Hire BigchainDB Developer

Hire BigchainDB Developer

Addon Solutions is leading top Blockchain Database Development Company in India and USA; We offer to create a decentralized database, bigchaindb private network. And hire smart contract developers

Short Information Of BigchainDB

Big chain referred to as a “Big chain Database.” It is software related to the Blockchain and database properties. Blockchain acquires the immutability, owner-controlled assets, decentralization. In the database, it has features like indexing & querying of structured data, high transaction rate, low latency. It came into the market in February 2016 with continuous improvement. It permits to build the large scale applications in different firms and with a various use case to identify the IoT, AI and supply chain of the block. It has a unique concept for developers, enterprise to build the successful related to their idea, application, and platform which they wish.

Features Of BigchainDB


Data cannot be edited or erased from the database once it stored.

Open Source

Community for every one which is used and created for our applications.


It has no single point of failure or control. It is being controlled via the pool of nodes to make a P2P network


The query of the MongoDB will find the content related to assets, metadata, blocks, and transactions provided by itself.

Lowest Latency

A global network while they take a second to come on the net on a new block. The transaction finally happens very rapidly.

Byzantine Fault Tolerant

The one-third of the nodes in the network will be experiencing subjective bugs, and the other will stay to the concurrently on the next block.

Blockchain Application Development Using BigchainDB

Consider that you have the database with all the benefits of networks like scalable, reliable and also tested by the millions of users. To have a great experience, Blockchain has released the new concept of BigchainDB with flexibility, decentralization, and transparency. You have to develop the blockchain application using BigchainDB and want to change the world. We will offer you a certified and dedicated developer so that you can make the clone of the database. A client has to share which type of database he/she want we will give you the developer and marketing team according to that. The hire programmers will work only for you and are excited to do work with you this latest technology. The data stored in a database will be secure and confidential. So, get in touch for developing the database of Bigchain Database.

Develop Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin

We offer to build Cryptocurrencysimilar to BitCoin, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, in the form of electronic cash. It is a digital currency without entering into any bank. It can send coins on P2P network from user-to-user without involving any intermediate. Transactions are done through the nodes of a network via cryptography and stored in public distributed ledger known as a Blockchain. These unique coins built as a reward for the process referred to as mining and everyone can take part and can not own by a specific person or industry because it is open-source. Many services purchased through the help of the bitcoins.

How Cryptocurrency Working?

Here we go with BitCoin and know how it works. Every bitcoin has a specifically desktop file which saved or stored in a “digital wallet” application on a Smartphone or desktop. People can transform the bitcoins to your digitalized wallet and vice versa. Each transaction stored into the public list known as blockchain and It will make it possible to track the history of bitcoins so that they can stop spending coins and doing unnecessary transactions.

Top Features of Cryptocurrency

Network support

I am giving you high support on the Peer network. It is a simple method to stay connected with broadband users to contribute with other users.

Complete validation

It will give the guarantee that every transaction and block will accept is valid, but we will take care that banks do not take control of it.

High privacy

We will give you security with the extra features so that it will be hard for anyone to link to your transactions.

Programming Language used for Developing BlockChain App

1. Solidity

2. Simplicity

3. C++

4. Java

5. Python

Top wallet of Bitcoins

  • 1. Electrum: Good for Desktop
  • 2. Robinhood: Known for best buying and selling
  • 3. Exodus: Majorly used for web
  • 4. Trezor: For the high-security purpose
  • 5. Coinbase: Best in all ways
  • 6. Mycelium: Prefer for a mobile wallet mostly
  • 7. Blockchain: For Online purpose