Develop an instant messenger app similar to Viber

Chat & Video Call App Development like Viber

Are you searching for developers to create similar apps like Viber? We are here to help you to build a Viber Clone mobile application for iPhone and Android.

Develop an Instant Messenger App similar to Viber

Nowadays, everything is getting digitalized due to which more and more apps are getting into the picture, and the chatting apps are especially grabbing more popularity, and Viber is one of them. Every app that came into view doesn’t get popularized to become successful in the business of app you will have to provide useful features to your customers, and you must have a business model that you are going to follow. Viber is an instant messaging app operated by Japanese multinational company Ratukun. The software developed by Israel-based Viber Media which was brought by Ratukun in 2014.
Due to the rapid advancement of technology, once the app is made and gets popularized, it’s not enough we will have to update it and maintain it regularly. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced individuals that will help you to make clone application with a cost-effective manner and will put all the necessary features. We will also put some new and unique features in the app so to make your app stand out in the market we are also going to provide you with the business model that will help you earn money. Yes, we are indeed making a clone of Viber, but we don’t have to follow it blindly there are various other apps similar to Viber such as Messenger, Whatsapp Messenger, Skype.

Top Features of an Application

  • Registration: Email id, facebook, Google+ will do registration into our app, or you write the name of our app it will appear on Google.
  • Login: It is a straightforward process it just takes a few seconds. In our app house owners, house renters, both will be able to Login in our app via social media Gmail, yahoo. In case if the house renter forgets his password while logging in a verification code will be sent to his phone, and from there he can change his password.
  • Creating and editing User profile: For creating and editing a profile, the user should ask all of his details that he wants to add and if something extra he wants put he must be able to it. If he wants to edit any feature, it should be provided to him quickly.
  • Integration: The user will be able to integrate his app with various social media apps and Gmail.
  • Unlimited File Uploads: The user will be able to upload an infinite number of files with the help of our app.
  • Advanced Search: The search option helps to search contacts its’ the traditional search option but with the help of advanced search user will be able to pull up a specific conversation that he did with a particular person on any day.
  • Push notifications: The user should be able to get notifications when the user needs to get his app updated, or there is an extra feature added to it. The user should also get his notifications when a friend gave a new message, or someone wants to connect to you, or someone edited his profile or added his photograph. They will also get notifications in case of a birthday of a person present in contact. The user can himself add some essential dates for which notifications sent.
  • Stay In one app: No more jumping off one tab into other as the user will be able to read all the articles from one app
  • Suggesting groups: The user suggested friends or groups he may want to join according to the profile filed by him.
  • Video and voice calls: The user will be able to do one on one voice calls and video calls, and the user will be able to change from video call to voice call and vice versa without any interruption.
  • Calling facilities: The user can draw on landlines or mobile phone by purchasing Viber out credits.
  • Follow idles: The user can follow their idles and celebrities with the help of this app, and they can interact with them also will be able to communicate with their fans.
  • Group Chatting: Group chatting has always been an essential factor in all online communication systems. Group chatting means lots of people can talk to each other at once. It was only possible when people were in front of each other, but with the help of the online system, people can chat in a group while being thousands of kilometer away from each other.
  • Likes and dislikes: The user can show likes and dislikes to a message, photo or video uploaded by somebody else.
  • Background chats: The user will be able to do background chats with the help of our app Viber.
  • Full-screen texting: The full screen will be available to the user for only testing of the message.
  • Privacy: The app will provide the privacy to the user if the user wants to share his photos or information only with his friends and family members not with any stranger then he will do it with the help of our app.
  • Synchronization with the Phone contacts: User contacts will be automatically synchronized with the app as he registers with the clone app.
  • Data sharing: The user will be able to share all kinds of data with the help of our app. Location, contacts, images, and videos can easily share with other users.
  • Voice messages: The user will be able to store their voice and send it to anyone.
  • Geo-position: The user will be able to share his current location with his friends.
  • Web and desktop: User will be able to sync all his chats to PC or any device.
  • Choose language: Multiple languages will help to reach a wider audience.
  • Refresh: There will be a button on top of the page for refreshing the app and get the new articles o news.
  • Ratings and Reviews: The user will be able to give reviews and ratings to the app so that the app owner can read them and then improve on those factors.

Why choose Addon Solutions for your Chat Clone App?


We will provide you with a scalable product so that you don’t have a problem while expanding your business.

Admin Dashboard

We will provide you with a powerful and separate admin dashboard so that you can handle your business quickly.


We will provide turnkey solutions for the quick deployment of the products. So that you are not behind in your business in any way.

App Source Code

We will provide the source code of the app to our customers


All the platforms provide updates in their software especially mobile software like Apple and Android. So to remain competitive, your app should also need upgrades. We will give it to you every six months.

Out of the Box

While making the app, we are not going to give you app just in six months directly we are going to be doing a continuous evaluation with our client so that the final product is exactly like the product he sometimes wants the client is not able to tell the product that he likes in the first go

App with Platforms – Android and iOS

We will be providing you with multiple platform services, so our clone app easily used for Android and iOS.

Strong Data-Base

We will provide you with a reliable and open source database.


We will also provide you support of the app we will be providing you.

Server setup and backup

We will also provide your server setup and backup at a reasonable cost.


We have fully customized our app according to the needs of our customers.

Cash Memory

We will be providing the customers with the cash memory so that they can see what they have seen last or what they have surfed the most.

How to make a chat App similar to Viber

Clients Requirement

Addon will see what kind of public the client wants to target and what is his requirements to create that app.


We will try to provide the user best and comfortable to use the experience of our application or website so that it attracts more and more people.


Then we will show the client the prototype of his project.



Now we will develop the app for the customers in this we will use agile model so that we remain in direct touch with the customers.


After the app developed it will check for bugs and error before deployment.


After testing that there is no bugs and error in the app we will be able to deploy it immediately.

Must Have Features


The user will be able to hide the information that he doesn’t want all the people to see.


The user will be able to change the history by holding and pressing the screen for long it means environment will adjust quickly.

Text with photos

Users will be able to send text and pictures together this will be helpful for example if a person takes a picture or his name with an image or the time.

Flexibility in messaging

Users can choose their background and drop images that they want for images using a surf through the app. The app offers the flexibility to select fonts, spin and shrink pictures.

How to calculate how much it cost to make an app similar to Viber Messaging App

The cost to make any app depend on number factors, for example, where are you making the app in the India it will take less money to build an app as compared to European countries, and it may also depend from company to company.

To calculate how much an app cost is decided by No. of hours it took to build, Graphics used, UI/UX, and Many more

How to Earn Though Messaging Apps

Business Model for an app similar to Viber Messenger

With the help of text messaging app like the Viber Messenger, there are various ways to earn money. First, by advertisements, people can advertise a massive amount of items, and there must be no restrictions. Then take commission from the companies that are selling there products online with the help of your app. Then you can also earn money from the company who wants to put their services on to your app. And even if company wants to set videos as a source of promotion of there business you can even charger them. You can also have a premium model for the clients want to download your app you can give some extra features for the premium model