Ghost Lens Clone App Development

Ghost Lens Clone App Development

Ghost Lens is a unique app for photo sharing and editing in which every company is focusing with the different niches for developing a particular photo & video apps which will add some value to the recent market and will come up with some advanced features. The developers have to change their way of looking to create video & photo apps. With the help of this app, you can create imaginary effects like ghosts, swap the body parts, body floating in the air. It is a fact that developers will have to create this type of app with the clone in a short time.

Why reproduce Ghost lens?

Ghost Lens clone is a different app for a ghost photo editor. It will allow you to shoot videos, click photos, edit with the ghost effects and can share on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp. It will also add the feature of “fade in” and “fade out” which will have the ability to change the transparency of video and photo for making the ghost effects more attractive. Ghost Lens clone will give you the unique feature with the help of Addon Solution associate. The developers will work with the effort to make a clone app according to the client’s requirement. The services which are required by the Ghost Lens clone is also available in Addon Solutions Infrastructure. We will make the app or website SEO Friendly. This app will be available on the App store or Google Play which is free to download. You can contact us, For developing an app or website.

Uniqueness Included In Ghost Lens Clone App

  • Implementing ghost effects in videos and photos both
  • You can filter the strength of the photos and videos
  • Making collage videos and photos
  • Background music added
  • You can upload pictures and videos from your media library
  • Option for image filtering
  • Give an opportunity to zoom every frame of photos and videos
  • You can add the free or paid themes
  • Save it on your master place

What Do We Provide?

We, at Addon Solutions, developed and design a successful app like Ghost Lens to give the right answer for the business to the clients. With the power of developers & resources, we are implementing an app like Ghost lens and will take the photo editing app to the next level.

How will Ghost Lens work?

  • 1. Choose one layout
  • 2. Start the first video/photo as background-position
  • 3. After loading, you can change the transparency of the character
  • 4. Change the alpha level & add ghosts in videos
  • 5. Generate & share your customized video through social sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Factors that impact on the cost of development

1. Designing

2. Developing

3. Business models

4. Functionality

5. Platforms

How much cost is to deploy an app like Ghost Clone App?

We are providing development and refurbishing of an app at an affordable price. There are many components which will affect the cost of the app — for example, the platform on which it built, features, services, etc. The average time to make an app like Ghost lens will require approximately “760 hours”.We will be happy if you have an idea about developing this app, then you can share with us. We will help in customizing and developing apps from scratch. We will promise that we make an app which will shine in the market and gives a fierce competition to the other photo editing app.

Apps like Ghost Lens

1. Movavi Video Editor

It is a unique software and which is easy to use for smart devices like iOS, Windows, and Android which will give inspiration for creativity for creating and sharing your media content. It will provide the particular and additional specialization for editing video with extra features for editing video and is also different from other apps in the market. It provides chroma key, slow motion, filtration, blur video, and even some other features are there. You can also edit the videos, apply background music, write titles which you can share on social media. You can get the option of multimedia which you enjoy.

2. YouCam

YouCam is the first application when you are going to click the photos to give a smart look. It has a beauty center which can provide different options which will help you to make the best look at your image.

3. PicsArt

It is one of the most significant editing application of Photo with the other qualities of making collage images and also making a short length video as well. It is mostly used for Photo collage and studio and is supportable on Android and iOS devices both.

4. B612g

It is the photo app which is designed explicitly for mainly selfie photos which will allow you to a lot of effects to your images before sharing them by using your preferred social networks. The images filtered with more than 50 themes. You can choose the filter theme of your photo by sliding at the bottom of the app.

5. VivaVideo

A video editing tool for free which will permit you to work with pictures and recordings which will make your particular video for your smartphones. If, you require you can pick the video specifically from the application. You can also make your customization video by adding the theme, effects, background music and so on. After, creating the videos of your own designed you can share it on social media sites which you would like.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much time will it take to develop a ghost lens app?

After we have collected all the requirements to create the app, it will roughly take 4-5 weeks to develop the app.

How good are you at UI and UX design?

We have the team of certified and experienced UI and UX designer which will have the excellent experience for us to say best in the field.

How will this app make money?

This app can earn money through advertisements, Implement rewards/points, free or paid version of the image, selling images with functionality and effects, etc.

Is this app connected with social media?

Yes. This app connected with social media, and you can share it on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and many more.

What client says?

I can not have the words how the Addon Solutions are helpful to me. They always move the project forward and giving the best quality every time. I will refer the other clients first to prefer Addon solutions. They provide their best solutions to the clients.