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Daily Deals App Development

Develop your daily deals applications for mobile and web we are helping to create coupons, discount applications where users get daily deals details on their smart devices.

We Make Daily Deal Apps

The thought of daily deals mobile app is not new, as it is giving the solution that is making the user experience of shopping at a cost-effective price.

Nowadays, people are addicted to mobile, and they like to grab the deals, and at the same time, they make the Payment for getting the offers. They can’t let it miss such offers, which would define their interest and preferred shopping domains.

Daily deals mobile apps are not only focusing on user requirements, but on the other hand, they also linked to the stores that are highlighted and noticeable. It can attract users for shopping. Nowadays, all of the market strategy and all the new businesses are ready to get the benefit if their customized daily deals mobile app.

Top Features of Buy Daily Deals System

  • Comparison of Price: The users like the concept of shopping at the low prices and with the maximum discounts. They hate the product when that same product shown on a different site at a low cost. So, the price compare feature comes with great relief. Users can compare the value of the product online from the various stores by applying their offers and coupon codes. The users can check the price and do the shopping with a minimum price structure.
  • Cloud Environment: Integration of technology with the cloud is essential to manage and store the data with safety and in the reliable form. All the information related with users, merchants, stores involved, deals, and payment details are stored on the cloud to make the flow of business very smooth. This dealing of the daily mobile app is engaged in the cloud technology will help in making the business scalable and will handle all the communication on the secured server by giving full protection to the industry.
  • Gift cards: It will help you to attract the user and get connected with the sites. You can give the offers on the gift cards to the user so that they can get encouragement to use their online coupons and offers. They will try their all efforts to keep the users attractive continuously and will use the services when required. This feature will make your business a big hit in the industrial market strategy.
  • Notifications: It will work to develop it for the user requirements and their values. A daily deals mobile apps designed with the help of push technology will help the user to get notification of their online discounts, offers, and the coupons available to them. Push notification has proven that it will make your business grows faster and keep your clients connected with them.
  • Track & Navigate: Almost, all the users want to get the deals within their nearby location. With the help of Google Maps or Apple Maps, users can get the identification of it related to their grocery, dining, shopping and many more. It is straightforward for the users to get the best deals which are near to their location and will give the advantage to the business and will attract the users by providing them convenient to a greater extent.
  • Analyze at a Real-time: Analyzing at a real-time is handy to extract information from the data stored on the real-time server of the daily deal mobile app. It will give you the right and produce statistics which are related to the different discounts and stores and will help you find out to make our business flourish. Analytics has come with a great deal in building your business process more fluent and at that time to get a clear idea about the improvement that requires. There are different tools like Apache Spark, Apache Storm, etc. which implemented in the app for giving the growth to the business and the owner of the store.
  • Implementation of Social Media: This feature will allow the app users to share their experience and deals in the group, which is a superior part of the daily deal mobile app. In this, the app developers get the involvement of the user by keeping the option to share the products with social media integration.
  • Payment: There are many methods of payment which is available nowadays. The Payment procedure can be very transparent and sound. Stripe, PayPal, etc. used for the number of daily deals mobile app. It will make an effort for the user to provide a convenient and hassle-free approach.

Technologies Taking Part

  • Bandwidth, Twilio: Push notification
  • Braintree & PayPal: Payment Acceptance
  • Debian: Universal Operating System
  • Cloud Environment:AWS / GCP
  • Real-time Analytics: BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM, Hadoop, Spark
  • Mandrill: Everything related to emails
  • Nexmo: SMS,Voice and Phone Verification
  • GWT: Powerful programming
  • Datastax: Data Management
  • Database PostgreSQL, Mail Chimp Integration, Hbase, MongoDB, Cassandra

Process For Development

After collecting all the requirements and elements of the daily deal mobile app, now it’s time to start with the development so that the engineers will develop the app with the exclusive features. It is necessary to select the correct building app so that you can give the competition to the best mobile apps. There are some steps which will provide you with the idea to build the best daily deal app.

  • 1. Analyze
  • 2. Design
  • 3. Development
  • 4. Assurance of Quality
  • 5. Deployment

Team Structure

1. Project Manager

2. Android, IOS and Back-end Developers

3. Experts of UX/UI Design, Graphic Designer

4. Tester Team

Top 10 Daily Deal App

1. Free Shipping

2. RetailMeNot

3. Yugster

4. offers

5. SlickDeals

6. Green Man Gaming

7. Bizrate

8. DealDump

9. GottaDeal

10. Dealnews

Cost of Developing a Daily Deals App

When you are talking about Mobile Apps For Shopping Discounts And Deals, it is challenging to give a fixed estimation of cost. App Developers are not able to provide the estimate of the total amount without knowing business logic and required modules to add into system.

As price may vary as the number of features increases. The development of a mobile app is very complicated and lengthy, and it takes too much time to develop. Most probably, daily deals mobile app development companies charge according to the hour, complexity and timeline. The standard charges are from $20-$40 per hour in India which considered for developing a reasonable app. In cost, it also includes the paying of UX/UI designers, Quality Assurance and the team of testing as they are even playing an important role. The cost of developing an app is dependent on the physical location of the developers as well.

US-based App Development company takes approximate $40-$250 per hour, wherein Eastern Europe and Western Europe it may charge around $20-$150 and $50-$170

Respectively. In India, it costs nominal it may charge $20-$40 per hour. The structure of cost will take around $20,000 to $40,000 for iOS and Android in developing a daily deal mobile app. The price of producing this mobile app or software is continuously becoming more pocket-friendly in the coming years.

Words of Client

Addon Solutions and I share a very long bonding in the professional relationship. It was my pleasure to join the taste of the flavor of success. The experts are having significant experience in their work. Their innovative approach and focus on the things so that they can keep everything in control. I feel an expensive job, but when the quality of the level delivered to me, I have no issue related to pay.
– Vivek Sharma