several departments in the organization then you have to assign a user to the specific group and to the specific folder.
  3. User have the role-based access to the document storage
  4. Document Library
  5. In Document Management System document always stored with automatic date & time entry
  6. Bulk Import – User can add more than one document at the same time.
  7. File Transfer – User can transfer/move a file from one folder to another with no time.

Document Workflow:

  1. The DMS automatically generates a unique Workflow ID for the Individual user.
  2. The system can assign a Workflow Process to the corresponding user/user group to the individual process.
  3. A user can simply attach a document into a workflow after designing it, and it will automatically reach to the specific destination.
  4. Approve / Reject/send back to the previous workflow process with comments

Version Control:

  1. Users can keep a track of all the changes that have been made on a single document with the help of version control.
  2. It ensures every single change, made on a document, is captured minutely and can be referred to these changes whenever needed.

Document Search:

  1. In a large organization, there are several employees individually or associated in groups, all have their own access & on the bases that, they can search the documents according to their access.
  2. b.Users can easily find a document just by typing a few words whether it is searched based on the document details or a search based on the content of a document.

Access Control:

  1. Documents must be protected at all times so by implementing a role-based access control which only allows entry of specific users to the document.
  2. User Group / User Category and classified into Super-Admin, Admin, Users etc.
  3. In a large organization, there’s always a different-different Access Level Control applies – like Read, Write and No Access. And based on that User can access the documents.
  4. Document Audit Trial with user id, change details etc.

Super Admin Control:

  1. Create Document Folder and Sub Folder
  2. Create User Group
  3. Assign User to User Group
  4. Create Workflow Process

Why Should Organization Care about Document Management System?

Efficient business processes and increasing productivity, efficiency are a fundamental concern for any business or any organization. So by implementing Document Management System, owners can realize many benefits that improve the efficiency & effectiveness of an organization.

Document management System reforms the management of information,

  • Manage millions of documents and retrieve
  • Share Documents
  • Automate the time-consuming manual process
  • Access documents on your smart device while away from the desk
  • Back up files and records for recovery

Types of Document Management Software

There are two types of Document Management system, a Cloud-based platform & Self-hosted platform.


Cloud-based platform is hosted by the provider and it is accessible online. The payment for the service which is based on a number of users, amount of storage and other included features is charged on a monthly or yearly bases. The main factor to consider before choosing this platform is your dependency on the Internet as well as the provider. The benefit of the cloud-based platform scales it as you grow. Our team has the expertise to help you for creating cloud-based application


The self-hosted platform is having your DMS Application or Website totally under your control. Self-hosted is stored on specific organizations servers. You may store as many as files, data as your server allows. It generally comes at a one-time cost. It includes managing whole aspects of it, from installing software, to simply managing your web application software like any other CMS, to setting up the web server.

There are many advantages are with the self-hosted platform. Major advantages of self-hosting are you are the owner of your system and develop it according to your business process requirements.

How will Addon Solution help you?

  • To build custom DMS (Document Management System) web application
  • Create an Android/iOS App on the user side.

After reading the above information you might be felt that you need to implements DCM system in your organization and here we come in picture. Addon Solutions is an offshore outsourcing IT services Provider Company and offering a custom document management system for web and mobile application platforms.

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