Development Of A Game Like Candy Crush

A Game Like Candy Crush

Short View of Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush is a game that released on April 12, 2012, for Facebook and developed by It released on November 14, 2014, for smart devices. According to the researchers of, there are more than 45 million people plays every month. Every age of person can play these games. These Candy Crush Saga can be freely downloaded from the play store for PC and Mobiles.

Re-creating or Re-skinning a Games like Candy Crush

Re-creating mobile apps and games will save a lot of time and money will help you to get better results but it does not guarantee success. Anyone can buy the source code for a game developing, but not everyone will get success. There are some features for re-skinning mobile games

1. View Downloads & Reviews

You can view the good & bad reviews of an app. You can also see the number of download apps. It can give you an idea about how to re-skin and recreate your mobile applications.

2. Implementing Features, New Elements, etc

Before buying the source code, you must have the idea of how to implement new elements, features, levels in the games. By adding exclusive features to your games will give you the best and fast achievements.

3. Localization Of Mobile Apps

Nowadays mobile apps have a significant influence on the performance of the app. While buying the source code from the market, you must know how to re-create. The code seller is unaware of the benefits of the business which is being achieved by through mobile apps localization.

4. Consider Premium model

It is very complicated to build a successful mobile game. Re-skinning the game will cost less than the original game. The premium model will give you the advantage to the business and increase the growth of your business. If you have found any problem or query related to the re-skin of mobile games & apps, feel free to contact us.

Games like Candy Crush Development with Us

1. Puzzle & Dragons

This game developed by GungHo Online and will be applicable on both the platforms. There is an RPG which is being crossed by the Candy Crush, which will match the three similar candy which will solve the puzzles and collect the titular dragons. There are 700 dragons which need to discover, and the fusion will go into the number of thousands. The person becomes addictive to play games like Puzzles. This game is free to download for PC and Mobiles.

2. Two Dots

This game will work on Android and iOS platforms. It is a free download from the play store for the Desktop or Mobiles. Two Dots is a game of a match-four instead of a match-three. You have the game board which is full of colored dots, and it will create lines by connecting at least two paths to clear the board. But if you want to win the game, then you have to make the dots of a square.

3. Candy Crush

In the Candy Crush, you have to match three colorful candies, which might take time to go to the next levels. There are more than 3000 levels in Candy Crush which might be very interesting to the players. In every week there are more levels added in the game. This game is free to download from the play store. Candy Crush is most trendings in the market. Most probably all the players are an addict of the candy crush at that time frame.

Hire Game Developers

Why Does To Hire Game Developers From Addon Solutions To Develop Games Like Candy Crush Saga?

Addon Solutions has a dominant team of Programmers & mobile app developers which has developed the various applications with their experience including iOS, Android & Swift. We are trying to give the flexibility in the project of the clients. There is a massive demand for mobile developers who can design the app on different platforms. You can hire our experts of mobile app programmers and developers to get some unique feature in your applications, according to your demand. Our programmers also provide the facility of customizing apps and the also gives you clone app development. We will also give you the resources to select and also gives you the package to choose the developers which suits your requirements.

Worth Of Hiring From Addon Solutions

  • Team of Experts: The resources provided to you will only work for you. You have complete control over it.
  • Infrastructure: You are permitted to select the developer at a development center, or you can also choose at your office.
  • No Extra Charge: We believe in the complete transparency and will give you the final quote to your project.
  • Security Of NDA: We will secure and provides safety to your ideas and data by signing the NDA and other legal documents.
  • Authorized Source Code: We are providing a code that is related to your project and makes sure that this code not disclosed to anyone.
  • Support 24*7: To avoid a problem in communication, we will be available to you and will help you at any time.
  • Time-to-Time Report: We have given you a right to keep an eye on the development of the project, and also we will provide you with real-time updates of your plan to get the complete transparency.
  • Protected IP Address: We have secured parameters and workstations for IP security. We promise you that the total protection gives to you.
  • On Time Delivered: We will work day & night and try to meet the short deadlines of the project. We will try our best to deliver the project on time, every time!
  • Error & Bug-Free Solution: Free Analyzing support is given to you when you hire developers from us. We will double-cross the project in case of loopholes or bugs which is in the project.
  • Team Scalability: If you want to scale-up or scale-down the team according to the requirements, we will also do it that. If you want any changes to information as soon as possible so that we will take action immediately.
  • Technical Support FREE: We have our development team with the development cycle. In case if you have any query, you can call us anytime.

Hiring Business Models

Hourly based hiring

If you have the ongoing project or sole entrepreneurs, then hire the experts as you want to pay according to the hours they work. You will get the extension support from that developer.

Hiring Dedicated Developers

If you have the large size of projects and wants to achieve the scope of your business, then we advise you to hire a dedicated developer. It will be a great benefit for the start-ups of the industry.

Fixed Price Model

If you have a small business and want start-ups for your business Then it is necessary to fix the price of your project development. After doing the analyzing of your project, we will give a quotation for your project. Once you have approved, we will start working on your project.

Technologies used in game Developing


  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Cassandra


  • Android
  • iOS (Objective-C & Swift)
  • Ionic
  • PhoneGap
  • Xamarin


  • Bootstrap
  • HTML5
  • jQuery
  • PhoneGap
  • Java


  • Node.js
  • Python
  • Express
  • Yii Framework
  • CakePHP Web Development
  • Laravel Development

How can we play the Candy Crush Saga?

Follow some steps below and start playing today.

1. Download the Candy Crush Saga app or game from the play store and connect it with the facebook.

2. Also, boosters are there in the game to earn, buy or receive them as a gift. You can even get an extra move, lives and many more things too as well.

3. You have to complete the task so that you can earn points and move to the bottom of the game. If a user wants to move to the next level, then you will need to buy Candy Crush Saga tickets, or you can receive a gift from friends.

4. You can swipe three pieces candies in a row. You can also match more than three pieces of candy in a row and get some special bonus candy. After completion of candies in a row, the candies become disappear, and the more candies are a drop down.

5. Your task is to match the candies on the game board, which will dismiss them. You have given the limited number of moves, using the steps you have to complete the game. You will earn the points whenever you cut the candy. If you don’t gain any points at the end of the game, then there will be a reduction in the lives of the games.

What is the fuss about Candy Crush?

There are the many factors which have made a people addictive or fuss to the Candy Crush. Some of them mentioned below:

Different levels

You can play the games on different levels by completing the previous degrees.

The creativity of art & UI

It looks for something unique from the other games, but it is memorable. It does not combine with the other complex games.

Similar Concepts

Bejeweled is very famous, so people feel relaxed and comfortable to play. There is a game like different casino games & 8 Ball pools from which the people were familiar.

Limited Lives to play

The lives are given to try your best, on each level you can also spend the time on the app while sitting in any corner. Those who don’t want to pay they can wait for some time to get the more lives.

No limit of a content

There is no limit of levels in this game. Have you ever heard that anyone had beat all the levels? It does not allow the illusion of the endless content. If you feel that you have beat up all the levels, then you are wrong, and the difficulty keeps increasing every day, and you get the involvement in the game.

Why Candy Crush Clone?

The Candy Crush released in 2012. After publishing this game, it has changed the scenario. It has become the latest game and has given the best game of the year. The thrill related to the game has increased its popularity. It is the one smart game which has attracted all age of the peoples. But the question is that what is the requirement and advantages of developing a clone app? If you want to build the Candy Crush clone application, Addon solutions are a perfect choice. We are implementing high quality and functional apps that will give you success to your business. We will promise you to bring revenues to your activities. We have the certified developers who have the art of developing apps and will also help you to solve the queries and difficulties associated with it. Addon Solutions also giving the customization in your previous clone app with 100% guaranteed results. We have the technologies which used in making the clone apps for the game. We will give you user experience and return on your investment.

What will you get in the clone?

Level Editing

In-app purchase Editor

Integration via Facebook

Advertisement Controller

Storage of a cloud for the progress of the player

Features of clone app

  • Easy to update
  • Easy to re-skin
  • Generate revenue
  • Very less time taken for programming
  • Ease of customization for all levels
  • Generate revenue
  • Exact requirement & Documentation

Words From our Satisfied Clients

Addon Solutions are one of the best development teams. It is giving excellent and smart work to the audience. They also have excellent communication skills. I recommend that you hire the development team of Addon solution, and I am also working with them again. – Tony Clerk

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

How many levels are there in the iOS?

There are recently 215 levels in Candy Crush Saga for iOS.

How can the players complete the level?

For achieving the score you will have to earn at least one star, or you have to complete the challenge which explained at the start of each level.

How many game modes implemented in games like candy crush?

The player has to face the challenge with the different modes like: Jelly Ingredients Moves & Scores Candy Order Time limited

Can the player complete the game without buying a charm?

Yes! The player can complete the game without buying a charm and can move to the next level.

If I uninstall the game, will I lose my progress of the game?

If you played the game connected with the Facebook, then you will not lose the progress of the game.

What should be the time required to you for the development of a game?

The time required for development is dependent on the size and functionality of the game expected.

Which are the modes to accept the payment?

We accept the payment via PayPal, or Net Banking.