Google Wallet Integration

Google Wallet Button Integration Services

Google Wallet Button Integration Services

Because you just cannot afford to be without Google wallet.

Google Wallet Solution Development company

Addon Solutions have been in the forefront in developing & deploying various Google APIs for multiple platforms.

We are specializing in Google Wallet Integration Services, as our team of Google Wallet developers has extensive experience in integrating Google Wallet seamlessly and at competitive rates for the offshore clienteles.

Google Payment Gateway Integration

Why You Just Cannot Afford To Be Without Google Wallet

Whenever you tell people to pay online or via mobiles, they immediately think of the security of their transactions and vital data needed for the payment process.

Therefore, ecommerce and other business sites have the paramount importance of trusted payment method and payment system or payment gateway that exerts sigh of relief on their faces as soon as they see the familiar icon/button and interface follows.

Google Wallet is falling in that trusted category of payment method that online users love and believe in it. It is an online payment processing service provided by Google like a big authority as Apple does by Apple Pay.

How Google Wallet Works?

Google Wallet Button leads to an interface, which stores the credit/debit card information. Once it save the required information, it frees up its users to carry the card each time she/he goes to make payment.

Technically, the stored card info passes to the payment services such as Stripe and Braintree like payment service providers for further authentication.

Upon the validation of the card info, payment services withdraw payment from the concerning bank accounts and pass to the merchant.

However, the process of payment taking place in the background and users enjoy a single step payment with Google Wallet button with confirmed security.

Ultimate Benefits of Google Wallet Button Integration Services by Addon Solutions

Wallet Button Integration for Website
  • You can pay everywhere with a single login
  • Google wallet controls the spam payment modules and saves you from security threats
  • By building trust among the visitors or shoppers, business can earn more leads
  • Business can offer better payment option through Google wallet along with others
  • Quick and reliable payment enhance the conversion rate and yield good ROI at the end

Why Do You Prefer Addon Solutions for Google Wallet Integration Services?

Addon Solutions have highly expert and experienced Google wallet developers to accomplish the Google Wallet button and payment API integration services successfully.

We offer extensive supports through the latest communication channels including instant messengers, video chats, VOIP, and phone call whatever our clients prefer.

Do wish to leverage from our Google Micropayment Service integration? Contact us
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