Development of a SoundCloud App

Create an App Like SoundCloud

Addon Solutions is offering to create your own streaming mobile application and website similar to SoundCloud; Our experts will build SoundCloud Clone App with extra features. Even our team will ready to develop an app using SoundCloud APIs.

Why Apps Similar to SoundCloud?

Streaming App Development for Music, PodCast and More

Streaming service of music based on subscription Sound clone script has implemented the licensed music from the starting of the app. We have the catalog of music, albums, singer name and so on. This feature will make SoundCloud Go different from the other services of music like Spotify and Apple music. It contains the music library of more than 100 million songs, which gives the fierce competition to other music apps and has a high content involved in it. SoundCloud has an intense race with Spotify which has 30 million subscribers and Apple music which has 11 million subscribers.

Key features of SoundCloud Go

  • Can establish Your Playlist for your favorite tracks
  • It can get connected with your favorite artists and friends
  • You can listen to your favorite music in the offline mode also
  • Having a million songs from different countries, artists and genres
  • A listener can free download the SoundCloud Go an app from the play store
  • You can sign in with Email, Facebook or Google+
  • It is easy to use and also has a flexible format for using
  • You can also view the advertisement for popular products
  • Newly music in the market will be also get updated in the music library
  • Pause, play and change the tracks from the lock screen also

Framework Used for Developing Streaming App

Which is the outstanding framework to create an application like SoundCloud?

Addon solution has an experience of mobile apps, and also one of the leading a company in mobile app development for ten years. We will recommend our clients to develop music streaming applications on Ruby on Rails. This framework will give an advantage to the project owners and developers. It will provide the business ease of functionality at a nominal price of a client. SoundCloud website will work flexible, and it will also increase the use of the music app cloud. A team of experts is also delivering successful apps to the clients. Clients are pleased to launch in the market, and they have got the great benefit from that application. We have also delivered and delivering the clone environment for the apps. We can deploy an app for both platforms, i.e., Android & iOS. If you want to get an idea about a music app, then feel free to contact us.

Apps similar to SoundCloud

1. Jango Radio
2. Google Play
3. Spotify
4. YouTube
5. Apple Music
6. SongFlip
7. Tumblr

How much does it cost to develop an app like SoundCloud app?

We are giving the outline or estimated the cost of deploying an app, Which is based some necessary features of the sound clone environment. We have skilled engineers who charged $25 for hiring at Addon solutions for deploying a SoundCloud website.

Android application iOS Application
Backend $10.000 $10.000
Design $10.000 $8.000
Desktop app $5.000 $5.000
QA/PM $10.000 $7.000
Development $70.000 $60.000
Approx. price $105.000 $90.000
*Above Cost is Just an Idea final cost and time frame varies based on final features

Requirement Gathering For App Like SoundCloud Go

Standalone Software

It does not require a 3rd party installation tool. It uses PHP 5 advanced structure for coding.

Portable Music

It will give you a listener permission to listen to the music, download and share the website for the music lovers

SEO Friendly

It will deploy the Marketing modules and On-Page, which will help you to save thousands of dollars or you have to spend with online audio sharing scripts


We provide you a 100% customization in the app. You can contact us for adding new features to it, new design requirement, the custom requirement in the app. We are happy to help you.

What Support will you get from Addon Solutions?

100% Satisfaction

Free Installation

24/7 Technical Support

Daily updates of your project

IP Security

On time delivery

NDA agreement

Dedicated & Experienced Developers

What is SoundCloud API and Plug-In?

The SoundCloud is offering Rest API for managing your own Data and building your application where you can perform your SoundTrack with GET, POST, PUT and DELETE operation and manage your database. There are many other APIs you can use with a different use case, and for the same our SoundCloud API Developer will help you to fulfill your requirements. We have experts team who will create SoundCloud Plug-ins as well with using above APIs

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

Will I able to Customize Source Code?

Yes. Every script which you purchase from Addon Solutions Will be robust and scalable to deploy and is open source and fully customizable.

Will you help with the customization of an app?

Yes. We have the team of a skillful expert which will help you to customize as per your needs.

Did you provide hosting services server?

No, we do not provide hosting server services right now. But we will recommend the best services as per your gatherings.

Is there any extra charge included?

No. There are no other secondary charges, or extra charge taken from clients.

For how many periods will you provide technical support after purchase?

We provide free technical support for three months after the purchase of the app.

Did you proceed for the legal agreement to be signed?

Yes, we will sign the legal documents and agreement to keep the data secure.

Which type of mobile apps you have developed or developing?

We are implementing three types of mobile application. They are: 1. Hybrid development app 2. Native development app 3. Mobile-web app development.

How will I get the app like SoundCloud?

If you want to deploy an app of the latest trend of music, then our team of experts will give you advice about the exclusive features to make your app better. We will also give you the service of the custom app from scratch. For requirements, you can contact us.

What is your team strength of the company?

Recently, We have the 100 associates in a company including designers, developers, and QA.

What is the medium to communicate with an expert consultant?

To get in touch or communicate with an expert consultant there are three ways, i.e., Call, Skype, Email.

Words From Happy Clients

They have the leading teams on all the different apps they have worked on and have developed for us over the last 12 months. They provide quick response to a question and are continually giving the top quality design and development work. With the use of the email, Skype and their project management tool make it easy to keep the track on the progress of the project. I will suggest you to Addon solutions for any mobile app development. – Joe Nikhali