Gym Management System

Gym Management System

Are you Looking for a team to develop a Gym Management System for your fitness business? Our team will help you to create a mobile app and website for you.

Online Gym and Fitness Management Software

Fitness studio management via mobile apps and website

We at Addon Solutions will develop an app that will help the gym owner to maintain records and full information of people coming to their gyms and also maintain the detailed information of those people. People using the app can book gym center and trainers with the help of the app.

The Addon Solutions will provide the app according to the wishes of the customers as we have a highly experienced and skilled team. The workload for a gym owner will reduce if they use our app.

Look For When Developing Gym Software

Ask for more custom modules integration for your requirements.

Track daily Progress

Users can track the number of calories burnt daily by them to stay motivated.

Workout list

This feature is very beneficial for Gym owners as a user will get a list of workouts from the trainer.

Chat with trainers

The user can easily chat with trainers to discuss any query.

Diet Tracker

With the help of these features, the trainer can monitor the food which the user is eating. As while exercising user must take proper nutrition.

Workout Goals

The user can set-up daily workout goals after taking advise from the trainer and then try to achieve them. Users can increase their workout goals as a trainer suggest.


A trainer can give reminders to users in case if the user forgets to do any exercise with the help of push notifications. Reminders will help the user to maintain daily schedules.


With the help of the app, the user can connect with many friends and share their work detail and health goals with each other to motivate each other.

How it Works

Users Side

Smooth Process for Users

  • Registration: For users to take advantage of our app, they must first login into our app.
  • Profile: Users can put their address, contact number, weight, height and many more.
  • Scheduling: Users can schedule timing for their exercises on the app after consulting it with their trainers.
  • Track physical activities: Users can track all the physical movements done by them daily. They can calculate at which speed they are running and some push ups, sit ups, etc.
  • Calories: Users can see the calories burnt by them while performing physical activities.
  • Reminder: In case if the user forgets to perform any exercise in that case trainer can quickly send a reminder to the user.
  • Online payment: They can make their online payment with the help of our app.

Owner Side

Dynamic Process for Owners

  • Registration: To use our app Gym owner have to register for it.
  • Profile: Gym owner can put their personal information like address, contact number, Gym details, services in their profile. They can also mention the name of trainers they have.
  • Types of equipment: Gym owner can tell about all the modern machines that they have in their Gym and can put its picture.
  • Working hours: Gym owners can put closed and open hours for their Gym in which customer can book their gym hours upon availability.
  • Personal trainer: Gym owner can provide a personal trainer to their customer.
  • Online payment: They can accept online payment with the help of our app.

Looking for a team to develop a Gym Management System

We’re building a fantastic tool for business that gets companies, and people involved in social good through fitness and wellness!

How it works for Administrator

A portal for each entity to manage particular functionalities

Secure Login

Admin will secure all users log in. If the user forgets their password, then the admin will help them to reset a new password by sending mail to their receptive mail ID.

Manage communication

Admin can record communication and interactions between Gym owners and their client.

View and manage Users

Admin will be able to track record, update and view reports of trainers and customers. Admin can manage subscriptions and membership for users.

Must-Have Features for Great Mobile Apps

Live stream

Users can do live streaming of their exercise and share it with their trainer and ask for more training advise.

Connectivity with Wearable Devices

The market is full of wearable devices like Jawbone, Android Wear, Apple Watch, and Fitbit with which our app can easily connect; it will help the user to look at their improvements easily.

Online bookings

The customer can use the online book gym center according to their flexibility with the help of our app.

Schedule Planner

A trainer can make a schedule planner for their customers by their reason to join a gym or according to there physical abilities.

Various famous Gym apps available in market

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How Your Fitness Studio Can Benefit from Mobile Apps

Modern gyms that have apps for new generation people


If users set a goal by themselves, then it will be their responsibility to complete it. Hence there accountability to finish the target will increase.


As the user will remain connected with the group, he/she can stay motivated by comparing with them.

Continues support of a trainer

As app allows you to connect with a trainer via chatting, you will get continuous help of the trainer.


With the help of this, the Gym owner will reach a wider audience.


Get more details form our team How Gym Mobile App Beneficial for Gym Business